How to Put a Daybed Together

Are you looking for ways to turn a room in your home into a multi-functional space? A daybed is one great way of doing this! Not only can it serve as comfortable seating during the day, but at night, it easily converts into an extra bed.

How to Put a Daybed Together

Plus, with its small size and relatively low cost compared to other types of beds, it’s an ideal solution for a functional bedroom when budgeting or limited space is involved.

While putting together a daybed may seem intimidating if you don’t have previous experience assembling furniture pieces yourself, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to fret! In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of how to put a daybed together so that you’ll be comfortably snuggled up on your new piece shortly!

Putting together a daybed doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. With the right instructions and tools, you can assemble your daybed efficiently and without any major headaches.

Here, we will provide step-by-step instructions to put a daybed together in the easiest way possible, so you’ll be ready to enjoy your new furniture sooner rather than later! Read on for tips that take away all the guesswork; you’ll have your day bed up in no time!

Why May You Want to Put a Daybed Together?

There are many reasons why you might want to put a daybed together. Such as:

1. Comfortable

One of the best reasons to put a daybed together is for added comfort. Daybeds are often softer than regular beds, making them great for lounging and relaxing. Also, some daybeds come with trundles, which can be useful for accommodating guests.

2. Versatile

Daybeds can also serve multiple purposes in a single room. Depending on your needs, they can be used as a bed and seating area. This makes them perfect for small apartments or dorm rooms where space is limited.

3. Affordable

Lastly, daybeds can be quite affordable compared to regular beds. This makes them a great option for those on a tight budget who still want the comfort of a bed without breaking the bank.

Now that you know why you may want to put a daybed together, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to do it.

How to Put a Daybed Together in 6 Steps

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is the very first step. Ensure you have all the materials for putting a daybed together, such as the frame, mattress, slats, and screws. Also make sure to have a power drill handy.

Step 2: Install the Frame

Use the Power Drill

The frame is the backbone of the daybed so it should be installed first. Position the frame where you want it to go and use the power drill to secure it into place with screws. In that case, it is important to drill the screws into studs in the wall for a secure fit.

Step 3: Install the Slats

Once you have secured the frame, you can begin installing the slats. Make sure they are properly lined up and evenly spaced apart, then use a power drill with screws to attach them to the frame. It will help reinforce the frame and give it more stability.

Step 4: Place the Mattress

The next step is to place the mattress on top of the slats. Make sure it fits properly and has no gaps or folds before securing it with screws or an adhesive spray. Also, make sure the mattress is securely attached.

Step 5: Add Pillows and Blankets

Once the mattress is secure, you can begin to add pillows and blankets to make the daybed more comfortable. You can also use a duvet or comforter to give it an inviting look. It will help to give the daybed a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Can Begin to Add Pillows

Step 6: Double Check

The last step is to double-check that everything is secure and in the right place. Make sure there are no exposed screws or gaps between the frame and mattress, as this could cause the daybed to collapse. Also, ensure all pillows and blankets are securely placed on the daybed.

Once you have completed these steps, you should have a sturdy and comfortable daybed ready to enjoy. You can easily put a daybed together with some time and effort!

Some Additional Tips to Put a Daybed Together

1. Do Not Force Anything

When putting together a daybed, it is important not to use too much force when screwing in screws or joining pieces of the frame. Doing so can cause damage and compromise the strength of the structure.

2. Use a Level

Checking that each piece of the daybed frame is level helps ensure that everything fits correctly and provides even support. If a frame is not level, adjustments may be needed to make it even and avoid any potential problems with the daybed structure.

3. Use Support Blocks

Protect Your Floor From Scratches

When assembling a daybed, support blocks should be used between the floor and the bottom of each leg to provide additional stability and help protect your floor from scratches or dents. Also, if the bed frame will be supporting a mattress and box spring, it is important to make sure that the support blocks are tall enough to create adequate clearance.

4. Tighten All Connections

Make sure to tighten all connections between the pieces of the daybed frame. This will help ensure that the structure is safe and secure, and it also helps prevent any rattling or wobbling when someone sits on or moves around on the daybed.

5. Inspect After Assembly

Once the daybed is assembled, it’s important to inspect it for any loose connections or areas that need adjustment. This will help prevent any potential issues while using the daybed and also ensures that it is safe and secure.

6. Pay Attention to Instructions

When putting together a daybed, always be sure to follow the specific assembly instructions that come with it. Following the instructions carefully will help ensure that the daybed is put together correctly and safely and will also extend its life by ensuring proper maintenance protocols.

Assembling a daybed is not difficult and can be completed with basic tools and instructions. Following the tips above will help ensure that your daybed is put together correctly, safely, and securely so that it can last for many years.

It is also important to pay attention to the instructions included with your particular daybed to guarantee the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pieces of Furniture Are Necessary For a Daybed?

Want to Use a Box

A daybed typically consists of the headboard and footboard, which are connected by side rails. If your daybed has an optional trundle bed, that will be an additional piece. Also, if you want to use a box spring with your daybed, you will need to purchase an additional piece of furniture.

What Materials Are Involved When Putting Together A Daybed?

The materials involved when putting together a daybed depend on the type of bed you are assembling. Most commonly, you will need various screws and bolts as well as tools such as a drill, screwdriver, and/or an Allen wrench to secure the frame pieces together.

Depending on the design of your daybed, you may also need wood glue or other adhesives and possibly paint or varnish for finishing touches.

What Are Some Tips For Assembling A Daybed?

When assembling a daybed, it is important to read the instructions that come with your daybed carefully. If all of the pieces are not properly aligned, it could cause damage to the daybed or make assembly more difficult.

Additionally, be sure to use any necessary tools correctly and check for tight connections between each piece. If you have additional pieces such as a trundle bed, it is recommended to assemble them separately and then attach them to the main frame. Finally, make sure that you double-check your work before use.

Do I Need Professionals To Assemble A Daybed?

It is not necessary to hire professionals to assemble a daybed. However, if you do not feel comfortable with the task, it is recommended to consult a professional to ensure that the bed is put together properly. Also, if you are having difficulty with the instructions or have questions, it is best to seek help from a professional.


Putting a daybed together may seem like a daunting task, but with these easy steps, you’ll have it done in no time. With a little bit of patience and some help from a friend or family member, you’ll be enjoying your new daybed in no time.

Now that you know how to put a daybed together, we hope you’ll enjoy many years of stylish comfort. With just a few simple steps, you can have a beautiful piece of furniture that provides both seating and sleeping space. Thanks for reading!

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