How to Make a Bed Like a Designer

If you’re hoping to freshen up the look of your bedroom, there’s no better place to start than making a designer-worthy bed. Even if you don’t have an eye for design, taking just a few simple steps on how to make a bed like a designer can give your room a chic and cozy vibe without breaking the bank.

How to Make a Bed Like a Designer

From thread count to color scheme, this blog post will help equip you with all the information you need to make your dream bed and transform your space into an interior decorator’s oasis!

Necessary Tools and Materials

Given the fact that making a bed is generally considered to be one of those simpler tasks, it’s no surprise that you won’t need an entire toolbox to make your new designer-worthy bed. You should have on hand, however, a few basic tools and materials before getting started. These include:

  •  Sheet Sets 
  •  Bed Linens 
  •  Pillows 
  •  Bed Ruffle or Bed Skirt 
  •  Fitted Sheet 
  •  Flat Sheet 
  •  Duvet Covers and Insert 
  •  Accent Pillows, Throws, and Blankets 
  •  Iron (Optional)

11 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Make a Bed Like a Designer

Step 1: Start by Selecting Your Sheet Set

Choose sheets with a thread count and fabric that you find comfortable and make sure they’re in colors that match your overall design aesthetic. It’s best to stick with neutral shades or soft pastels, as these will blend easily into your design scheme and look great in any bedroom.

Sheets With a Thread Count

This is the base of your bed and will set the tone for everything else that follows. It is also the time to select a pillow top mattress pad you wish for extra comfort and support.

Step 2: Place the Fitted Sheet on the Bed

Starting at one of the corners, pull up to the opposite corner and tuck it under the mattress. Then repeat this process for each corner. This will ensure your fitted sheet stays in place while you work.

But if you want to take an extra step, consider a sheet suspender which will keep your sheets secure and wrinkle-free at all times. It’s also a great way to get that designer-esque look. This will also give your bed a crisp, professional appearance. This is also the time to add any mattress pads or toppers for extra comfort and support.

Step 3: Add in Any Bed Linens You Desire

If you’d like to use bed linen, place it on top of the fitted sheet and smooth it out with your hands. But the edges of the bed linen up on each side of the bed and tuck it in to secure it. This is a great time to add an extra layer of warmth and coziness to your bed.

Choose from linen, cotton, or even velvet for a luxurious feel. If you’re hoping to keep things simple, choose bed linen that is the same color as your sheets for a seamless look. But if you’re aiming for something a bit more eye-catching, consider adding bed linens with patterns or textures.

Step 4: Put Your Duvet Cover On and Fill It With Your Insert 

Take both halves of your duvet cover and put them together so that all four sides line up perfectly. Smooth out any wrinkles or bumps as best you can with your hands before inserting your insert. This step is key to achieving that designer-quality look.

After you’ve successfully inserted your insert and are happy with the way it looks, carefully tie or button the duvet cover closed. But if your duvet cover is too large for your insert, consider using a duvet clip to keep the fabric in place and make it easier to move around.

Tie or Button the Duvet Cover Closed

Step 5: Fluff Your Pillows and Place Them On The Bed

Place any pillows you’d like to use on your bed in a pleasing arrangement. Fluff them up by either shaking them out or giving them a few good punches with your fists. This will help them to look aesthetically pleasing and full.

Place the pillows at different angles throughout your bed for a more visually interesting presentation. It’s also a great way to add color and pattern if you’re aiming for something more bold. But if you’re looking for a more subtle effect, opt for pillows with neutral shades and textures.

Step 6: Drape the Flat Sheet Over the Bed 

Starting at one corner of the bed, drape the flat sheet over it and tuck it into the other side of the mattress. Repeat this process for all four corners until you have an even spread of fabric over your bed. This will give your bed a polished, designer-quality look.

This is the time to also drape any throws, blankets, or accent pillows over the bed for an added touch of color and texture. It’s best to arrange the throws and blankets in a visually pleasing manner and use accent pillows sparingly for maximum impact.

Throws Blankets or Accent Pillows Over the Bed

Step 7: Layer Your Blankets, Throws, and Accent Pillows 

Take any blankets, throws, or accent pillows you want to use and layer them over the bed in a manner that’s pleasing to you. This will add a touch of warmth and texture to your bed that you can’t get with sheets alone.

It’s best to limit the number of blankets and throws you use to two or three so that your bed isn’t overcrowded. And if you want to add a bit more visual interest, try using different colors and textures for the throws.

Step 8: Add the Bed Ruffle or Bed Skirt 

If you choose to include a bed ruffle or a bed skirt, place it around the mattress and tuck it in tightly all around. It’s best to choose one that closely matches the color of your sheets but feel free to mix things up a bit by adding in a pattern or texture. This will help to tie the whole look together and add a touch of sophistication.

Step 9: Smooth Out Any Wrinkles 

Using your hands, go over every section of fabric on the bed and smooth out any wrinkles as best as possible. It’s best to do this step before adding any final touches like accent pillows or throws so that everything looks crisp and clean. If need be, you can also use an iron to get rid of any stubborn wrinkles.

Step 10: Iron Your Sheets (Optional) 

If you’re looking for an extra crisp look, feel free to iron your sheets before putting them on the bed! This will help to keep them wrinkle-free and add a touch of shine. Make sure you follow the instructions on the garment tag so that you don’t damage the fabric. But if you’d like to keep things more natural and relaxed, then feel free to skip this step.

Iron Your Sheets Before Putting Them on the Bed

Step 11: Stand Back and Admire Your Handiwork 

Once you’re done, stand back and admire your work. You’ve just made a designer-worthy bed! Always make sure to change your sheets and linens regularly to keep them looking fresh and clean. 

You can also mix up the look by changing out blankets, throws, and accent pillows on a regular basis. With these tips on how to make a bed like a designer, you’ll be able to make a bed like a designer any time you want. Happy designing!

Making a bed like a designer isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With the right tools and materials, and some patience, anyone can transform their bedroom into the perfect oasis with ease! Good luck, and happy decorating!

How Much Could It Cost?

The cost of materials to make a designer-worthy bed will vary depending on the quality and amount of items you choose. However, generally speaking, making your dream bed should not set you back more than $500.

Now that you have all the information you need to make a designer-worthy bed, it’s time to get started!

Take a few trips to your local home store, pick out sheets and linens in colors that match your aesthetic, and be sure to take your time when putting everything together for best results. With any luck, you’ll soon have a beautiful bedroom that looks like it came straight from an interior decorator’s portfolio!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Often Should I Wash My Sheets? 

A: Experts suggest washing your sheets once a week to keep them clean and smelling fresh. If you’re using a duvet cover, it should be cleaned twice per year.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Using a Bed Skirt? 

A: A bed skirt gives any bed an extra layer of coverage and helps to hide any under-the-bed storage that you may have. It’s also great for creating a more visually appealing look.

Q: Can I Use Just One Pillow On My Bed? 

A: Absolutely! If you prefer to keep things simple, one pillow can work just fine. However, if you’d like to give your bed more dimension, adding two or three different kinds of pillows can make a big difference in terms of visual appeal.

Q: How Do I Know What Size Pillows To Get? 

A: When selecting pillows, it’s a good idea to measure the area that you’ll be placing them in beforehand to ensure a proper fit. Standard sizes for pillows include king, queen, standard, and travel.


Creating a beautiful, inviting bedroom begins with making the perfect bed. Following these simple design tips ensures that your own bedroom can succeed in making a great impression and ooze with comfort and style. Whether you go luxe with silky fabrics, rustic with vintage linens or somewhere in between when it comes to mastering the art of making a bed like a designer, practice makes perfect!

So give it a try and be sure to keep experimenting to discover which style speaks best to you. Don’t forget to take before and after pictures so you can fully appreciate the transformation. Who knows, one day your designs might be featured on the cover of a design magazine! Thanks for reading this article on how to make a bed like a designer.

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