How to Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Platform Bed

If you’ve ever experienced the annoyance of your mattress sliding off your platform bed, you know how frustrating it can be. Whether from pushing against the wall or having an energetic pet jump onto the bed, a slipping mattress is not only annoying and disruptive but can also create potential safety hazards for anyone sleeping in that room.

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Platform Bed

Don’t worry – plenty of options are available to keep your mattress from sliding off your platform bed! From special covers and pads to doubling up on center supports and adding foam blocks between the frame and box spring, you have a variety of ways to anchor those mattresses into place with minimal effort or expense.

Even if these solutions aren’t enough, we even have some creative solutions on how to keep mattress from sliding off platform bed that will help keep mattresses safely glued in place!

What Will You Need?

Before you try any of the solutions below, you’ll need to make sure that you have a few key items on hand. You’ll need the following:

  1. A mattress (obviously)
  2. Tape measure
  3. Nonslip pads
  4. Foam blocks or spacers
  5. Bed frame anchors

Now that you have everything you need, let’s dive into ways of keeping the mattress from sliding off the platform bed.

10 Easy Steps on How to Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Platform Bed

Step 1: Use Non-Slip Pads

Using pads to keep your mattress in place is one of the quickest and easiest solutions available. This can include special kinds of non-slip padding or using a rug pad between the mattress and the bed frame. If you do use a rug pad, make sure to get one that’s specifically made for beds – not just any pad will do!

Step 2: Add Bed Frame Anchors

Bed frame anchors are another great way to keep your mattress from sliding off the platform bed. You can find these at most home improvement stores or online retailers. Simply insert them into the slots on the side of your bed frame and they’ll anchor your mattress in place!

Use Non Slip Pad Under Mattress

Step 3: Double Up on Centre Supports

Sometimes, adding extra center supports can help keep mattresses from slipping off platform beds. If you have a standard box spring, simply place two in the center of your box spring between it and the frame. This will provide extra stability and help anchor the mattress down.

Step 4: Use Foam Blocks or Spacers

Using foam blocks or spacers between your mattress and frame is another great option for keeping the mattress from sliding off the platform bed. Simply insert them into any gaps that may be present between the two, which will provide extra support and keep your mattress firmly in place.

Step 5: Measure Your Mattress

Before trying any of these solutions, measure your mattress (length and width) to ensure that it’s still compatible with the size of your bed frame. If the measurements differ, you may need to get a new one that fits better!

Step 6: Anchor at All Four Corners

Anchoring the corners of your mattress can be another effective way to keep it from slipping off. Try using straps or special clips that attach between the bed frame and mattress, ensuring that everything stays in place even when you move around on the bed.

Be careful not to use too much force when securing these, as you could damage the bed frame or mattress in the process.

Step 7: Invest in a Mattress Cover

Investing in a mattress cover is a great option for keeping the mattress from sliding off the platform bed. This type of cover will usually feature non-slip material on the bottom, providing extra grip and stability for your mattress (especially if you have an energetic pet!). Ensure that your mattress cover fits snugly, as this will help keep everything in place.

Use Mattress Toper for Keep Mattress From Sliding

Step 8: Place Furniture Against the Wall

If your platform bed is up against a wall, then placing furniture against the wall can help keep your mattress from sliding off. Things like dressers, bookshelves, and even large pieces of furniture can all be used to anchor the mattress in place – just ensure that you’re not putting too much strain on the bed frame by doing so!

Step 9: Put a Bumper Around Your Bed

Using foam bumpers or foam wedges around your bed can also provide extra stability and grip to keep the mattress from sliding off the platform bed. You could use pool noodles or another type of foam material to create a barrier between the bottom of your mattress and your bed frame. This will help provide more traction for the mattress and reduce slipping.

Step 10: Try Using a Weighted Blanket

Using a weighted blanket is another great way to keep your mattress from sliding off the bed. This type of blanket will apply additional pressure to the mattress, providing more grip and stability while you sleep. Ensure you’re not using too much weight, as this could damage your platform bed.

Following these simple steps, you can easily find out how to keep the mattress from sliding off the platform bed! With some extra support and a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to keep your mattress firmly in place for many years to come.

Don’t forget to measure your mattress before trying any solutions, as this will help ensure that everything fits properly in the end.

Use Spacers Between Your Mattress and Frame

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Use a Mattress Pad: One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your mattress from sliding off is to use an extra-grippy mattress pad. Pads made with materials such as rubberized fabric can provide extra grip, making it harder for your mattress to move.
  2. Place Non-slip Mats Under Bed Legs: Placing non-slip mats or other materials such as carpet padding underneath the legs of your platform bed frame can add additional grip, helping to stop the mattress from around.
  3. Create Tension Between the Headboard and Footboard: If you have a headboard and footboard attached to your platform bed, creating tension between them can help prevent the mattress from moving around. Try using a bungee cord or rope to secure the two together.
  4. Install Anti-slip Strips: You can purchase purpose-made anti-slip strips that you can install onto your bed frame, providing extra grip and stability for the mattress.
  5. Put Felt Pads on Bed Legs: Felt pads are great for keeping the mattress from sliding off the platform bed! These small pieces of felt material can be purchased inexpensively and placed between the bottom of your bed frame’s legs and the flooring, giving your mattress something to grip onto as you move around.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to find an effective solution! Don’t forget to experiment with different methods until you find one that works for you. With a little bit of effort, your mattress should stay firmly in place! Good luck and happy sleeping!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t Put Heavy Items on the Bed: Avoid putting too many heavy items, such as books or a laptop computer, on the platform bed. Any added weight can cause the mattress to shift and slide off.
  2. Don’t Use a Box Spring: Box springs are designed for traditional beds and don’t provide adequate support when used on platform beds. This can lead to an unstable surface that causes the mattress to slide off.
  3. Don’t Place It in Direct Sunlight: The sun’s rays can cause warping over time, affecting how your mattress fits onto the platform bed and leading to shifting and sliding off of the platform.
  4. Don’t Use Thin Mattresses: Platform beds require thicker mattresses, as thinner ones may be too lightweight to stay in place and can cause the mattress to slide off.
  5. Don’t Use an Incorrect Mattress Size: Ensure that the mattress you purchase is the correct size for your platform bed. If it’s not, then it won’t fit correctly and could be prone to sliding off.
Using a Weighted Blanket Can Keep Mattress

By following these simple steps and avoiding the above mentioned mistakes, you can easily find out keeping the mattress from sliding off the platform bed!


All in all, keeping a mattress from sliding off a platform bed is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right combination of materials and installation methods, your mattress can stay securely in place for years to come.

From slip-proofing and using an anti-slip liner to using double sided tape and fixing the bed frame, these simple solutions should give you peace of mind that your mattress isn’t going anywhere without your knowledge.

Unfortunately, no solution is completely foolproof, so check up on your mattress every couple of months to ensure it isn’t trying to escape!

Whether you give one of the above methods a try or go with another solution entirely, make sure you keep safety considerations — such as using a power drill — in mind to prevent accidents. With everyone in the household accounted for and a secure mattress, you’ll finally be able to know how to keep mattress from sliding off platform bed.

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