How to Measure a Sofa for a Cover

Are You ready to purchase a new sofa cover? Knowing how to measure your sofa is essential for selecting the right size and fit.

Transform the look in your living space with a stylish sofa cover! Whether you prefer to make a bold statement or stick to something classic, the right furniture covering can enhance any interior design style and give new life to old furniture.

How to Measure a Sofa for a Cover

Plus, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to extend the lifespan of your sofas, covers are an ideal solution. But before buying one, it’s important to carefully measure everything first — as even small mistakes in these measurements can result in ill-fitting covers that won’t provide enough support or coverage.

So whether you’re shopping online or visiting a store showroom, read on for helpful tips on how to measure a sofa for a cover!

What are the Benefits of Using Sofa Covers?

Aside from giving an old sofa a refreshing makeover, using a sofa cover also offers many other advantages. Furniture covers protect your sofas from dirt, dust, and pet hair and prevent fading due to direct sunlight.

Plus, by carefully selecting the right fabric and color combination, you can transform your living space without having to invest in new furniture.

Additionally, furniture covers can help hide any imperfections or damage your sofas may have, and they’re also easy to remove when you need to clean them.

And if you ever decide to move your sofa from one room to another, a cover will make the job easier — plus, it’ll also keep your furniture protected as you move it.

Now that we know how beneficial furniture covers can be let’s take a look at how you can measure a sofa for a cover!

What Will You Need?

You’ll need the following materials to measure your sofa:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Pencil
  3. Notebook or paper
  4. Fabric swatches (if shopping in-store)

Once you have these items, you can begin to measure your sofa for a cover!

10 Easy Steps on How to Measure a Sofa for a Cover

Step 1. Measure the Width and Length:

Using a Tape Measure

Using a tape measure, determine how wide and how long your sofa is. Be careful to measure from the widest and longest points, including armrests. Record your measurements in a notebook or on paper.

Step 2. Measure the Height of the Armrests:

Standing at one end of your sofa, use a tape measure to measure how high each armrest is above the seat cushion — make sure to do both sides. Write down these measurements in your notebook or paper as well. If your armrests are angled, measure them from the highest point.

Step 3. Measure Seat Depth:

Now it’s time to measure how deep the seat cushion is. Starting from one side, measure how far your sofa’s seat extends until it reaches the armrest on the opposite end. Use your tape measure for this step, and record the measurements in your notebook or paper.

Step 4. Measure Seat Height:

Using a tape measure, determine how high your seat cushion is from the floor — including any pillows that might be on top of it. Be sure to take note of this measurement as well. Measure the highest point if your sofa has different heights on each side.

Step 5. Record Your Measurements:

Now that you’ve measured all necessary parts of your sofa write down each number in a notebook or on paper for easy reference later when shopping for furniture covers. If measuring multiple sofas, make sure to label them accordingly (e.g., Sofa 1, Sofa 2, etc.). It will also be helpful to measure again, even if you’re confident in your first measurements — just to make sure everything is accurate.

Step 6. Have a Few Fabric Swatches Handy:

If you plan on visiting stores for furniture covers, make sure to bring a few fabric swatches along with you. This way, you can easily compare how the material looks and feels compared to how it appears online or in photos. Plus, having these swatches handy will help ensure that the covering will match any existing decor in your home.

Step 7. Ask for Advice from Store Employees:

When shopping for furniture covers, don’t hesitate to ask store employees for their advice and guidance when selecting the right fit. They can help you pick out the fabric and color that best suits your sofa’s measurements and how to properly care for them. Don’t be afraid to ask around — this can help you get the most out of your purchase.

Step 8. Read Product Descriptions Carefully:

Be sure to read product descriptions carefully before purchasing any furniture covers. Some products may require specific measurements or shapes, so make sure your sofa’s dimensions match those requirements exactly in order to get a perfect fit. This step is especially important if you plan on ordering furniture covers online.

Step 9. Try Out Different Styles:

When looking for furniture covers, don’t forget to try out different styles and colors — this will give your living space an entirely new look! Additionally, if your sofa has removable cushions, consider getting covers for each one. This will create a more seamless look and make it easier to switch up your decor when you feel like it.

Step 10. Care for Your Furniture Cover Properly:

Cleaned With a Mild Detergent

Finally, be sure to properly care for your furniture cover in order to keep its shape and color intact. Always read the label on how to clean and maintain your furniture cover. Some covers may require dry cleaning, while others can be spot-cleaned with a mild detergent.

By following these steps, you can easily measure your sofa for a cover and find the perfect fit. With careful measurements and fabric selection, you can ensure that your furniture cover looks great — and lasts for years to come!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Before taking any measurements, make sure that the sofa is pushed up against a wall or other solid surface and sitting level on the floor.
  2. Don’t forget to consider how deep the cushions are when measuring for length/width of your furniture cover. This can help you ensure you get an accurate measurement by adding 1-2 inches to the length/width dimensions of your sofa.
  3. Be sure to measure from side to side across the widest part of the couch (usually the arms), not just along one arm or one seat cushion.
  4. Measure from the floor to the top of the back cushion; this will give you an idea of how much coverage you will need for protection from spills and dust build-up in between cleanings.
  5. Finally, take a look at the back of your sofa for any protrusions like buttons and knobs that will require additional coverage from a custom-fit furniture cover.
Measure From the Floor

These details could affect how well your furniture cover fits in the long run, so it’s important to account for them when measuring for a new cover!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t measure the sofa by how it looks in the room. Different shapes, sizes, and styles of sofas can produce different dimensions when measured.
  2. Avoid measuring just one side of the sofa when calculating how much fabric is needed – make sure you measure each side separately and add them together for a total measurement.
  3. Don’t guess how long or wide your sofa is – take exact measurements to ensure that you purchase enough fabric to cover your sofa correctly.
  4. Be careful not to include any decorative features like frills, buttons, or tufts in your measurements, as these may require extra fabric in order to be covered properly.
  5. Don’t assume that all fabrics will be able to cover your sofa without any issues – consider how stretchy the fabric is and how easy it will be to fit.

Measuring a sofa for a cover isn’t an exact science, but if you follow these tips, you can make sure that you buy enough fabric to do the job properly. With careful measurements and the right fabric choice, you should get a great fit on your sofa!

What is the Best Fabric for a Sofa Cover?

When choosing a fabric for your sofa cover, you’ll want to consider how often it will be used and how easily it can be cleaned. Cotton is an excellent choice as it’s both durable and easy to maintain, but velvet and microfiber are also popular choices due to their softer feel.

Leather Might Be the Best Option

If you’re looking for something that’s waterproof or resistant to spills, then vinyl or leather might be the best option.

Ultimately, the best fabric for your sofa cover will depend on how much wear and tear the piece of furniture sees, how often you need to clean it, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Whatever material you choose should match the look of your room while also providing adequate protection against stains and dirt.


Measuring a sofa for a cover can be daunting, but if done carefully and accurately, you’ll be sure to get the perfect size for your needs. Don’t forget to factor in the cushions when taking measurements. After taking these measurements and double checking your answers, you’re ready to start shopping for covers!

Measurement errors aren’t always easy to fix, so with proper care and caution, these steps will ensure you have all the right numbers before purchasing. Remember: always measure twice, buy once! With careful consideration of the dimensions of your sofa and cushions, you’ll be sure to come out ahead in any furniture shopping experience.

Hopefully, the article on how to measure a sofa for a cover has been helpful in teaching you how to take the needed measurements and helping you find the perfect fabric for your new piece. Now that you know how to measure, you can start shopping for the best sofa cover today! Good luck!

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