How to Decorate a Coffee Table for Christmas

Are you looking for the perfect way to bring some festive cheer into your home this holiday season? Decorating a coffee table for Christmas is an easy and fun way to do just that! 

How to Decorate a Coffee Table for Christmas

Not only does it make your space look luxuriously festive, but it’s also a great place to start if you’re unsure how to decorate the rest of your house. And what makes it even better – with just a handful of items, like ribbon and ornaments, it doesn’t take long at all!

In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to decorate a coffee table for christmas into an eye-catching centerpiece that will be sure to draw admiring glances from both family members and guests alike. So grab some decorations (and maybe even hot cocoa), because holiday decorating has never been more exciting!

What Will You Need?

Before you get started, make sure to gather the items that you’ll need for this project. These inexpensive decorations and objects will give your coffee table a festive look. Here’s what you should have on hand:

  1. Ribbons in various colors
  2. Ornaments (preferably ones with Christmas themes)
  3. The greenery (such as Christmas tree branches, pine cones, and holly)
  4. Candles (scented or LED candles both work well for this project)
  5. Other small decorations like bells, stars, and snowflakes.

Now that you have all the items you’ll need, it’s time to get started!

10 Easy Steps on How to Decorate a Coffee Table for Christmas

Here’s how to decorate your coffee table for christmas:

Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme

Before you start decorating, decide on a color scheme that will set the tone of your festive centerpiece. Consider colors like red, green and gold – traditional tones that are associated with Christmas – or go bolder with something unexpected like purple or blue. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they all coordinate with each other.

Step 2: Create a Base Layer

To create a festive base layer for your coffee table, start by draping ribbons over it in the color scheme you’ve chosen. Make sure to fold and twist them into interesting patterns for a more eye-catching effect. You can also add some greenery to the ribbon layer. This will provide an extra pop of color and texture.

Step 3: Add Ornaments

Once your ribbon and greenery are ready, it’s time to add ornaments! Place some larger ornaments in the center of your coffee table, then fill any gaps with smaller ones. Try to keep the ornaments in your chosen color scheme, and ensure they’re evenly distributed across the surface of your table.

Step 4: Add Candles

Candles are a great way to add an extra touch of warmth to your festive centerpiece. Place tea lights or votive candles around your coffee table for a cozy ambiance, then light them up whenever you want to enjoy the holiday spirit! LED candles are a great alternative if you don want to use real candles.

Use Real Candles

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

To finish off your coffee table decorating project, add some small Christmas decorations like bells, stars, and snowflakes. You can also hang garlands from the edges of the table to give it an even more festive look. With these finishing touches added, you’ll have created a beautiful and unique centerpiece that will no doubt be the center of attention during the holidays!

Step 6: Keep Your Coffee Decorations Safe

When decorating your coffee table, make sure to use non-flammable materials and objects. Keep candles away from any flammable material (like paper and fabric), and make sure to keep an eye on them when lit. This way, you can enjoy your festive centerpiece without worrying about potential accidents.

Step 7: Use Your Coffee Table Decorations All Season Long

Don’t forget to enjoy your coffee table decorations all season long! You can switch up some of the items and rearrange them if you want to give your centerpiece a different look. You can also add decorations like festive table runners or seasonal centerpieces – it’s up to you! Try to make sure that whatever you add still fits in with the original color scheme and theme.

Step 8: Clean up After the Holidays

Once the holidays are over, make sure to clean up any leftover decorations that may have been scattered around your coffee table. This way, you’re ready for the next holiday season! You can use the same decorations for next year or switch it up and create something entirely new.

Step 9: Check for Damage

Before storing away your decorations, make sure to check the coffee table itself for any damage that may have occurred from the decorating process. Make any repairs as needed before you pack everything away, and use furniture covers and protective sheets if necessary. Don’t forget to also check for any watermarks that may have been left behind from the candles.

Use Furniture Covers

Step 10: Store Your Coffee Table Decorations Properly

Once all the repairs are made, and the decorations are cleaned up, it’s time to store everything away until next year! Make sure to wrap ornaments in bubble wrap before you place them in a box, and keep ribbons and other materials together with rubber bands or ties. With proper storage, your decorations should remain intact until they’re ready to be used again in a few months’ time.

Following these simple steps will help you create an eye-catching centerpiece that will be sure to draw admiring glances from both family members and guests alike. With just a few inexpensive decorative items and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to transform your coffee table into a stunning holiday display. So go ahead and start decorating – have fun and enjoy the festive season!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Choose a festive tablecloth or runner – it instantly dresses up a coffee table and adds a bit of holiday cheer.

2. Place an Advent Calendar on top – it adds a touch of nostalgia and helps get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

3. Add a few scented candles – pine, cinnamon, or peppermint scents can help evoke a festive atmosphere.

4. Place some decorative bowls filled with ornaments and other holiday trinkets around your coffee table– they add color and texture to any room’s decor!

5. Place a few poinsettias in strategic spots to spread the holiday cheer even further around your home!

These easy tips will ensure that your coffee table is ready for Christmas! Have fun decorating!

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Don’t overcrowd the table – make sure to leave enough space so that it can still be used for its intended purpose.

2. Avoid using too many colors – keep things unified by sticking to a few colors in your décor.

3. Don’t go overboard with decorations– it’s easy to get carried away, but too much will start to look cluttered and distorted.

4. Try not to place anything too high on the coffee table – you don’t want people bumping their heads when they move around!

5. Avoid decorating with food or items that may attract pests – this is especially important if you have pets or small children at home!

Avoid Decorating With Food

With these tips in mind, you can be sure to decorate your coffee table for Christmas in the most effective and stylish way possible! Enjoy!

How Do You Style a Christmas Tray on a Coffee Table?

1. Choose a festive tray – it should match your home’s existing décor and bring even more Christmas cheer to the room.

2. Place a few festive ornaments onto the tray – this will make a great centerpiece for your coffee table.

3. Add some pine cones, sprigs of holly, or other festive items around the ornament– these will add texture and create an interesting visual effect!

4. Use candles sparingly– they can be used to create atmosphere but don’t go overboard with them either!

5. Finish off with a few mini presents– these could be small gifts for family members, friends, or just cute souvenirs!

With this guide, you can easily create a stunning Christmas tray on your holiday coffee table! Enjoy!

How Do You Make a Coffee Gift Basket?

1. Start by choosing a festive, eye-catching basket – it should be large enough to fit all your items and small enough to sit on the coffee table.

2. Pick out some coffee beans or ground coffee– this could be of any flavor you like or even a sampler!

3. Choose accessories – such as mugs, spoons, stirrers, honey, and sugar cubes – that can add a personal touch to the gift basket.

4. Add some festive Christmas decorations – such as ribbons, bows, holly leaves, and berries – these will make it look extra special!

5. Include some additional treats – such as candies or cookies – that are sure to please everyone!

Add Some Festive Christmas Decorations

With these tips, you can create a stunning gift basket that will be the perfect addition to any coffee table this Christmas season!


With a few simple steps and easily attainable materials, now you have the knowledge about how to decorate a coffee table for christmas. With a few delicate touches, you can create an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for spending quality time with friends and family.

Whether it’s for a holiday party or just for a general celebration, your DIY Christmas-themed coffee table will undoubtedly bring out the festive mood in anyone who witnesses its glory.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with it! Experiment with different items to find the combination of decorations that suits your personal tastes best – the only limit is your creativity! Hopefully, the article was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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