How to Build a Bedside Table

Are you looking for a simple, stylish way to bring extra functionality and sophistication to your bedroom? If so, why not consider building a bedside table? Not only is it relatively easy to build with the right instructions and tools, but having one of these useful pieces of furniture can make all the difference when it comes to dressing up your room.

How to Build a Bedside Table

Plus, a well-made bedside table can be used in lots of other ways, too—from holding decorative items like vases and books to being an all-important sidekick during breakfasts in bed on weekends.

With this project, you can put your personal touch on any bedroom décor with a beautiful, handmade piece that’s sure to be admired by all. So if you are looking for an easy way to give your bedroom an upgrade, then look no further! 

Read on for our handy guide about how to build a bedside table!

What Are the Benefits of Building a Bedside Table?

Building your own bedside table is a great way to add extra storage and style to your bedroom. Not only will it provide plenty of space for books, vases, alarm clocks, and lamps, but it can also be used as an elegant addition to any décor scheme.

Additionally, the finished product can become a cherished family heirloom. With proper care and regular maintenance, your homemade bedside table can last for generations—making it an incredibly cost-effective item in the long run.

What Materials Will You Need to Build a Bedside Table?

Before you build your bedside table, you’ll want to ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials. Generally speaking, the materials needed to create this type of furniture are relatively simple: wood (or another sturdy material such as metal), screws or nails, glue, sandpaper, drill bits, finish (wood stain or paint), and handles or knobs if desired.

Having a level and measuring tape on hand is also helpful before starting this project.

10 Easy Steps on How to Build a Bedside Table

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to begin constructing your bedside table!

Step 1. Measure and Mark the Wood:

Measure and mark the wood according to your desired bedside table size. You can use a pencil to make your marks. It will also be helpful to draw a diagram on the bedside table on paper.

Measure and Mark the Wood

Step 2. Cut the Wood:

Using a saw, carefully cut the wood pieces according to your measurements. Be careful not to cut too deeply as this could damage the wood. As an extra precaution, you may want to use a fence or clamp to secure the wood in place while cutting.

Step 3. Assemble the Pieces:

Lay out the pieces of wood and assemble them in the way you drew on your diagram. Secure the pieces with nails or screws, making sure that they are secured tightly into place. Another option is to use wood glue and clamps.

Step 4. Sand:

Using sandpaper, lightly sand down any rough edges to make a smoother finish. There are a variety of grits available so you can choose which one works best for your project. The best practice is to start with a low grit and move up as necessary.

Step 5. Add Finishing Touches:

If desired, add handles or knobs to complete the look of your bedside table. You can also choose to paint or stain the table if you want it to match your bedroom décor. If you are going to paint the table, be sure to use a primer before painting it.

Step 6. Apply Stain or Paint:

Apply a coat of stain or paint to protect and seal off the wood from moisture and wear and tear over time. Allow it to dry thoroughly before use. You can also choose to apply a protective sealant to give the bedside table an extra layer of protection.

Step 7. Attach Legs:

Attach legs to the bedside table according to your preferred specifications. Make sure that they are securely attached and even on each side. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws.

Attach Legs to the Bedside Table

Step 8. Secure Drawers:

Secure the drawers with screws or nails, making sure that they open and close properly. You may also want to use drawer slides for added convenience. Don’t forget to attach drawer pulls or knobs if desired.

Step 9. Add Finishing:

Add finishing as desired to complete the look of your bedside table. From knobs and handles to decorative accents such as finials, you can customize your table’s look to fit your style. Another option is to add a shelf or two for extra storage space.

Step 10. Enjoy!

Now you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful new bedside table! Be sure to take proper care of it by wiping down any messes or dusting as needed. With the proper care, your bedside table will last for generations to come. Remember to have fun while building and don’t forget to show off your work!

Congratulations on taking the initiative to build something with your own two hands! Building a bedside table can be a fun and rewarding experience, as you get to create a functional piece of furniture that not only serves its purpose but looks great too!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. When attaching the legs to the bedside table, use a countersink bit for a professional-looking result. Countersinking removes material from the hole so that the leg screws lie flush with the material, creating a neat finish.

2. Make sure to use wood glue when attaching pieces of wood together, especially when you’re joining two pieces of wood at an angle. This will help to ensure a strong and secure joint.

3. To keep the bedside table looking neat and tidy, use a chamfer bit to create beveled edges between pieces of wood. This will give your project more definition and make it look more finished.

4. Consider adding a shelf or drawers to your bedside table for added storage space. If you decide to add drawers, ensure that the drawer runners are securely attached for maximum stability and longevity of the piece.

5. Finally, finish off your bedside table with a quality wood sealer or stain to protect it from day-to-day wear and tear. This will also help enhance the wood’s natural beauty, giving your piece a professional look and feel.

Adding a Shelf or Drawers

Following these tips and tricks will ensure that you build a sturdy and attractive bedside table that will last for years to come. So get out your tools and get started on creating your perfect bedside companion!

6 Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid using lower-quality screws or nails as they may not be suitable for securing heavy items.

2. Don’t forget to use wood glue when joining two pieces of wood together, as this will help create a stronger bond.

3. Avoid using too many different types of wood in one project, as this can give it a cluttered look and detract from the overall design.

4. Steer clear of unnecessary decoration, such as excessive carving or detailing on the bedside table, as these can make the piece appear overdesigned and less functional.

5. Finally, don’t rush your build – take your time to make sure that everything is securely attached and correctly finished for a professional result!

6. Do not use low-quality materials and tools that are not suitable for the job. This will result in a poor-looking piece with less longevity.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to create a beautiful bedside table that will stand the test of time.

What is the Best Material for a Bedside Table?

The best material for bedside tables depends on your preference and style. The most common materials used are solid wood, MDF, or plywood, and each has its own benefits. Solid wood is a classic choice that will last for years to come and provides a timeless look that can easily be matched with other furniture pieces.

MDF can also be used to create sturdy bedside tables but is more budget-friendly than solid wood. Finally, plywood is a great option as it’s lightweight and easy to work with while still providing good strength and stability. Whichever material you decide to use, make sure it matches the rest of your bedroom’s decor for a cohesive feel!

No matter which material you choose, ensure that your bedside table is finished off correctly for a professional look. Start by sanding any rough edges and use a quality wood sealer or stain to protect it from everyday wear and tear. Once this is done, add some stylish handles or knobs for a finishing touch!

Use a Quality Wood Sealer

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to build a beautiful bedside table that will last for years to come.


Finally, building a bedside table is an excellent way to customize a bedroom, add extra storage space, and bring a unique flair to any living space. With the correct list of materials, some basic carpentry skills, and a little bit of creativity, anyone can make a piece of furniture that’s not only useful but beautiful. Not to mention, creating something with your own two hands is immensely fulfilling!

Taking on this project is a great way to improve existing carpentry skills or learn some new ones. Be sure to enjoy the process and have fun with it — after all, making mistakes is an important part of any creative process! So, design your dream sidekick today and show off your hard work tomorrow.

Hopefully, the article on how to build a bedside table has been helpful, and you feel inspired to make your own. Good luck, and have fun!

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