How to Make Up a Split King Bed

A split king bed is ideal for couples who prefer different sleeping positions since it consists of two separate mattresses that are adjustable to fit each person’s body. This allows both people to find the most comfortable position and provides plenty of space for them to move around without disturbing the other person.

How to Make Up a Split King Bed

Making up a split king bed is slightly different than making up a regular king bed, but it can still be done easily and quickly with the right supplies. Making up a split king bed offers several advantages over traditional beds. First and foremost, it provides each sleeper with an individual mattress that can be customized to their specific needs.

Since the mattresses are split down the middle, one person can opt for a firm or soft mattress while another can choose something in between due to the independent adjustability feature. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to make up a split king bed.

Step-by-step Instructions for How to Make Up a Split King Bed

Step 1: Inspect the Bed

Examine the frame, mattress, and box spring for any signs of damage or wear that need to be addressed before proceeding. This is especially important if you use a bedding set purchased from another source.

Position your split king mattresses on the frame, so they fit snugly against each other at the center. Secure them with the provided clips to ensure they are tightly held.

Step 2: Apply Protective Covers

Place protective covers on both mattresses before beginning to make up the bed. This will help protect your mattress from sweat, dirt, and damage while also preventing any allergens or dust mites that could cause discomfort.

Place Protective Covers on Both Mattresses

Spread the bottom sheet across both mattresses, making sure it is pulled taut and that all corners are even. Next, place your top sheet on top of the bottom and ensure it is spread out evenly.

Step 3: Place Blankets & Comforters

Lay your blankets and comforters on top of the sheets, and make sure they are distributed evenly over both mattresses. If you are using a duvet, spread it across the bed so it drapes nicely over each mattress.

Place your pillows in whatever arrangement you find comfortable, and then top them with their respective shams. Ensure the sham flaps are tucked in properly to maintain a neat appearance.

Step 4: Add Bed Skirt/Dust Ruffle

Place the bed skirt/dust ruffle on top of the box spring, so it hangs evenly around each mattress. Make sure that all sides are tucked in properly and that there are no bunches or ripples. Bring your bed to life with decorative pillows and throws.

Arrange the items in whatever pattern you prefer, ensuring they don’t obstruct any mattress parts or impede movement on either side.

Step 5: Layer Sheets & Blankets

To keep your bed looking neat, layer the sheets and blankets to conceal them from view. This will also help to maintain the overall aesthetic of your split king bed. Fluff pillows and arrange throws to ensure everything looks neat and in place. Lightly mist the bed with a light perfume or essential oil to finish off your split king bed-making experience.

Layer the Sheets and Blankets

Safety Tips for How to Make Up a Split King Bed

  1. Make sure to read all instructions thoroughly before starting to make up the bed, and keep them close by for reference in case you need help.
  2. Wear gloves when handling the parts of the split king bed, like mattress pads and sheets, to protect your hands from any sharp edges or rough fabric.
  3. Wear a mask to protect yourself from dust and allergens, and ensure you ventilate the room to keep air circulating.
  4. Ensure that all bed parts are securely placed before arranging the mattress pads and sheets. 
  5. Be aware of any protruding pieces on the frame or slats of your split king bed to avoid any potential injuries.
  6. Place the mattress pads and sheets on the split king bed carefully, making sure not to tug or pull too harshly at them.
  7. Check for any loose pieces that may have come off during setup and ensure they are discarded properly.
  8. After the bed is made up, check it over to ensure everything is in place and you have nothing left behind.
Wear a Mask to Protect Yourself From Dust

Following these safety tips will help ensure that your split king bed is made up properly and securely.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Storing a Split King Bed? 

When you store a split king bed, there are some considerations that must be taken into account. Due to its unique size and shape, it is important to remember that the mattress must be kept flat and that the box spring should not be folded. Additionally, it’s best to ensure the bed is stored in an area with minimal humidity and warmth.

If the bed is stored in a damp area, it can cause mold or mildew to form on the mattress material. Finally, ensure to keep the split king bed in an area free of rodents and pests, as they can damage the fabric and materials of the bed. Taking these simple steps will ensure that your split king bed will stay in good condition for years to come.

How Often Should You Check the Components of Your Split King Bed to Make Sure They Are in Good Condition? 

The components of your split king bed should be checked every six months to nine months for signs of wear and tear. This includes thoroughly checking the mattress, box spring, and foundations (if applicable). You should also check the frame, bolts, and other components that help to hold the mattress in place.

When you conduct these checks, look for signs of sagging or worn-out material. Any tears, stains, and other signs of damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If your mattress is over six years old, it may be time to start looking for a new one.

If you find any major issues with the components of your split king bed, it is best to contact a professional mattress repair specialist. The cost of a replacement or repair will depend on the severity of the damage and how long you have had the mattress.

Keeping your split king bed in good condition is important to ensure maximum comfort and support when sleeping. Proper maintenance and regular checks will help to extend the life of your mattress, box spring, and foundations. Always use a mattress protector when sleeping on your split king bed to protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture.

How Can You Troubleshoot Any Problems That May Arise With Your Split King Bed? 

  • Check the bolts and screws connecting the two halves of your split king bed to ensure they are tight. If any are loose, tighten them with a screwdriver or wrench.
  • Verify that the slats or box springs beneath each half-bed are firmly attached and secure. Make sure there isn’t any shifting or movement when you sit on the bed.
  • Check to ensure your mattress fits snugly within each half of the bed frame. If any gaps or spaces exist between the mattress and frame edges, add additional support, such as a memory foam topper, to improve stability.
  • Ensure that your bed linens are evenly distributed across the bed. Split king beds require two sets of linens, so make sure each side has a mattress pad and fitted sheet before continuing with the blankets and pillows.
  • Make sure your bedding is not too tight or bunched up in any areas; this can cause unnecessary stress on the slats, box springs, and mattress.
  • If there are still any problems with your split king bed, contact the manufacturer or a certified technician to have it looked at and repaired if necessary. While most of these beds are designed for regular use, they may need adjustment or repair from time to time to maintain optimal performance.
Check to Ensure Your Mattress Fits

With the right precautions and maintenance, you can ensure that your split king bed is comfortable and supportive for years to come.


In conclusion,  making up a split king bed doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking the time to measure your mattress and decide on what size sheets, comforter, or duvet you need will ensure that it looks perfect once made. Additionally, considering the different layers of bedding can help create a comfortable environment for a great night’s sleep. 

With the right materials, you’ll be able to easily make up a split king bed in your home and enjoy it for years to come. I hope reading this post has helped you learn how to make up a split king bed. Make sure the safety precautions are carried out in the order listed.

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