How to Cover Box Spring without Bed Skirt

Are you looking for a different way to cover your box spring without adding a bed skirt? Updating the look of your bedroom can be daunting and costly. But don’t worry; you don’t have to invest in a costly bed frame just to update the look of your sleeping space.

You can easily revamp your existing box spring with some creative out-of-the-box ideas! In this blog post, we will share four key tips on how to cover box spring without bed skirt without using a traditional bed skirt!

How to Cover Box Spring Without Bed Skirt

Can You Cover Box Spring without Bed Skirt?

Covering a box spring with a bed skirt is a quick and easy way to add style and function to your bed. Not only does it provide visual appeal, but it also conceals the most unsightly element of a bed. It can also help prevent dust from collecting in the gaps between the box spring and mattress.

While box springs are not easy to cover without the use of a bed skirt, there are other options that can be used. For example, some people opt to use an upgraded flat sheet stretched across the box spring. This type of covering helps to create uniformity while still concealing what’s underneath your bed frame and mattress set.

Ultimately, how you cover your box and spring is up to you. However, keep in mind that whatever option you choose should still accommodate storage bins or drawers if necessary!

Why Should You Cover Box Spring without Bed Skirt?

A box spring does more than just support your mattress- it can drastically increase the style of your bed! Simply covering a box spring with a bed skirt can instantly change the look and feel of your bed. Not only do bed skirts hide any potential dust or clutter underneath, but they also come in all sorts of colors, designs, and styles.

With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meshes well with your existing bedroom decor. Furthermore, if you’re on a budget, using a box spring and a basic bed skirt is much cheaper than investing in an expensive head- or footboard. A covered box spring will give you the aesthetic benefits you want without the price tag!

Choose Fabric for Cover Box Spring

7 Steps to Follow on How to Cover Box Spring without Bed Skirt

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To make a box spring cover, you’ll need some fabric, scissors, pins, needles, thread, and elastic (optional). Start by measuring the top of your box spring frame and cut the fabric accordingly.

You’ll want it to be slightly larger than the measurements so that it drapes nicely over the sides. Again, it’s best to use fabric that won’t wrinkle easily, such as cotton or polyester.

Step 2: Pin & Sew

Once you have cut out your fabric piece, lay it down on top of your box spring and pin it together at each corner. Then sew along the sides with a needle and thread. If you don’t have access to sewing supplies, you can use iron-on adhesive instead. This will provide a strong bond between the fabric and the box spring frame without having to sew.

Step 3: Add Elastic (optional)

If you want extra security for your box spring cover, consider adding elastic around the edges so that it stays firmly in place. To do this, measure out an appropriate length of elastic for each side of your frame before cutting it into four equal pieces.

Attach them securely with needle and thread or iron-on adhesive before carefully placing them around each corner of the frame. This will ensure that nothing slips out from underneath!

Step 4: Add Decorative Touches

For a personalized touch, consider adding decorative accents like ribbon or lace to the edges of your box spring cover. You can also add buttons or bows for a playful look. If you want something bolder, try using fabric paint to create a unique pattern or design on the fabric. The possibilities are endless!

Pin the Fabric Each Corner of Box Spring

Step 5:  Put it Together

Finally, it’s time to assemble your box spring cover. First, place the fabric over the top of the frame and secure it with pins or tape if needed. Then, use a staple gun or hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the frame firmly. Make sure all corners are securely in place before you move on to step 6!

Step 6: Secure Corners

If you’re worried about any slack in the fabric causing a crease, consider adding tacks around each corner for extra security. This will help ensure that your box spring cover stays in place no matter how often you move or adjust it.

Step 7: Add Finishing Touches

Once everything is secure, finish off your box spring cover with some final touches. For example, you can add pillows or throws for an extra cozy look or hang up a sheer curtain over the top for added privacy. Whatever you decide, your box spring cover will be the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom decor!

By following these steps, you can easily make a stylish and functional box spring cover without ever having to use a bed skirt. With this easy DIY project, your box spring will look beautiful in no time. So go ahead and give it a try – how to cover box spring without bed skirt isn’t as difficult as it may seem!

Things You Need to Know Before Covering Box Spring without Bed Skirt

When it comes time to buy a new bed, you should always read the instructions carefully and take special care to consider what type of coverage is necessary for the box spring. Many people choose to buy a bed skirt or dust ruffle to go over the box spring, but there are some things one should know before doing this.

The bed skirt fabric can rub against the bottom of your mattress, which could damage it. You also don’t want it too long or bulky not to create a safety hazard in case someone does trip over it.

Add Elastic Around the Box Spring Cover

Make sure you have at least 8-10 inches of clearance between the top of your box spring and the mattress edges to prevent any additional dust or allergens from getting within your sleeping space.

Additionally, be sure to select lightweight bed skirts that are easy to work with, clean, and change when needed. Ultimately, when done properly and with plenty of caution, covering a box spring can help bring a nicer finished look to a room.

Benefits of Covering Box Spring without Bed Skirt

Covering your box spring without a bed skirt has plenty of benefits. One advantage is that it keeps dust and debris from settling on its surface, reducing the amount of cleaning and maintenance required to keep your bed looking crisp and tidy.

Because box springs often contain metal coils, they can scratch hardwood floors, but covering them prevents such damage. Covering your box spring with a fabric of your choice also adds an elevated sense of style and sophistication; what’s more, since you can reuse the fabric whenever you like or change it up if desired, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade it as you easily, please.

While bed skirts usually hide a box spring’s frame by concealing what lies beneath a mattress and foundation, the absence of one won’t diminish visual appeal if a simple sheet or fitted cover is used instead.

4 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Covering Box Spring without Bed Skirt

1. Not Measuring the Box Spring

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to cover a box spring without a bed skirt is not measuring the box spring first. This can result in the fabric not fitting properly or hanging unevenly. Be sure to measure the box spring’s length, width, and height before purchasing fabric.

2. Not Pre-Washing the Fabric

Another mistake people make is not pre-washing the fabric before attempting to cover the box spring. Pre-washing the fabric will help prevent shrinkage and ensure that the colors do not bleed when trying to cover the box spring.

Add Finishing Touches to Your Box Spring Cover

3. Not Using a Staple Gun

A third mistake people make is not using a staple gun to secure the fabric to the box spring. A staple gun will make it much easier to secure the fabric and help prevent it from slipping or wrinkling.

4. Not Trimming the Fabric

Finally, be sure to trim any excess fabric from around the edges of the box spring before you put on the bed skirt. This will help create a clean, finished look and prevent the fabric from bunching up under your mattress.


Creating a box spring cover is easy to upgrade any bed with style and class without breaking the bank. All you need is some basic supplies like fabric, scissors, pins, needles, thread, and even elastic if desired!

With these instructions in hand, you’ll be able to create an attractive covering for any bed in no time at all! Intended Audience: DIYers looking for ways to upgrade their bedroom decor on a budget. Thanks for reading our post about how to cover box spring without bed skirt.

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