How to Soften Memory Foam Mattress

Do you have a memory foam mattress that feels too hard? Memory foam is one of the most popular mattress materials for its unique ability to respond to your body’s natural shape and weight distribution.

How to Soften Memory Foam Mattress

While many people enjoy the way it conforms to their body, some find that this same effect creates feelings of being stuck in place or may even be downright uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to soften up your memory foam without needing to buy an entirely new mattress!

Tired of tossing and turning all night, unable to find a comfortable position on your memory foam mattress? You’re not alone. Many people who sleep on memory foam mattresses experience issues with heat and discomfort. But don’t despair – there are ways to make your mattress more comfortable! Here, we will go through how to soften memory foam mattress!

Why is It Important to Soften Memory Foam Mattress?

1 . To Improve Comfort

A memory foam mattress can be too firm, especially for side sleepers, leading to pressure points and discomfort. By softening the mattress, you reduce the surface tension on your body, allowing your shoulders and hips to sink into the material more comfortably.

2 . To Extend Mattress Lifespan

When a memory foam mattress is too firm, it can cause premature wear and tear, leading to lumps, dips, and sagging. Softening the mattress ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed, preventing excessive pressure on specific areas and extending its lifespan.

When a Memory Foam Mattress is Too Firm

3 . To Reduce Motion Transfer

Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to absorb motion, making them an excellent choice for couples sharing a bed. However, overly firm mattresses can cause excessive motion transfer, leading to sleep disturbances. By softening the mattress, you can reduce motion transfer for a more peaceful night’s rest.

4 . To Alleviate Back Pain

A too-firm memory foam mattress may not provide enough support for your spine, causing it to sink in unnatural positions and leading to back pain. Softening the mattress can help alleviate this by allowing your body to maintain a more natural alignment while you sleep.

5 . To Customize Your Comfort

Softening a memory foam mattress allows you to customize its firmness level according to your personal preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a soft, plush feel or a firmer support, adjusting the firmness of your mattress can help you achieve the perfect level of comfort for a restful sleep. This is especially useful if your mattress is too firm or too soft for your liking.

10 Ideas on How to Soften Memory Foam Mattress

1 . Warm Up Your Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam becomes firmer in colder temperatures, so one of the easiest ways to soften your mattress is to warm it up. A simple hot water bottle or even an electric blanket can help loosen up the foam and make it more pliable.

2 . Use a Mattress Topper

Adding a mattress topper on top of your memory foam can not only provide an extra layer of softness, but it can also help distribute your body weight more evenly. This can prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress and feeling trapped.

Adding a Mattress Topper on Top

3 . Walk on Your Mattress

This may sound strange, but walking on your mattress for a few minutes every day can help soften it up. The pressure from your feet can help break up the foam and make it more comfortable to sleep on.

4 . Roll and Massage Your Mattress

Similar to walking on your mattress, rolling and massaging it can also help loosen up the foam. This method is especially effective for larger mattresses that may be too big to walk on. Also, using a foam roller or your hands to massage the mattress can help break up any stiff areas.

5 . Flip Your Mattress

Most memory foam mattresses are one-sided and should not be flipped. However, if yours is double-sided, flipping it over can help soften up the side you have been sleeping on. Just make sure to rotate it regularly for even wear.

6 . Give it Time

Sometimes, all your mattress needs is a little time to soften up. Memory foam can take a few weeks or even months to fully break in and conform to your body. Be patient and give it some time before trying any other methods.

7 . Use a Humidifier

Dry air can make memory foam feel even firmer, so using a humidifier in your bedroom can help soften up your mattress. This is especially helpful during the winter months when the air tends to be drier.

8 . Use Your Body Heat

Our bodies give off heat and moisture while we sleep, which can also help soften memory foam. To speed up this process, try lying on your mattress for a few minutes before getting in bed. This can help warm up the foam and make it more comfortable.

9 . Use a Memory Foam Softening Spray

There are products specifically designed to soften memory foam, such as memory foam softening sprays. These sprays contain ingredients that can break down the foam and make it softer. However, be sure to read reviews and choose a reputable brand before using these products.

10 . Replace Your Mattress

If all else fails, it may be time to replace your memory foam mattress. Over time, even the best quality mattresses will begin to lose their softness and support. If you have had your mattress for several years and none of the above methods are working, consider investing in a new one.

Replace Your Memory Foam Mattress

Your body will thank you for the upgrade! Overall, finding the right method to soften your memory foam mattress may take some trial and error.

However, with a little patience and experimentation, you can find the perfect level of softness for a comfortable night’s sleep. Remember to also regularly rotate and clean your mattress to maintain its softness and extend its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should You Take Before Softening a Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to soften your memory foam mattress.
  • Remove all bedding and sheets from the mattress, leaving it bare for easier access.
  • If possible, move the mattress to an area with good ventilation to speed up the drying process after softening.

Can I Use Heat to Soften My Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, heat is an effective method for softening memory foam. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Lay a heating pad or electric blanket on top of your mattress.
  2. Set the temperature to low or medium and leave it for 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes, check the firmness of your mattress. If it’s still too firm, repeat the process.
  4. Be careful not to overheat your memory foam as it can cause damage.
Electric Blanket on Top of Your Mattress

How Long Does It Take to Soften a Memory Foam Mattress?

The time it takes to soften a memory foam mattress depends on the method you use and the severity of firmness in your mattress. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Are There Any Other Methods Besides Heat That I Can Use to Soften My Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, there are other methods you can try to soften your memory foam mattress. These include: Using a memory foam topper: A thick memory foam topper can help provide additional cushioning and soften the surface of your mattress.

Walking on the mattress: By walking or jumping on your mattress, you can help break down the cells in the memory foam and make it softer.

Adding weight: Placing heavy objects on your mattress can also help compress the memory foam and make it less firm. Keep in mind, these methods may not be as effective as heat and may take longer to see results.

Can I Return a Memory Foam Mattress if I’m Not Satisfied with Its Firmness?

It depends on the manufacturer’s return policy and warranty. Some may allow returns within a certain time frame, while others may not accept returns for any reason. Be sure to check the return policy before making your purchase.


All these methods for softening memory foam mattresses will help your bed feel like a cloud and improve your sleep. Have you ever used any of these tips? From what we know, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the best way to soften a memory foam mattress.

So, it may be wise to try several before settling on the method that works best for you. Don’t forget that comfort is key – if your mattress isn’t supporting or softening correctly, it could be time for a new one.

Now you know how to soften memory foam mattress! Whether you go with an adjustable air mattress base, or some custom pillows and sheets, take the time to research all methods of mattresses available to find the perfect fit for you!

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