How to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks

Do you need an extra desk in your home office but have limited space? Making a corner desk with two desks is a great way to maximize the usage of the area while creating lots of additional workspaces. This DIY project requires some basic tools that can be found at most hardware stores, and if done correctly, it will result in a sturdy working station for years to come. Here we will discuss all the necessary steps required to build your own corner desk with two separate desks combined together. Read on to learn how to make a corner desk with two desks!

How to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks

If you’re looking to maximize your workspace and don’t have the budget for or room in a home office, then turning two desks into one might be just what you need. Making a corner desk with two Desks is an effective and inexpensive way to create more working space while saving floor space. This post will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to make this dual desk setup, complete with tips and tricks from experienced DIYers who have gone before you! Read on to get going on your very own customized corner desk setup.

Why May You Want to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks?

You may want to make a corner desk with two desks for many reasons. Such as:

1. To Maximize the Available Space

One of the main reasons why people create a corner desk with two desks is to maximize the available space in a room. By placing two desks side-by-side and arranging them in L-shape, more floor space can be utilized for other purposes.

2. To Create a Seamless Work Flow

Another benefit of making a corner desk with two desks is to create a seamless workflow. With the two desks arranged in an L-shape, you can easily move from one desk to another without interruption, allowing for more efficient workflow.

 Two Desks Arranged in an L-shape

3. To Allow Multiple People to Work Together

A corner desk with two desks also allows multiple people to collaborate and work together. This makes it ideal for larger organizations or businesses that must accommodate multiple employees working simultaneously.

How to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks in 6 Easy Steps

Now that you know the reasons why you may want to make a corner desk with two desks, let’s look at how to do it.

Follow these steps to create your own corner desk with two desks:

Step 1: Measure the Available Space

The very first step is to measure the space you have available. This step is essential to determine how large your corner desk will be and what type of desks you will need to achieve the desired look. Also, take into account any furniture, fixtures, or windows that may be in the way.

Step 2: Select Desks

Once you have determined the size of your corner desk, select two desks that will fit within the available space and match each other in style and color. It is important to note that these two desks must not only fit within the space but also be able to come together to form an L shape, so make sure you double-check the measurements before you buy.

Step 3: Gather Your Tools

Next, gather all the tools and supplies you need to complete your project. This may include a drill/screwdriver, wood glue, clamps, screws, saw or jigsaw, tape measure, and sandpaper. You have to make sure that you have all the necessary tools before starting any project.

Use a Measuring Tape

Step 4: Cut and Attach Desks Together

Now it is time to start putting your corner desk together! Begin by cutting each desk if necessary, then glue and clamp them together so they form an L shape. Make sure that all joints are flush, and that there is no gap between the desks.

Step 5: Attach Desks to Wall

Once the two desks are firmly attached together, it is time to attach them to the wall. This will ensure that your desk is stable and secure. Drill pilot holes if needed, then use screws or bolts to attach the corner desk to the wall. Make sure the screws or bolts are of good quality and appropriate length.

Step 6: Sand, Paint and Enjoy

The final step is to sand any rough edges and paint the desk your desired color. Now that you have finished your project sit back and enjoy your new corner desk! Make sure to share your new creation with friends and family.

By following these easy steps, you can make a corner desk with two desks in no time! This is a great way to get the most out of your available space while still creating a stylish look. So go ahead and start building today! Good luck!

Some Tips to Make a Corner Desk With Two Desks

1. Use Two Desks of the Same Size and Shape

This is an important consideration when constructing a corner desk. The two desks should be the same size and shape to ensure that the fit is snug, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. Also, make sure that the desks have the same height and depth to ensure evenness in design.

2. Measure and Mark Out the Desks

Measure out both desks and the corner, which will help you determine where and how much space each desk needs to be cut away so they can fit together securely. Once measurements are determined, mark out the desks where they need to be cut away.

3. Cut Away Excess Material

Using a saw or jigsaw, carefully cut away any excess material on both desks according to the measurements and marks determined in step two. Try to make sure that the cuts are as precise and even as possible for a professional finish.

4. Sand Down the Edges

Once the excess material has been removed, use sandpaper to smooth down any jagged or rough edges on both desks. This will help ensure an even and aesthetically pleasing finish. Also, make sure to sand down any areas that were touched up with glue or filler.

use sandpaper to smooth

5. Secure the Desks Together

Once the desks are cut and sanded, apply a strong adhesive such as epoxy to connect the two pieces together firmly in place. Make sure to spread the adhesive evenly across both sections of the desk to ensure a secure bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Making a Corner Desk?

When making a corner desk with two desks, it is important to ensure that all the materials you are using are secure and stable. Make sure that each piece is securely attached and properly supported with additional bracing if needed. Additionally, be aware of any sharp edges or points on the furniture pieces. You should also make sure to follow any safety instructions specified by the manufacturer of the furniture pieces you are using.

How Can I Make the Desk More Ergonomic?

When creating a corner desk with two desks, it is important to consider ergonomics when designing your workspace. Ensure that all the monitors and other equipment are placed at the proper height to reduce strain on your neck, back, and eyes. Additionally, you may want to invest in an adjustable chair or desk riser to improve ergonomics further. Finally, consider adding accessories like a keyboard tray or wrist rest to help decrease fatigue during long periods of use.

What Materials Do I Need?

When making a corner desk, you will need two desks or other pieces of furniture that can be combined to form the corner desk. You will also need tools like screws and drill bits to make sure everything is properly secured. Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing additional materials such as sandpaper, wood glue, clamps, and stain for finishing touches to your desk.

Use a Drill Bit


Now you know how to make a corner desk with two desks. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require much time or effort and can save you space in your home or office. The best part is that it’s easy to customize and adjust the pieces to fit your needs. All you need are two desks, some basic tools and supplies, and a little bit of patience. With these steps, you can create an attractive, functional corner desk in no time. Have fun with your new DIY project!

In conclusion, making a corner desk from two desks is an easy process that yields amazing results. All you need are two identical desks, some tools, and some basic knowledge. Not only will you have a larger workspace, but you’ll also have saved money over the purchase of a large pre-made corner desk. Even if you’re not good at DIY projects, this one should be within your reach as it isn’t overly complicated or time-consuming. 

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