How to Build a Porch Bed Swing

Are you looking for a fun, easy project to build with your family? Look no further than this DIY porch bed swing! Building your porch bed swing can be both gratifying and relaxing. Not only is it perfect for spending an afternoon with the kids or snuggling up in after a long day, but it’s also relatively simple and budget-friendly. With just some basic tools like power drills, saws, clamps, and sanders plus a few common materials (mainly wood). 

It is important to know how to build a porch bed swing. You’ll have everything you need to construct this stylish piece of furniture that will last generations. Whether you want to surprise someone special with the gift of relaxation or just want something comfortable yet practical on your outdoor patio, follow our helpful step-by-step guide on how to build your very own beautiful porch bed swing!

How to Build a Porch Bed Swing

Tools You Will Need

  • Power drill
  • Circular saw
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape measure

Additional Materials You Will Need

Some materials need an exact value.

  • Pressure-treated lumber (5/4 x 6 boards)
  • Exterior screws or bolts and washers
  • Chain for hanging the swing (1/8” non-galvanized chain)
  • Outdoor paint or stain
  • Cushion or pillows for extra comfort (optional)

How to Choose the Perfect Porch Bed Swing?

Choosing the right porch bed swing can be a challenge, as there are so many options available! Consider the size of the space you have to work with and consider how you’ll use it; will it be for lounging during summer months, or as extra seating during large gatherings? Measure your available space carefully before looking at porch bed swing sizes. Think about what kinds of materials will best suit your needs. 

Consider How You'll Use It

Heavy-duty weather-resistant wicker might bring an elegant yet rustic look and feel to any space, but other popular material choices include canvas and even metal for a rugged look. Also, consider the weight capacity needed for your purpose; make sure whichever option you choose is heavy-duty enough to handle all visitors. 

Finally, don’t forget to pick colors that match your existing outdoor furniture (and style!) before taking the plunge on your perfect porch bed swing.

8 Steps Guide on How to Build a Porch Bed Swing

1. Gather Your Supplies

Building a porch bed swing is easier than you think! Start by gathering all your materials to ensure that you have everything on hand before beginning. Be sure to get the appropriate length and strength of the chain, screws, and eye bolts for hanging the swing. 

You will also need wood for constructing the frame as well as pillow padding and fabric for upholstery if you choose. Once all of your supplies are collected, you’re ready to begin assembling your porch bed swing! It’s a great way to accessorize any backyard or living area.

2. Cut Your Lumber 

Building a porch bed swing can be a great DIY project for anyone with some basic tools and carpentry skills. To begin, you’ll want to get your hands on some pressure-treated lumber. Using saws, you’ll need to cut the lumber into four 75-inch pieces, eight 59-inch pieces, and two 16-17 inch pieces (depending on the width of the swing). Put it all together following the instructions, and in no time you’ll have a beautiful outdoor recliner perfect for naps or star-gazing.

3. Assemble Framing Pieces 

Building the frame for a porch bed swing is an easy, cost-effective job that anyone can do with the right supplies. To assemble the framing pieces in the correct order, start with four 75” pieces of lumber, then eight 59” lengths, and finally two 16-17” pieces. Use wood glue and screws to secure each piece firmly: when you’re finished you should have a solid frame 70” wide by 66” long with plenty of strength to support your cherished outdoor naps! Just think of how much better it will be to relax in a homemade porch bed swing – all thanks to your hard work.

Building the Frame for a Porch Bed

4. Drill Holes for Chain 

When building a porch bed swing, it is important to install the chain properly. To ensure a sturdy base, drill two holes that are 1/2” in diameter into each side of the frame. These holes will help to hold the load and allow the chain to be securely attached. All screws, nuts, and bolts must be tightened tightly so the porch bed swing can hold up to your weight and swaying motions. Taking these steps will result in a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience!

5. Sand and Stain 

Using a belt sander or sandpaper, lightly sand any rough surfaces before staining or painting your frame with the exterior paint or stain of your choice. Whether you want to revitalize an old porch swing or build a new one, the process of sanding and staining requires precision and diligence. Sanding down smooth any rough surfaces allows you to create a base on which to apply the stain or paint of your choice. 

It is important to keep in mind that staining or painting should only be done on surfaces that have been fully sanded for an even application. With careful preparation, a quality wood finish results in an attractive, durable item for your outdoor space– the perfect addition to your porch!

6. Attach Chain 

Creating a porch bed swing can be a rewarding project. Attaching the chain is an important step, as it provides critical support for the structure. Start by measuring and cutting two pieces of 1/8″ non-galvanized chain, making sure they fit the holes you drilled in a previous step. 

Then loop each piece of chain through one hole, securing it with a washer. Thread the remaining end through a bolt on the outside of the frame and fasten using a nut for added stability. With these steps complete, your bed swing will be ready for use soon!

7. Attach Pillows or Cushion 

If you’re looking to add a unique and inviting touch to your porch, why not consider making a porch bed swing with some added cushioning or pillows? Not only will this add a distinctive flair to the area, but it will also make the porch bed swing much more comfortable. Furthermore, the cushioning or pillows can help protect the material or fabric of the swing from wear and tear over time. 

Pillows Can Help Protect the Material

You can even choose fabric patterns and colors that match your home’s design style for an extra touch of elegance. Adding cushioning or pillows to your porch bed swing is an ideal way to add comfort and style simultaneously.

8. Hang Your Porch Bed Swing

Hanging up your new porch bed swing is the exciting final step of enjoying a relaxing afternoon with a great view. To get started, accept the challenge of securely and safely connecting it to its designated spot. Begin by using the correct screws that are designed specifically to securely fasten your swing. 

Once they’ve been properly affixed, check every few weeks for any signs of looseness or detachment. Making sure that your swing hangs securely is essential to keep in mind while enjoying all of the fantastic memories in store!

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to relax outdoors with style in your very own porch bed swing. Enjoy!

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8 Additional Tips on Building a Porch Bed Swing

1. When choosing a location for your porch bed swing, it is important to consider both the sun and the wind. You will want to choose a spot that gets plenty of sunlight so that you can enjoy the outdoors, but also one that is sheltered from the wind so that you can relax in peace.

2. Once you have chosen the perfect location for your porch bed swing, take some time to measure the area so that you know how large of a swing you will need. It is important to leave enough space around the swing so that you can comfortably get in and out, as well as move around freely.

3. The next step is to select the materials you will use to build your porch bed swing. The most important factor to consider is durability, as you will want your swing to last for many years to come. Cedar and redwood are both excellent choices for porch bed swings, as they are naturally resistant to rot and decay.

4. Once you have selected the lumber you will use for your project, it is time to cut it to size. Be sure to use a saw or other cutting tool that is designed for working with wood, as this will help to prevent damage to the material.

5. After all of your lumber has been cut to size, it is time to start assembling the frame of your porch bed swing. Begin by attaching the two side rails to the front and back rails using screws or nails. Then, add the slats or other support pieces across the top of the frame so that they are evenly spaced.

6. If desired, you can add support braces to your porch bed swing frame for additional stability. This is especially important if you plan on adding a canopy or other weighty features later on. To install support braces, simply attach them perpendicularly between two of the frame’s support rails using screws or nails.

7. Once your frame is complete, it is time to attach hanging hardware so that you can suspend your porch bed swing from a ceiling beam or other sturdy structure. If you are using chains, be sure to use S-hooks or similar connectors so that they cannot slip off of the supports easily. For rope, it is best to create a loop at each end using a knot such as a bowline knot or figure-eight knot.

8. After all of your hardware has been installed, it is finally time to hang your porch bed swing! If possible, ask someone else to help you lift it into place so that there is less risk of injury. Once your swing is in position, sit back and enjoy!

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How to Care for Your Porch Bed Swing?

Transform your outdoor living area into an inviting and comfortable space with the addition of a porch bed swing. To ensure your porch bed swing stands up to the elements, it’s important to give it regular care for its longevity. Start by power washing it with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Follow this up with several coats of protective finish for added resilience against moisture. 

Additionally, if you live in a rainy or cold climate, covering the swing with a waterproof tarp will prevent winter weather from damaging the fabric or causing cracks in the wood. With these steps in place, you can be sure your porch bed swing will be able to enjoy years of relaxation amidst the beauty of nature.

Covering the Swing With a Waterproof Tarp


Now that you know how to build a porch bed swing, what are you waiting for? Gather your supplies and get started on your porch bed swing today. Building your porch bed swing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

With a little planning and effort, you can build a comfortable and stylish swing that will last for years to come. Thanks for reading! We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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