How to Make Shelves With Pallets

Do you want to learn how to create and customize your affordable shelves? Look no further! This blog post will show you the tools and supplies needed and detailed instructions on transforming your space with repurposed pallets into gorgeous shelving units.

How to Make Shelves With Pallets

Whether it’s for storage, décor, or anything else, get ready to channel your inner DIYer and breathe new life into a few old pallets!

If you’ve ever seen a custom shelving unit, you know that it can become quite expensive when all is said and done. But with a few pallets, you can create the same look for less.

With this guide on how to make shelves with pallets you can achieve unique enhancements that let you give every room of your home an individual touch. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

What Will You Need?

Before you get started with your pallet project, be sure to have the following items on hand:

  • Pallets
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil or marker
  • Level and straight edge
  • Saw (hand saw or circular saw)
  • Hammer & nails (or staple gun if desired)

Once you have all of the necessary supplies, you’re ready to begin!

10 Easy Steps on How to Make Shelves With Pallets

Step 1: Sand and Clean

Before making shelves with pallets, it is important to prepare the wood. To create a smooth surface, take a hand sander and sand down any rough edges or splinters. If your pallets are especially dirty, use a wire brush and soapy water to scrub them well.

Take a Hand Sander

Step 2: Measure & Cut

Next, use your measuring tape and pencil to mark your desired shelf length on the pallet. With a saw, cut along your marked lines. Double-check your cuts with a level or straight edge to ensure your shelf will be even.

Step 3: Install Supports

Installing supports is an integral step in ensuring the stability of your shelves. To do this, measure and cut extra pieces of pallet wood to fit the length of your shelf. Attach these supports to the wall where you will mount your shelf, ensuring they are level and securely fastened.

Step 4: Attach the Shelf

Once your supports are in place, attaching your shelf is time. Place the shelf on top of the supports and use a hammer or staple gun to secure it in place. If you are using nails, make sure they do not protrude out from the back of the shelf, as this can damage walls.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

After securing your shelf to the supports, it’s time to add the finishing touches. If you wish to paint or stain your shelf, this is the time. Choose a color that suits your decor and apply it using a paintbrush or sponge. Wait for the paint or stain to dry completely before proceeding.

You could also leave the wood in its natural state for a more rustic look, but consider applying a coat of clear sealant to protect the wood. Lastly, you can add additional features, such as hooks or knobs, for extra functionality.

Use a Hammer or Staple Gun

Step 6: Mount the Shelf

Mounting your pallet shelf is the next crucial step. Locate the wall studs where you plan to hang your shelf. Use a stud finder for accuracy. Once you’ve located the studs, line up the supports on the back of your shelf with them. Using a drill and screws, secure the shelf to the wall, ensuring it’s level.

Step 7: Final Inspection and Styling

After successfully mounting your shelf, it’s time for a final inspection. Make sure the shelf is sturdy and can bear weight. Check that all the screws and nails are properly fastened and the shelf is level.

Now comes the exciting part – styling your new pallet shelf! Start by placing heavier items at the center or bottom of the shelf to maintain balance. Add books, plants, pictures, or any other decor items you love.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Handiwork

The final step is to take a step back and admire your handiwork! You’ve turned a simple pallet into a practical and stylish shelving unit. This is the moment to bask in the satisfaction of a job well done. You have added a unique piece to your home and engaged your creative skills and contributed to the environment by repurposing a pallet.

Now, it’s time to show off your new shelves to your friends and family, or even consider making more for different rooms in your home. Remember, the possibilities are endless when you’re working with pallets.

Step 9: Maintenance

Just like any other piece of furniture, your handmade pallet shelf requires regular upkeep to maintain its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Dust and clean the shelf regularly using a soft, slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that could damage the wood.

Use a Stud Finder

If you’ve painted or stained your shelf, consider touch-ups every few years to keep the color vibrant. Also, periodically check for loose nails or screws and tighten them as necessary. With regular maintenance, your pallet shelf will remain a charming addition to your space for years to come.

Step 10: Share Your Experience

Now that you have completed your project and are enjoying the benefits of your new pallet shelves, it’s time to share your experience with the world. Consider taking pictures of your creation and sharing them on social media platforms. This can inspire others to embark on similar DIY projects.

You can even write a blog post detailing your journey from acquiring the pallets to the completion of the shelves. Sharing your experience is not just about showcasing your DIY skills, it’s also about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy creative projects and sustainable practices.

By following these ten easy steps, you know how to make pallet shelves. You can create a unique shelf that adds style and functionality to your home. With the help of this guide, you’ve proven that you don’t need expensive materials or tools to create something beautiful – just creativity and a little bit of elbow grease.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose Your Pallets Wisely: Not all pallets are created equal. Look for sturdy ones, in good condition, and free of pests or rot. The wood should be hard, as softwood isn’t durable enough for a shelf.
  2. Sanding is Essential: Always sand your pallets before use. This ensures a smooth finish, removes any sharp edges or splinters, and prepares the wood for staining or painting.
  3. Invest in Quality Hardware: Your shelves must be secure, especially if you plan to store heavy items. Use strong brackets and heavy-duty screws to ensure the stability and durability of your pallet shelves.
  4. Seal the Wood: Seal your pallets with a quality wood sealant to protect them from wear and tear, humidity, and insects. This will extend their lifespan and keep your shelves looking great.
  5. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Always double-check your measurements before cutting your pallets. Remember, it’s better to measure twice and cut once to prevent wasting materials and time.

With the right tools and materials, making pallet shelves can be an easy and affordable way to give a room a stylish new look. These tips will help you create strong, durable, and attractive shelving quickly!

Add Lighting to Your Pallet Shelves

Tips for Customizing Your Pallet Shelf

  1. Paint or Stain: Painting or staining your pallets is an easy way to add a pop of color and customize your shelf. Choose from various paints and stains in different colors to create the perfect look for your space.
  2. Add Hooks: Want to hang items on your shelves? Make sure to include hooks or other hardware for extra storage options.
  3. Add Decorative Accents: You can embellish your shelf with decorative accents like ribbon, fabric, or greenery. This is a great way to add character and make the shelf unique.
  4. Showcase Floating Shelves: To give your pallet shelves an extra touch of style, consider adding floating shelves in between the layers for a modern look.
  5. Add Lighting: For a truly eye-catching feature, add lighting to your pallet shelves. You can use LED strips or fairy lights for a unique and beautiful effect.

With the right tools, materials, and creativity, you can make stunning shelves with pallets that will be sure to impress. So get creative and start building!


Making pallet shelves can be a fun and creative way to repurpose materials and make room for storage in your home. These DIY shelves are incredibly customizable, so you can design them to fit perfectly into your space and reflect your style.

Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or new to the craft, pallet shelves are a great project. The budget-friendly material is easy to come by and has many uses, making it a flexible tool even the most novice crafter can utilize.

Hopefully, the article on how to make shelves with pallets was helpful in introducing you to the basics of DIY pallet shelving. Now, it’s time to get started on your project!

With just a few steps and materials, you can create custom shelves that look great while being functional at the same time. So grab some pallets and dig out those tools – DIY shelves from pallets can be yours in no time!

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