How to Lighten Rattan Furniture

Are you looking to add some charm and coziness to your home? Rattan furniture is a great way to do just that. With its strong, lightweight frame and organic appeal, rattan takes interior decorating to the next level—especially if you’re looking for something unconventional or exotic.

How to Lighten Rattan Furniture


However, keeping rattan furniture clean and vibrant can be difficult over time as it is prone to staining from dirt, dust, or water spills. Fortunately, there are several easy ways you can lighten up your rattan pieces without compromising their original beauty! In this blog post, we will discuss how to lighten rattan furniture so that your space looks fresh in no time. Let’s get started!

Whether it has been years since you last attended to it or you recently moved some outdated pieces into your home, making sure that the furniture is spruced up and revitalized should be high on your priority list! Here, we will detail the best practices for lightening and refreshing rattan furniture so that you can bring new life back into those beloved pieces. Read on to find out!

Why May You Want to Lighten Rattan Furniture?

1. To Rattan Furniture Clean and Vibrant

One of the main reasons to lighten your rattan furniture is to keep it looking clean and vibrant. Over time, dirt, residue, and other environmental factors can cause the natural fibers of rattan furniture to darken in color. Lightening the furniture can help bring back its original luster and make it look as good as new again.

2. To Bring out the Intricate Details

Rattan furniture is known for its intricate details and unique texture. By lightening the fibers of your rattan furniture, you can bring out these details and make them more visible. This can give your furniture a new look that will certainly be admired by anyone who sees it.

3. To Match New Decor

If you’ve recently updated your home decor, lightening the color of your rattan furniture can help it match the new style. This will give your home a cohesive and unified look that is sure to impress.

4. To Enhance Your Living Space

Lightening up your rattan furniture is a great way to enhance the look of any room in your home. It can make a space appear more bright and airy, as well as give it a chic and stylish appeal.

Keep in mind that the results may vary depending on the type of furniture you have, so be sure to test any lightning products in a small area before applying them to your entire piece. With the right care and attention, your rattan furniture can look just as beautiful as it did when you first bought it.

How to Lighten Rattan Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather All The Tools And Supplies You Need

Start by gathering the necessary tools and supplies. You will need a paintbrush, sandpaper, furniture wax, a clean cloth, and a lightening agent such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Also, make sure you have a pair of safety goggles and gloves.

You Will Need a Paintbrush

Step 2: Prepare The Furniture For Painting

Prepare the furniture by giving it a good sanding with medium grit sandpaper. This will help remove any dirt, dust, and rough edges from the surface of the rattan furniture. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies, as this will help the paint adhere better.

Step 3: Apply The Paint

Once the furniture is sanded down, you can begin applying the paint. Use a brush to apply thin coats of paint in a back-and-forth motion until you have achieved an even coating on the entire piece. Let the coat dry completely before applying another.

Step 4: Wax The Furniture

Once the paint has completely dried, it’s time to apply the furniture wax. Use a clean cloth and work in circular motions over the entire piece. This will help seal in the paint and give the rattan furniture an extra shine.

Step 5: Lighten The Furniture

Once the wax has dried, you can begin lightening the furniture with a lightening agent such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Take great care when using these agents and make sure to wear protective goggles and gloves. Use a clean cloth to apply the agent evenly over the entire piece of furniture.

Wear Protective Goggles

Step 6: Let It Dry

Let the furniture dry completely before using it. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or heat and let it sit for at least 24 hours before using it again. Make sure to check the furniture a few times during this period for any signs of discoloration or damage.

Once you have completed these steps, your rattan furniture should be looking lighter and brighter. With a bit of regular maintenance, you can make sure that your rattan furniture stays looking good for years to come. Enjoy!

Some Extra Tips to Lighten Rattan Furniture

1. Do Not Expose Rattan Furniture to Direct Sunlight

This is very important when it comes to lightening rattan furniture. Direct sunlight can cause the furniture to become discolored and brittle, which can reduce its lifespan significantly. If exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, the furniture may crack or split due to dryness. Therefore, avoid exposing your rattan furniture directly to sunlight as much as possible.

2. Use a Mild Detergent

Soaking the rattan furniture in warm soapy water with a mild detergent can help lighten it and make it look brighter again. Also, make sure to rinse the furniture thoroughly after cleaning in order to prevent any residue from leaving a dull finish on the rattan.

3. Use a Natural Oil or Wax

Using natural oils or waxes can help keep the rattan looking fresh and bright. Waxing is especially recommended for outdoor pieces as it helps protect them from UV rays, dirt, and moisture. Just make sure to apply a small amount of wax onto the furniture with a clean cloth before buffing it off.

Apply a Small Amount of Wax

4. Use Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar

Both lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are natural bleaching agents that can lighten rattan furniture without damaging it in any way. Simply mix either one with water and spray the mixture onto the furniture. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a soft, damp cloth.

5. Use Baby Wipes

For small areas that are hard to reach or clean, using baby wipes is an easy way to lighten and refresh your rattan furniture. Simply dab a baby wipe onto the surface of the furniture, and it should lighten up right away.

6. Use a Toothbrush

An old toothbrush can be used to get into hard-to-reach areas of the furniture and help lighten it up in those spots. Simply dip the toothbrush into a mixture of water and baking soda, then scrub away at any dirt or grime buildup. Once you’re done, wipe away any residue with a clean cloth.

Following these tips can help you keep your rattan furniture looking brighter and more vibrant for years to come. Just make sure to take proper care of your furniture by dusting and cleaning regularly, as this will further help maintain its brightness and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Lightening Rattan Furniture?

Before opening rattan furniture, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection. Use a chemical-resistant brush to apply the lightener or bleach. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated and avoid inhaling fumes from the chemicals used for lightening.

Be Sure to Wear Gloves

Additionally, it’s important to test a small inconspicuous section of furniture before applying the lightener or bleaching agent to the entire piece.

Can I Lighten Rattan Furniture Using Natural Methods?

Yes, it is possible to lighten rattan furniture using natural methods. The easiest way is to apply a lemon oil cleaner and allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with a soft cloth. For a more intense lightning effect, you can also use white vinegar mixed with water – just make sure to test it on a small area before using it.

You can also try using a sun-bleaching method by leaving the rattan furniture outside in direct sunlight for several days. This will help to naturally lighten and brighten the color of the weave. Additionally, if you are trying to lighten a darker color of rattan furniture, you can use a wood-bleaching agent that is specifically designed for lightening wood fibers. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the product before using it.

How Much Does It Cost to Lighten Rattan Furniture?

The cost of lightening rattan furniture will depend on the type of method you choose. For natural methods such as using lemon oil or white vinegar, you should expect to pay between $5 -$15 depending on the quantity needed. If you opt for a chemical-based lightning agent, the costs will be higher as you may need to purchase additional supplies such as gloves and eye protection. Additionally, if you opt for a sun-bleaching method, there is no cost involved.

Can I Use a Power Washer to Lighten Rattan Furniture?

No, power washers should not be used to lighten rattan furniture as they could potentially damage and weaken the fibers. Additionally, it is important to avoid using any abrasive materials or harsh cleaners on rattan furniture as this can dull the color of the weave and cause it to become brittle.

Therefore, the best way to lighten rattan furniture is by using natural methods such as lemon oil or white vinegar mixed with water. Additionally, you can also use a wood-bleaching agent specifically designed for this purpose.

Should I Use a Sealant After Lightening Rattan Furniture?

Yes, it is important to apply a sealant after lightening rattan furniture as this will help protect the weave from dirt and dust buildup. Additionally, the sealant will also help preserve the color of the furniture and prevent fading over time. When selecting a sealant, look for one that is specifically formulated for use on rattan. This will help ensure that the sealant does not damage or weaken the furniture fibers.

Apply a Sealant


All of these steps can help you maintain and lighten your rattan furniture to keep it looking its best. In the end, regular cleaning, combined with some special ingredients, can truly revitalize the look and texture of your rattan items. With just a little bit of effort, you can keep your furniture looking great year after year. 

Furthermore, if you are vigilant about maintaining and caring for these pieces, they can become family heirlooms that will be handed down for generations. Keep these tips on how to lighten rattan furniture in mind in order to ensure that your rattan pieces look their best for years to come.

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