How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed Instructions

Converting a Sorelle crib into a full-size bed is an economical choice for parents with growing children who are ready to graduate from their cribs. It’s also a great solution if you need more sleeping space but don’t have the room or budget for two separate beds. To get started, you’ll need to purchase the full-size conversion kit from Sorelle Baby.

How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed Instructions

Once you have the necessary parts, you’ll be able to follow these simple instructions to complete the job. One of the greatest advantages to converting Sorelle cribs into full-size beds is that it eliminates the need to purchase a new bed for your child as they grow.

The conversion process is relatively simple and requires minimal tools or materials, making it a much more cost-effective option than buying an entirely new bed. Additionally, this type of conversion is a great way to keep the same furniture style in your child’s bedroom as they transition from crib to bed.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to convert sorelle crib to full size bed instructions in this blog article.

Step-by-step Instructions for How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed Instructions

Step 1: Inspect the Crib

Before converting your Sorelle crib into a full-size bed, you must check for any loose parts or hardware. Ensure all the screws and bolts are secure and other moving components, such as latches and supports. To begin converting your Sorelle crib, you must first remove the mattress. This will make it easier to access the sides and other parts of the crib.

Step 2: Remove the Sides of the Crib

Once you have inspected and removed the mattress from the crib, you can begin to remove the sides. Start by unscrewing any bolts or screws that may be securing it in place. Take care when removing these parts, as some of them are more difficult to access than others.

Removed the Mattress From the Crib

Step 3: Attach the Conversion Rails and Hardware

Now that you have removed the sides, you can begin to attach the conversion rails and hardware. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided by Sorelle as each crib model may require different rail lengths or additional parts for installation. Be sure to take your time when attaching these components and ensure they are securely in place.

Step 4: Place the Mattress

When you have finished attaching the rails, it is time to place the mattress on top of them. This can be done by simply placing the mattress on top of the conversion rails, ensuring that it is secure and flush with the surface.

Step 5: Add the Guard Rail and Mattress Cover

The last step in converting your Sorelle crib into a full-size bed is to add the guard rail and mattress cover. This will help protect the mattress and keep it from slipping off of the frame. Securely attach the guard rail with any bolts or screws provided, then place the mattress cover on top.

Add the Guard Rail and Mattress Cover

Safety Precautions for How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed Instructions

  1. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when converting your crib into a full size bed.
  2. Assemble all parts of the conversion kit before beginning the process of setting up your bed.
  3. Inspect all hardware, screws, bolts, and nuts part of the conversion kit to ensure they are all in working condition.
  4. Make sure to keep the original crib parts in a safe place, such as labeled bags, so that you can reassemble the crib if needed.
  5. Read and be aware of any warnings that come with the conversion kit or bed frame instructions regarding potential hazards associated with the conversion.
  6. Wear protective clothing such as gloves when handling heavy materials and sharp instruments like screws, bolts, and nuts during the conversion process.
  7. Keep children away from the area where you are setting up your new bed to avoid potential accidents or injuries.
  8. Always use caution when climbing or working at heights while setting up your full-size bed. Make sure to have another person around when performing any tasks that require you to use ladders or reach above head height.

Following these guidelines will help ensure a safe and successful conversion of your Sorelle crib into a full-size bed. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safest and most accurate results.

Is There an Instruction Manual That Comes With the Conversion Parts? 

Yes. A full instruction manual for How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed comes with the conversion kit. The instructions describe step by step how to safely assemble and install the parts necessary for converting your crib. In addition, all hardware components necessary for assembly are included in the kit.

It is important to read and understand the instructions before assembling the new bed. If you have any questions, please refer to the instruction manual or contact Sorelle directly for assistance.

To begin the process of How to Convert the Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed, first locate and remove all hardware components necessary for assembly from the conversion kit. Once all necessary hardware has been gathered, use the instruction manual to assemble the crib into a full size bed frame.

Ensure That All Screws and Bolts Are Tight

Ensure that all screws and bolts are tight and secure before attaching the mattress support board. Finally, attach the mattress support board to complete the How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed.

How Can You Make Sure Your Bed Frame is Properly Secured to the Floor? 

Once the Sorelle crib is converted to a full-size bed, securing it to the floor will give your bed frame extra strength and stability. You can do this by attaching angle brackets or L-brackets on each corner of the bed under the mattress at least 2 inches away from the edge. Make sure that each bracket is securely attached to the bed frame with screws.

To anchor each bracket to the floor, you will need a drill and appropriate screws for the type of flooring in your room. Ensure that you are drilling into solid wood or concrete, not drywall. Once secured, make sure to check each screw periodically to ensure it is tight and secure.

Finally, add a center support rail to the bed, further increasing stability and ensuring that your bed frame is properly secured.

How Do You Troubleshoot Any Issues That May Arise During Assembly? 

To troubleshoot any issues that arise during assembly, there are a few steps you should follow:

  • Read the instructions thoroughly and ensure all parts are present before beginning.
  • Make sure each part is securely assembled to avoid any additional problems later on.
  • If any parts are missing or damaged, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.
  • If you encounter any difficulty during assembly, consult the product’s user manual for further instructions and troubleshooting steps.
  • If you have questions that are not answered in the user manual, consider contacting customer service for additional assistance with your Convertible Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed instructions.
  • If all else fails, consider hiring a professional for assistance in assembling the How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed.
Hiring a Professional for Assistance

Following these steps will ensure that you are able to troubleshoot any issues that arise during assembly and get your How to Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed up and running quickly.

How Can You Properly Care for Your Newly Converted Full-Size Bed? 

Once you understand Convert Sorelle Crib to Full Size Bed Instructions and have successfully converted your Sorelle crib into a full-size bed, there are some additional steps you should take for proper care of your new bed. First, ensure that the mattress is properly secured to the frame by double-checking the bolts and screws.

It is also important to periodically inspect your bed frame for any signs of wear or damage, and if any are found, it is best to replace the affected parts immediately.

It is strongly recommended that you use a mattress cover with your full size bed in order to protect against dust, dirt, spills, and other debris. Additionally, using a mattress topper can help extend the life of your new bed and make it more comfortable.

Finally, you should vacuum underneath your full-size bed regularly and move furniture away from its sides to keep dust and dirt from settling in those areas. This will help keep your newly converted full size bed looking like new for years to come.


One of the main disadvantages to converting a Sorelle crib into a full-size bed is that it can be quite labor-intensive. Depending on the model of your Sorelle crib, it may require disassembling and reassembling several components in order to convert it. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase additional parts such as bed rails, a bed frame, and a mattress. Furthermore, if the mattress you choose is too high for the crib-turned-bed, then additional safety measures, such as guardrails, may be necessary.

In conclusion,  converting a Sorelle crib to a full-size bed requires careful planning, attention to detail and following specific instructions.

It is important to note that if you are not comfortable with the process or have doubts about completing it safely and properly, you should consult with a professional who can provide assistance. I hope reading this post has helped you learn how to convert sorelle crib to full size bed instructions. Make sure the safety precautions are carried out in the order listed.

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