How to Sleep on Your Side on an Adjustable Bed

If you’re looking for a more comfortable and restful sleep, sleeping on your side may be just the ticket. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your physical and mental health, but it can be challenging to find the most comfortable sleeping position.

How to Sleep on Your Side on an Adjustable Bed

Do you toss and turn all night? Are you constantly waking up with aches and pains? If so, consider investing in an adjustable bed that will allow you to finally get the restful sleep your body needs.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore how to effectively sleep on your side in an adjustable bed– from creating the ideal mattress setup to finding the perfect pillow for side sleeping – so that you can make sure each night gets off on the right foot! Luckily, there are plenty of strategies you can use to make sure that sleeping on your side is still an enjoyable experience, even when using an adjustable bed! Keep reading to find out how to sleep on your side on an adjustable bed.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a type of bed that can be adjusted to a variety of positions, allowing you to find the most comfortable one for you. Unlike traditional beds, where your mattress and box spring stay in place, an adjustable bed has motors that allow it to move in different directions at different angles. This versatility makes it easy to achieve the perfect sleeping position without having to buy a new mattress or box spring.

Find the Right Mattress

When it comes to sleeping on your side in an adjustable bed, choosing the right mattress is essential. While traditional mattresses are designed to be flat and supported by a box spring, adjustable beds require more flexible mattresses that can contour to your body when you make adjustments. Look for a mattress made of memory foam, latex, or hybrid materials that can easily conform to the curves and angles of your body when you move in bed.

Choosing the Right Mattress is Essential

How to Choose the Best Pillow?

Choosing the right pillow when sleeping on your side can be tricky. The ideal pillow will provide support and cushioning for your neck, head, and shoulders while still allowing you to maintain a neutral spine alignment throughout the night.

Look for a pillow made of memory foam or latex that is specifically designed for side sleepers – it should be slightly thicker in the middle and thinner on the sides to provide support for your head. You may also want to opt for a pillow that is adjustable, so you can customize the amount of loft and firmness as needed.

Required Items for Adjustable Bed

To get the most out of your adjustable bed, there are a few items you’ll need.

  • First, you’ll want to make sure your mattress is supported properly with a box spring or foundation that is designed specifically for an adjustable bed.
  • Second, you’ll need to invest in a compatible mattress cover so that it can stretch and move with your bed.
  • Finally, you’ll want to invest in a quality adjustable bed frame with the necessary parts (motors, metal frames) to ensure your mattress is supported properly when adjusted.

How to Sleep on Your Side on an Adjustable Bed in 10 Steps

Step 1: Set the Frame

Make sure your adjustable bed frame is set up correctly and that you have the right mattress. Also, check to make sure your mattress cover is compatible with the frame.

Step 2: Adjust Your Head and Foot

Now that you have the frame in place, start by adjusting the head of the bed to a comfortable position for side-sleeping. Then, adjust the foot of the bed until it’s at an angle that will keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep.

Step 3: Check Your Pillows

Next, make sure your pillows are the right height for side-sleeping. You’ll want to look for a pillow that will keep your head and neck in a neutral position throughout the night. If necessary, add an extra pillow between your knees to support your lower back while sleeping on your side.

Pillows Are the Right Height

Step 4: Adjust the Mattress

Now that you have your frame and pillows in place, it’s time to adjust the mattress. Start by adjusting the lumbar area of the bed so that it supports your lower back while side-sleeping. Then, adjust the head and foot of the mattress until it’s perfectly aligned with your head and feet.

Step 5: Test the Adjustment

Once you have your mattress adjusted, it’s time to test it out! Lay on your side and pay attention to how your body feels in this position. Make sure that the lumbar area is properly supporting your lower back and that there aren’t any pressure points creating discomfort.

Step 6:Rebalance

If you still feel uncomfortable, take a few minutes to rebalance and adjust the mattress. Make small changes until your body is fully supported and pain-free.

Step 7: Place Blankets Strategically

Once you’ve adjusted the mattress to your liking, it’s time to think about blankets. If you’re sleeping on your side, it’s important to position the blankets in a way that will keep your spine in line throughout the night. Consider placing a thin blanket between your knees to help support your lower back and hip area while keeping warm.

Step 8: Prepare for Hot or Cold Weather

Depending on where you live, it may be necessary to prepare for hot or cold weather while sleeping on your side. If you live in a colder climate, keep an extra blanket handy in case you need more warmth throughout the night. Alternatively, if you live in a warmer climate, consider investing in bedding made from materials that are designed to help wick away moisture and keep you cool all night long.

Step 9: Nestle Into Position

Now it’s time to finally nestle into position. Make sure your pillow is properly supporting your head and neck and that the blanket is positioned correctly. Once you’ve settled in, make small adjustments as necessary until you find the perfect sleeping position.

Pillow is Properly Supporting Your Head

Step 10: Enjoy!

Now that everything is in place, it’s time to enjoy a good night’s sleep! With the right mattress and adjustable bed frame, you can finally get the restful sleep your body needs.

Following these steps will ensure that you can sleep comfortably on your side in an adjustable bed. With the right setup, you’ll be able to find the perfect sleeping position and get restful nights of sleep! So don’t wait any longer: make sure your adjustable bed is set up properly, and start enjoying a good night’s sleep today!

Additional Tips for Sleeping on Your Side on an Adjustable Bed

Here are a few additional tips to ensure you get the most out of your adjustable bed:

  • Avoid lying on your stomach while in an adjustable bed, as this can cause shoulder and neck pain. Also, make sure to avoid sleeping on your back if you suffer from acid reflux or snoring.
  • Make sure to adjust the mattress as often as needed, especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. That way, both of you can find the perfect position for side-sleeping without disrupting each other’s sleep.
  • If you suffer from joint or muscle pain, consider using an adjustable bed wedge to elevate your legs and reduce pressure on your body while sleeping.
  • Invest in a mattress protector to help keep your adjustable bed clean and free of dust mites and allergens. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is protected.
Invest in a Mattress Protector

By following these tips, you can ensure that you get the most out of your adjustable bed and enjoy comfortable side sleeping throughout the night!


Taking the extra steps to understand how to properly sleep on your side on an adjustable bed is essential for your body and health. Sleep is critical for your physical and mental well-being, which makes it essential to choose the right sleeping position.

By understanding how to properly sleep on your adjustable bed’s side position with the proper balance of comfort and support, you can ensure that you will get a good night’s sleep.

With this newfound knowledge of how to sleep on your side on an adjustable bed, you can reach the highest level of relaxation during the night to be more energized throughout the day. What kind of better feeling could there be than knowing you are getting top-quality rest at night? There’s no doubt that committing yourself to taking care of yourself when sleeping will pay dividends for years and years down the road.

Invest in yourself today by properly utilizing your adjustable bed – don’t forget, a good night’s sleep is foundational to see great results in energy levels, clear thinking tasks, and overall happiness!

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