How to Restore Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Are you looking for an outdoor decor upgrade for your patio? If so, consider restoring your cast aluminum patio furniture. Whether it’s a table, chair, bench, or lounger, this classic material can add style and beauty to any backyard area.

How to Restore Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Not only is aluminum lightweight and strong, which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture, but its inherent rust-resistant properties allow it to look as good as new even after years of wear and tear. Plus, planning how to restore cast aluminum patio furniture offers a beautiful reward – stunning pieces with subtle character embellishments that show how much love they’ve been given!

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on what materials you need if you decide to refinish your favorite outdoor pieces.

What Will You Need?

To restore your cast aluminum patio furniture, you’ll need the following:

  • A wire brush or steel wool
  • Sandpaper (coarse and fine grit)
  • Paint stripper (optional)
  • Primer and paint
  • Polyurethane sealant.

Once you have all the supplies, it’s time to get started.

10 Easy Steps on How to Restore Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Step 1: Clean the Pieces

Begin by cleaning any dirt and debris from your aluminum pieces. Using a wire brush or steel wool, gently scrub any rust or corrosion spots. Alternatively, if you want to completely remove existing paint, use a chemical paint stripper on the surface. Once finished, rinse off the piece with water and allow it to dry.

Using a Wire Brush

Step 2: Sand the Pieces

Once your aluminum pieces are clean and dry, you’ll want to sand them down. Begin with a coarse-grit sandpaper and slowly work your way up to a finer grit for a smoother finish. This will help make sure that the primer and paint adhere properly later on.

Step 3: Apply the Primer

Before painting, you’ll want to apply a coat of primer. This will help protect the aluminum from corrosion and ensure that your paint adheres properly. Allow the primer to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Paint the Pieces

It’s time to paint once your piece is prepped and the primer is dry. Choose a color that complements your outdoor decor and apply two coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before moving on to the next one. Additionally, you can add a bit of character to the piece by adding unique designs, patterns, or stencils.

Step 5: Seal with Polyurethane

Once your paint is dry and cured, it’s time to seal the surface. Polyurethane sealant will help protect the finish from wear and tear and keep it looking fresh and new. Apply two to three coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next one.

Step 6: Regular Maintenance

The final step is consistent and regular maintenance of your furniture. Cleaning it regularly can prevent the build-up of dirt and grime that can dull the finish. If you notice any chips or scratches in the paint, repair them immediately to avoid further damage.

Consider using furniture covers or moving the pieces indoors during extreme weather conditions to prolong their life. With proper care, your restored cast aluminum patio furniture can look its best for many seasons to come.

Consider Using Furniture Covers

Step 7: Seasonal Storage

When the seasons change, and your outdoor space is no longer in use, consider storing your restored cast aluminum patio furniture in a dry, indoor space. This can prevent unnecessary exposure to harsh winter conditions and prolong the life of your furniture.

If indoor storage is not possible, use weather-resistant furniture covers that fit securely over your pieces to protect them from the elements. Remember to clean and dry your furniture thoroughly before storing it away to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Step 8: Refreshing Your Furniture

Even with careful maintenance, your cast aluminum patio furniture may need a refresh after a few seasons. If you notice the color fading or the finish wearing off, don’t panic. Just repeat the restoration process: clean the furniture, sand it lightly, apply a new coat of primer and paint, and finish with a sealant. This way, you can keep your patio furniture looking vibrant and inviting year after year.

Step 9: Personalize Your Furniture

Don’t be afraid to add your touch to your restored patio furniture. You could change the color, add decorative cushions, or even accessorize with outdoor lanterns or umbrellas. Adding personal touches can bring new life to your patio furniture and make your outdoor space reflect your style and personality. Remember, your patio is an extension of your home, so treat it with the same love and care.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Furniture

After all that hard work and effort, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautifully restored cast aluminum patio furniture. Whether hosting a barbecue, reading a book, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, your revitalized furniture will add a special charm to your outdoor space. Remember, this restoration project’s ultimate goal was to revive your patio furniture and create an inviting outdoor space where you can spend quality time. So go ahead, and enjoy your outdoor haven!

By following these tips on how to restore cast aluminum patio furniture, you can breathe new life into your outdoor pieces and add a touch of charm to your patio or deck. With the right supplies and dedication, you can take on any furniture restoration project with confidence – and create something beautiful in the process.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. If your furniture is severely rusted, sand off the rust before applying a new finish. Sanding can help create a smooth surface for better adhesion of the new finish.
  2. If you’re using spray paint, use light coats and allow each one to dry thoroughly before adding additional layers. Spraying too heavily or allowing wet paint to dry on the furniture can cause uneven coverage and discoloration.
  3. When applying a clear sealant, consider using multiple thin coats rather than a single thick one. This will help ensure even coverage and prevent any potential cracking or crazing over time.
  4. If you’re scrubbing away dirt and mildew, use a soft bristled brush and a mild detergent solution. Be sure to rinse off the furniture thoroughly and allow it to dry before applying paint or sealant.
  5. For extra protection against corrosion, consider waxing your furniture periodically with a quality automotive wax or other specialty product for cast aluminum surfaces. This will help keep your furniture looking great for years to come!
You Are Using Spray Paint

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble restoring your cast aluminum patio furniture and making it look like new again. All that’s left is to enjoy the results!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning tools, such as steel wool or hard-bristled brushes, as they can scratch the surface of the aluminum and ruin the finish.
  2. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners, as these can damage the aluminum and lead to discoloration.
  3. Only paint your cast aluminum patio furniture after first applying a primer. The primer acts as a binder, improving the adhesion of the paint to the metal surface.
  4. Avoid applying sealant or paint in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This could cause the product to dry too quickly, creating an uneven finish.
  5. Pay attention to regular maintenance. While cast aluminum patio furniture is known for its durability and resistance to rust, regular cleaning and occasional resealing can significantly extend its lifespan.
Avoid Applying Paint in Direct Sunlight

Avoiding these mistakes can help you get the most out of your cast aluminum patio furniture and enjoy it for many years. With the right approach, you can keep your furniture looking beautiful and polished forever!

How Do You Remove Oxidation From Cast Aluminum Furniture?

If your cast aluminum furniture has become dull or discolored due to oxidation, you can use a few methods to remove the oxidation and restore its original shine. One of the most effective ways is to use a steel wool pad and mild soap solution.

Gently scrub away at the surface of the furniture in circular motions until you notice the oxidation beginning to lift. Rinse the furniture thoroughly and dry it completely before applying a new finish or sealant.

Another popular method is using a commercial aluminum polish designed specifically for treating oxidized aluminum surfaces. Depending on the product, you may need to apply the polish with a soft cloth or pad and rub vigorously in circular motions. Once again, rinse off the furniture and allow it to dry completely before applying a new finish.

Apply the Polish With a Soft Cloth

Following these steps should help remove oxidation from your cast aluminum patio furniture and restore its original shine. With regular maintenance, your furniture should remain looking beautiful for years to come!

What Will Ruin Aluminum?

Aluminum is a durable material that is highly resistant to corrosion, but there are some things you should avoid if you want to keep your aluminum furniture in top condition. Certain types of cleaners can corrode the surface and cause discoloration, so always use mild detergents or specially formulated aluminum cleaners when cleaning cast aluminum surfaces.

Additionally, acidic or alkaline substances, such as vinegar or bleach, should never be used on cast aluminum furniture, as these can cause pitting or oxidation. If you’re using an abrasive tool to clean the surface of your furniture, make sure it is made from soft materials like steel wool and avoid harder bristles that could scratch the metal.

Finally, while regular waxing can help protect your cast aluminum furniture, be sure to use products designed specifically for aluminum surfaces. Waxing with a standard automotive wax or other incompatible product could cause damage to the finish and reduce its lifespan.

Following these tips, you can keep your cast aluminum patio furniture looking great and enjoy it for many years!


How to restore cast aluminum patio furniture can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and procedures, it is easy. From removing rust and oxidation to cleaning, polishing, and sealing, the steps may seem time-consuming, but doing them the right way guarantees that your patio furniture will look great for years.

The key is to use quality restoration products, which will provide superior protection against wear, oxidation, fading, and staining. Nothing is more satisfying than taking an old piece of metal furniture breathing new life into it, and giving it many more years of life.

So whether you are looking to restore an old set from your grandparents or just cleaned up one you found at a garage sale, restoring cast aluminum patio furniture is something everyone can do!

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