How to Tie a Mattress to a Car

Tying a mattress to your car may seem like an intimidating task, but don’t worry! You don’t need any special skills or tools – with some patience and a few simple steps you can easily and safely secure that king-sized mattress to the top of your vehicle.

How to Tie a Mattress to a Car

We will walk you through the entire process of how to tie a mattress to a car so that you can confidently tie down your mattress for whatever big move lies ahead. So grab those straps, have a little faith in yourself, and let’s get moving as we show you how to tie a mattress to your car!

Needed Tools and Materials

Given below are the tools and materials you will need to secure your mattress onto your car:

  1. Ratchet Straps or Rope
  2. Soft Blankets or Towels
  3. Bungee Cords
  4. Step Stool or Ladder (if Needed)
  5. Optional: Roof Rack or Cargo Carrier

10 Simple Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Tie a Mattress to a Car

Step 1: Measure Your Vehicle and Mattress

Before you start tying down your mattress, make sure to measure both your car and the mattress. This will help you determine how many straps or ropes you will need and where exactly to place them. It’s important to have the right amount of securing material so that your mattress doesn’t shift or fly off while driving.

How Many Straps or Ropes You Will Need

Step 2: Place Mattress on Car Roof

If you have a roof rack or cargo carrier, place your mattress on top and secure it onto the rack using straps or ropes. If not, carefully lift the mattress onto the roof of your car. Make sure to center it properly and have an extra set of hands to help you if needed. This is also where the step stool or ladder may come in handy. You can also place soft blankets or towels between the car roof and mattress to prevent any scratches or damage.

Step 3: Attach Straps/Ropes to Roof Rails

For cars with roof rails, you can attach your straps or ropes directly to the rails for added stability. Make sure they are tightly secured and evenly spaced on both sides of the mattress. Otherwise, you can attach the straps/ropes to the inside of your car through the front and rear doors.

Step 4: Criss-cross Straps/Ropes

To secure the mattress even further, crisscross the straps or ropes over the top of the mattress. This will help keep it in place and prevent any shifting while driving. It’s important to make sure the straps/ropes are tight and firmly in place. You can also use bungee cords to further secure the crisscrossed straps/ropes.

Step 5: Tighten Straps/Ropes

Now it’s time to make sure everything is tightly secured. Go back and tighten all of the straps or ropes, making sure there are no slack areas. It’s better to have the mattress tied down too tightly than too loosely. But be careful not to over-tighten and damage your car or mattress. It’s also a good idea to give the mattress a few gentle pushes to ensure it is stable and won’t move while driving.

Make Sure Everything is Tightly Secured

Step 6: Check for Clearance

Before hitting the road, make sure your car has enough clearance to safely drive with the mattress on top. If you have any doubts, double-check with the car manufacturer’s guidelines or consult a professional. However, most standard cars should be able to handle the weight and size of a mattress on top.

Step 7: Test Drive

It’s always a good idea to take a short test drive around your neighborhood before embarking on a longer journey. This will give you an opportunity to make sure everything is securely in place and there are no issues with clearance or shifting. You can also make any necessary adjustments before heading out on the road.

Step 8: Drive with Caution

When driving with a mattress on top of your car, it’s important to take extra precautions. Make sure to drive at a safe speed and avoid sudden turns or sharp curves. It’s also recommended to avoid highways or roads with high winds as they can cause the mattress to shift. Always be aware of your surroundings and drive with caution.

Step 9: Remove Mattress Carefully

After reaching your destination, carefully remove the mattress from your car following the same steps in reverse order. Make sure to take your time and not rush the process, as any sudden movements could damage your car or injure yourself. But once the mattress is safely on the ground, you can finally relax and enjoy your new space.

Step 10: Store Your Tying Equipment

Lastly, don’t forget to properly store your tying equipment for future use. Make sure to clean and dry any wet or dirty straps/ropes before storing them. This will ensure they last longer and are ready for your next move or adventure. It’s also a good idea to keep them in a designated storage area in your car for easy access.

Following these simple steps on how to tie a mattress to a car will make tying a mattress to your car a breeze. With some practice, you’ll become a pro at securing any large items onto your car roof for safe travels. Happy moving!

Clean and Dry Any Wet or Dirty Straps

Do You Need to Use Professionals?

Unless you are moving a very large or heavy mattress, it is not necessary to use professionals. But if you feel unsure or uncomfortable with the process, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional for help and guidance. They can also provide specialized equipment such as roof racks or cargo carriers if needed.

Ultimately, it’s important to prioritize safety and follow proper procedures when tying a mattress to your car. So with these simple steps, you can confidently move your mattress without any worries or stress. Happy moving! So with these simple steps, you can confidently move your mattress without any worries or stress. Happy moving!

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of tying a mattress to a car will vary depending on the materials used and if you decide to hire professionals. If you already have straps, ropes, and blankets/towels at home, the cost can be minimal. But if you need to purchase these items, they can range from $10-$50.

Hiring professionals may also add additional costs depending on their rates and services provided. Overall, tying a mattress to a car can be a budget-friendly option for moving or transporting your mattress.

So don’t let the hassle of moving a large item like a mattress stop you from creating your dream space in a new location! With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to making it happen without breaking the bank. Happy moving

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Tie My Mattress to Any Type of Car?

A1. It’s important to check your car’s weight and size capacity before attempting to tie a mattress on top. Smaller cars may not be able to handle the weight and size of a large mattress, so it’s best to consult your car manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional advice if needed.

Q2. How Many Straps/Ropes Do I Need?

A2. The number of straps or ropes needed may vary depending on the size and weight of your mattress, as well as the type of car you have. It’s always better to have more securing material than not enough, so make sure to measure properly and have extra straps/ropes on hand just in case.

Q3. Can I Use Bungee Cords Instead of Straps/Ropes?

A3. Bungee cords can be used in addition to straps or ropes for extra security, but they should not be the sole means of securing a mattress on top of your car. Straps and ropes provide more stability and evenly distribute the weight of the mattress.

Finally, make sure to use bungee cords properly and avoid using damaged or worn ones. So stick to using straps or ropes as the main securing material when tying a mattress to your car.

Bungee Cords Can Be Used in Addition


In conclusion, we discussed the process of how to tie a mattress to your car. Hopefully, you now feel confident in attempting this daunting task. It is important to practice safety before and during the process so that no one gets hurt in the process.

Remember to use quality tools such as ropes and tie-down straps that are designated for carrying a heavy load while moving. If you do need assistance tying down a mattress onto your vehicle, please consider hiring a professional with experience.

Don’t compromise safety for convenience! Keep these tips on how to tie a mattress to a car in mind and have fun safely hitting the open road with your new mattress! Now that you have mastered how to tie a mattress to your car take advantage of all of the great experiences traveling with it can bring and enjoy every mile!

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