How to Convert Davinci Crib to Full Size Bed

Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to convert your baby’s Davinci crib into a full-size bed? If so, then you’re in luck! Luckily, it’s fairly easy to modify the design of a Davinci crib so that it transforms into a full-size bed suitable for children or adults—allowing you to keep using the same piece of furniture as your child grows.

How to Convert Davinci Crib to Full Size Bed

In this post, we’ll go through all the steps necessary how to convert davinci crib to full size bed. So keep on reading if you want more info about this creative conversion trick!

If you’re shopping for a convertible crib and have your heart set on the timeless style of a Davinci, there is an added bonus – you can convert it to a full-size bed!

Converting the crib to a standard adult-sized bed does require some additional party pieces that aren’t included in the main purchase, but with our helpful guide, the project will be relatively straightforward. With just a few steps and some imagination, your little one’s nursery can transition into its first ‘big person’ room. Let’s get started!

Why May You Want to Convert Davinci Crib to Full-Size Bed?

There can be many reasons why you may want to convert a Davinci crib to a full-size bed. Such as:

1. To Get More Space

A full-size bed can provide more room for your child to move around, sleep comfortably, and even play. It also provides more space for any other items, such as toys or a reading nook. So if you want to give your child more space in their room, converting a crib to a full-size bed is a great option.

2. Better for Older Children

While many parents choose to keep their children in cribs until they are toddler age or even preschool age, others may find that it makes more sense to transition them into a full-size bed at an earlier age.

For example, if your child is larger or more active than other children their age, a crib may be too small for them and a full-size bed can better accommodate their needs.

3. Easier to Make the Transition

Another reason why you may want to convert your child’s crib into a full-size bed is that it can be easier for them to make the transition from a crib to a full-size bed. Whether your child is simply growing out of their crib or you have a new baby on the way, transitioning between furniture can be challenging for kids.

So if you want to make this process as smooth and simple as possible, converting your child’s crib to a full-size bed is a great option. Overall, there are many reasons why you may want to convert your Davinci crib into a full-size bed.

A Full Size Bed From Davinci Crib

Whether you simply need more space in your child’s room or you want the transition from crib to bed to be as easy and seamless as possible, converting this.

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How to Convert Davinci Crib to Full Size Bed in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Remove All the Parts of Your Davinci Crib

The very first step is to remove all the various parts of your crib, including the mattress, the guardrail, and anything else attached to it. Be sure to take note of how everything was assembled so that you can easily put it back together once your crib has been transformed into a full-size bed.

Step 2: Lay Out Your New Bed Frame

Next, you will need to lay out your new bed frame in the space where your crib once stood. This can be done by simply placing the frame on top of any existing bedding or moving any pieces of furniture out of the way as needed to make room for it.

Step 3: Attach Your Davinci Crib’s Mattress to Your Bed Frame

The third step is to attach your Davinci crib’s mattress to your bed frame. Depending on the type of mattress you have, this may involve simply placing it on top of the frame and securing it in place with either bolts or straps. Be sure to follow any specific instructions provided by your mattress manufacturer in order to ensure a sturdy and secure fit.

Step 4: Attach the Guardrail of Your Davinci Crib to Your New Bed Frame

Next, you will need to attach the guardrail of your Davinci crib to your new bed frame. If possible, try to use any existing screws or fasteners that were used to secure the rail to your old crib, as this will help ensure a tight and secure fit.

Attach the Guardrail

Step 5: Add Any Additional Parts that Your Crib Had

Depending on your particular Davinci crib model, you may also need to add additional parts in order to complete the conversion from a crib to a full-size bed. For example, if your crib came with a footboard or headboard, you may need to attach these to the bed frame as well.

Step 6: Test Out Your New Bed and Make Any Necessary Adjustments

Once your new bed is assembled, it’s important to test it out and make any necessary adjustments. For example, you may need to use a saw or other tool to adjust the height of the bed frame so that it matches the height of your mattress.

Additionally, if any parts don’t seem quite secure or stable, be sure to make any necessary adjustments as needed to ensure that your new full-size bed is safe and comfortable for sleeping.

Step 7: Double-Check

Finally, before using your new full-size bed for sleeping or other purposes, it’s important to double-check that all of the components are properly assembled and secure. If you notice any issues with the bed frame or mattress, try adjusting them as needed until they feel sturdy and stable.

You may also want to run a quick safety check to ensure that there are no sharp edges or other hazards that may pose a risk for small children.

With these steps, you can easily convert your Davinci crib into a full-size bed and enjoy the benefits of this versatile sleeping solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Converting My Davinci Crib to a Full Size Bed?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when converting your Davinci crib to a full size bed is to be mindful of any safety precautions and guidelines.

Working With a Professional

Some key considerations you should take when making this transition include checking for any loose or missing hardware, ensuring that all slats are securely attached, and testing the mattress support system to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Additionally, it is crucial to use only crib mattresses that have been specifically designed for full-size beds, as this will ensure that your child remains safe and comfortable throughout the conversion process.

Can I Convert My Davinci Crib on My Own, or Do I Need Professional Help?

While there are some simple steps you can take to convert your Davinci crib to a full size bed on your own, in most cases it is a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. This will allow you to ensure that all safety guidelines are followed and that you don’t miss any important steps in the conversion process.

Additionally, working with a professional will help to ensure that your crib is converted properly so that it functions just as well in its new format as it did when it was being used as a crib.

If you decide to move forward with the conversion process on your own, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to do thorough research and carefully follow all manufacturer instructions to minimize the risk of any accidents.

Should I Choose a New Mattress or Use the Existing Crib Mattress When Converting My Child’s Davinci Crib?

When converting your child’s Davinci crib to a full size bed, there are generally two different approaches you can take regarding the mattress. If you decide to purchase a new mattress that is specifically designed for use with full-size beds, this will ensure that your child remains safe and comfortable throughout the transition.

Testing The Mattress Support

However, if you choose to use the existing crib mattress that came with your Davinci crib, you should be sure to thoroughly inspect it for any signs of damage or wear, and consider placing a protective cover over it to minimize the risk of injuries. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and should be guided by your child’s individual needs and preferences.


Now that you know how to convert davinci crib to full size bed, you can enjoy watching your child sleep in their own bed for years to come. This simple conversion process only takes minutes and is well worth the money you’ll save by not having to buy a new bed. With these easy instructions, anyone can have their very own convertible Davinci crib.

Making the transition from a crib to a full-size bed can be daunting for both parents and children. But with careful planning and preparation, it can be an exciting time for all involved. By following these simple steps, you’ll have your child sleeping in their new big-kid bed in no time. And who knows? They may even start sleeping through the night again!

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