How to Make a Santa Chair

Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? If your answer is yes, then making a Santa Chair is an easy and fun way to do so! This project won’t take much time or effort: all you’ll need are some basic materials, such as plywood and screws, along with some Christmas-y decorations to give it that extra festive touch.

How to Make a Santa Chair

In this blog post, we’ll be providing step-by-step instructions on how to make a Santa chair of your very own—allowing you both an opportunity for creativity while creating lasting memories with family and friends. So let’s get started—it’s time to prepare the workshop and get building our special little seat!

What Are the Materials to Make a Chair?

To make a Santa chair, you will need some basic supplies and materials. The main materials for this project include wood, batting, fabric, foam cushions, paint or stain, and screws or nails. You will also need some tools, such as a saw, drill, and screwdriver.

Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, you can begin constructing the Santa chair. First, cut the wood for the frame of your chair. Given the size and shape of the chair, we recommend using plywood or hardwood for a sturdy structure.

Next, fill in any gaps and secure them with glue, nails, or screws. After this is done, you will need to cover the frame with batting and fabric. You can choose different colors for these materials or use traditional red and white for a classic Santa look.

Finally, you will need to fill the chair with foam cushions and paint or stain it. Make sure that you measure your chair beforehand so that the foam cushions fit snugly inside; this will ensure that your Santa chair looks great and is comfortable to sit in. After you have finished painting or staining, let it dry completely before using it.

With these materials and instructions, you can easily make a festive Santa chair that would be the perfect addition to any holiday celebration!

9 Methods How to Make a Santa Chair

1. Cut a Large Rectangle:

Start by cutting a large rectangle out of the plywood. The size depends on how big you want your chair to be, but we recommend at least 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall. If necessary, you can use a jigsaw to cut out any curved lines or designs. If you’re going to use a drill, make sure you have some safety goggles on!

Cutting a Large Rectangle Out of the Plywood

While cutting, be sure to take your measurements accurately and double-check them. Try to make your rectangle as even as possible.

2. Create the Back:

Once you have your large rectangle shape, grab another piece of plywood and cut it into a slightly smaller width than the other piece. This will be for the back of the chair, so make sure it is shorter in height but longer in width than the first piece. Cut the plywood into a curve to create a rounded back. While cutting, make sure to leave a few inches at the top of the back piece.

Next, use wood glue and your nail gun to attach the two pieces. Make sure to place the back piece at an angle so that it fits in snugly with the first rectangular piece. Once attached, use sandpaper to smoothen all the edges of the chair.

3. Attach Pieces Together:

Using screws, attach both pieces together at the top to form a chair-like shape with an opening in between them. Make sure to create enough space at the bottom so that you can comfortably fit foam cushions in later. Once the pieces are attached, use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges. If you want, you can also use wood glue to give it a more solid construction.

Although this step is optional, it will make your Santa chair much sturdier and more long-lasting.

Use Sandpaper to Smooth Out

4. Secure the Frame:

Next, secure the frame of your chair by nailing or screwing pieces of wood along the edges. This will make sure that your structure is sturdy and won’t easily break apart when sat on. You can also use wood glue to hold the pieces together. Once that’s done, add the back of your chair. This can be a wooden board or fabric, depending on the type of chair you want to create.

Make sure to use strong glue and screws to keep it in place. Additionally, you can use sandpaper to make the edges smooth and eliminate any sharp edges.

5. Cover with Batting:

Once you have finished building the frame, cover it in batting and fabric to give it a softer feel. If you don’t have any batting, you can use an old blanket or thick cloth instead! If you are using batting, cut it into pieces that are slightly larger than the frame.

Start by stapling one piece to the bottom of the chair, then wrap the remaining pieces around the frame and staple them in place.

Make sure to stretch the batting tightly, so it is not loose or wrinkled. Once the batting is secure, you can cover it with fabric. Cut your fabric slightly larger than the frame and use a staple gun to attach it in the same way as the batting. Lastly, cover the arms and back of the chair with pillows or cushions for added comfort!

Cut your fabric slightly

6. Fill in Gaps with Foam Cushions:

Now take some foam cushions and fill in the space between the two pieces of wood at the bottom of the frame. Make sure to measure the space beforehand so that your cushions fit snugly within the chair and don’t create any gaps. You can use foam cushions of varying thicknesses to create a more comfortable seat.

If desired, you can also add a layer of batting over the cushions for extra padding. Although this step is optional, it will help to make the chair more comfortable. Try to use as much foam as possible without making the chair look too bulky.

7. Add Finishing Touches:

 Paint or stain the wood as desired, adding festive decorations like ribbons, holly, bells, or anything else you think would go nicely with your Santa chair! You can also add extra padding if needed by stuffing cloth into the sides of the chair.

Once you’ve added your finishing touches, it’s time to place your chair in the living room for all to admire! Be sure to take pictures of your completed project and share them with friends and family. With a little bit of effort, you can create a unique holiday decoration that will be admired for years to come.

Place Your Santa Chair in the Living Room

8. Let Everything Dry:

 Once all of your decorations are in place, and everything has been put together properly, let it dry completely before using it. This will ensure that all the materials are securely attached, and no paint is smudged onto the chair. Additionally, you can use a clear coat of paint to seal the decorations in. This will help protect them from wear and tear over time.

If you plan to use the chair outdoors, make sure you choose a sealant that is resistant to water and can withstand extreme weather conditions. With this, your Santa chair is complete and ready to be used!

9. Enjoy Your Santa Chair:

 Now you can enjoy the comfort of your very own Santa chair! From here, you can customize your creation even further by adding festive touches like a blanket or pillow on top. Make sure to take a few pictures of your finished product for the perfect holiday memory!

By making your own Santa chair, you’ll have a unique piece of holiday décor that you can pass down to your loved ones for years to come. Enjoy the season, and happy holidays!

Things to Consider When Making Santa Chair

1. Choose a Sturdy Material:

The material you select for your Santa chair should be sturdy enough to hold weight, both from Santa and any gifts he may have. Choose a solid wood or metal material that can withstand wear and tear over the years.

2. Select Appropriate Dimensions:

Measure the dimensions of your chosen area to determine how large you need your Santa chair to be. Make sure the chair is wide and comfortable enough for Santa to sit in a while, also ensuring that it will fit properly in the designated area.

3. Consider Adding Decorations:

Make your Santa chair even more festive by adding decorations such as garlands, stockings, ornaments, and lights. This will add a special touch to your chair and make it feel like a true holiday addition to your home.


So there you have it – everything you need to know about how to make a santa chair. These chairs are the perfect addition to any holiday decor, and they’re sure to get your kids excited for Christmas. With just a few supplies and a little bit of time, you can easily make one of these chairs yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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