How to Move Dining Table

Moving a dining table is not always an easy process. Whether you are just rearranging your furniture or moving it to a new location, there are various steps that need to be taken in order to make sure the move goes smoothly.


In this blog post, we will go over what exactly needs to be done when you take on this task; from disassembling and packing up the pieces safely, coordinating any necessary transportation, and making sure all of your components get safely delivered and reassembled in their final resting place. Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to move dining table!

How to Move Dining Table

Moving a dining table can seem like an intimidating task, especially if it is large or awkwardly shaped. While it may take a little muscle and know-how to get the job done right, with careful planning and patience your furniture relocation can be achieved without damage to the piece or your surroundings.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to move a dining table easily and safely – no matter what size or shape of table you might have!

Why May You Want to Move Dining Table?

1. To Create More Space

If you have a large family and need to accommodate extra seating, or if you are regularly hosting dinner parties, moving your dining table may be the only way to ensure enough room for everyone.

2. Redecoration

Changing the décor or furniture in a room can often require rearranging larger pieces, like a dining table. Moving the table may be necessary to create the desired look or atmosphere in a room. Also, make sure to measure the room before moving your dining table, so you know it will fit in its new spot.

3. To Accommodate New Objects

If you recently purchased a new piece of furniture and it won’t fit in its intended location, moving your dining table may be required to accommodate it. For instance, if you want to place side tables or a chair, you may need to move your table away from the wall to fit everything.

How to Move Dining Table in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Prepare for Moving

Gather all of the tools and supplies needed for moving the dining table. You’ll need furniture sliders, a large blanket or tarp, gloves, and straps or rope. Also, make sure to clear out a wide path of the room that you’ll be able to move through easily.

You'll Need Furniture Sliders

Step 2: Protect the Table and Floor

Place a large blanket or tarp on the floor to protect both it and the dining table from scratches. Place furniture sliders under each leg of the table, if possible. This will allow you to slide it more easily across the room instead of lifting it.

Step 3: Lift and Move

If the dining table is too heavy to lift, you may need some help at this stage. Securely grip the table using your legs, back, arms, and shoulders while keeping it as close to your body as possible. Carefully move it across the floor or out of the room.

Step 4: Secure the Table

Once you’ve moved it to its desired location, use straps or rope to secure it in place. This will ensure that it doesn’t move while in transit and won’t cause any accidents. Also, make sure to keep the table stable and level.

Step 5: Clean Up

Once you’re done moving the table, remove the furniture sliders and make sure that there is nothing blocking any doorways or pathways. Then dispose of your tools and supplies properly. Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Some Additional Tips to Move Dining Table

1. Do Not Leave the Table Unattended

When you are ready to move a dining table, make sure that it is not left unattended. This could be dangerous and cause the table to tip over or become damaged. Also, make sure to keep any sharp edges away from your body or any other person that is helping you move the table.

Make Sure That It is Not Left Unattended

2. Have Proper Equipment Ready

Make sure you have all the tools and equipment ready before attempting to move a dining table. This could include furniture sliders, strong straps, and moving blankets to protect the furniture during the move.

3. Secure the Legs and Top of the Table

Before attempting to move a dining table, make sure to secure the legs and top of the table using either furniture sliders or strong straps. This will ensure that the table does not shift during the move.

4. Use Moving Blankets

Moving blankets can be used to protect both your dining table and the surrounding area from potential damage. Place these around the table to protect it from scratches, chips, or dents that could occur during the move.

5. Disassemble If Necessary

If you have a large and heavy dining table, then you may need to disassemble it for easier transport. Make sure to have the necessary tools and instructions ready before attempting to do this.

6. Use a Dolly

If possible, try to use a dolly or other moving equipment when transporting the dining table. This will make it much easier to move the table from one place to another without having to carry it manually.

7. Have an Extra Set of Hands

Moving a dining table can be a tricky task, so make sure you have an extra set of hands to help. Having someone else will not only make the job easier but it can also help keep everyone safe in case something goes wrong.

8. Take Your Time

When moving a dining table, take your time and be careful. Pay attention to each step and make sure that everything is done correctly in order to ensure a successful move.

Take Your Time and Be Careful

Following these tips will help you safely move your dining table without any damage or injury. With the right equipment and preparation, you can have your table relocated in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take Before Moving a Dining Table?

Before moving a dining table, it is important to take some precautionary steps. Be sure to cover the surface of your table with cardboard or blankets to protect it from scratches and other damage. Make sure that all drawers are empty and closed before attempting to move the table. Finally, be sure to recruit help from at least a few friends or family members who can assist you in carrying and moving the table.

How Can I Disassemble My Dining Table?

Depending on your dining table, you may need to disassemble it before attempting to move it. Refer to the instruction manual that came with your table for specific instructions on how to disassemble it. In some cases, screws and bolts may need to be removed; in other cases, some pieces of the table may simply need to be detached. Be sure to take note of any instructions or diagrams included in the manual before attempting to disassemble your table.

How Can I Move My Dining Table?

When moving your dining table, it is best to recruit some help. If you have disassembled the table, be sure to use a dolly or hand truck to transport each piece of the table separately. If you are moving an intact dining table, be sure not to drag it across the floor; rather, you should carefully lift and carry it to its new location. 

When lifting a dining table, be sure to keep your back straight and lift with your legs, not your back. Finally, when in the new location, use furniture slides or felt pads underneath the table’s feet to protect it from scratches and other damage.

How Can I Protect My Dining Table During the Moving Process?

It is important to take measures to protect your dining table during the moving process. Be sure to cover the surface of the table with cardboard or blankets before beginning to move it. When lifting and carrying it, be sure not to drag it across the floor; rather, carefully lift and carry it in order to avoid any damage.

Cover the Surface of the Table


Now you know how to move dining table! Moving your dining table is not always a convenient task. However, with some planning and preparation, you can safely and effectively complete the project. 

Taking measurements ahead of time, enlisting help from friends or family members to make light work of the heavy lifting, and disassembling pieces of larger tables are all key steps in minimizing stress during the process. Don’t forget any necessary supplies like dollies or protective padding! 

Additionally, think about creative solutions like using a laundry basket as an impromptu moving cart — be inventive! Regardless of your approach to the challenge, remember that perfection isn’t a requirement for success — sometimes just taking things one step at a time does the trick. 

With patience and practice combined with these tips, you can successfully move your dining table without incident. So go forth and rearrange those rooms so they better fit your vision — nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it!

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