How to Keep Cats Off of Patio Furniture

Are you fed up with furry four-legged family members ruining your patio furniture? Has found a furball cozy and content on the armchair or lounger become an all too familiar sight? If so, never fear – there are some simple steps and helpful tips that can keep cats off of patio furniture. Read on to find out how you can protect your outdoor oasis from feline visitors.

How to Keep Cats Off of Patio Furniture

If you share your home with cats or are expecting some feline houseguests for the summer, then chances are that you’ve already encountered an unwelcome visitor— on your patio furniture! Cats love to climb and scratch, but not all of us appreciate their habit of staking a claim on outdoor seating.

If this sounds familiar, then never fear— we’re here to help. You don’t have to accept messy fur-covered furniture as part of cat ownership anymore. In this article, we’ll walk through how to keep cats off of patio furniture so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Why is It Important to Keep Cats Off of Patio Furniture?

1. To Keep Them Long Lasting

One of the main reasons why it’s important to keep cats off of patio furniture is that it can help the furniture last longer. Cats will often scratch and damage furniture, which can reduce its longevity. Keeping cats away from patio furniture helps ensure that it stays in good shape for longer.

2. To Protect the Furniture from Cat Urine and Feces

Another reason why it’s important to keep cats off of patio furniture is that their urine and feces can cause damage. Cat urine can be particularly damaging, as it contains acids that can lead to discoloration, staining, and rotting. Keeping cats away from your patio furniture helps protect it from these types of damages.

3. To Keep Your Home Clean

Finally, keeping cats off of patio furniture can help keep your home clean. Cats have the tendency to shed a lot of fur and dander, which can quickly accumulate on furniture if they are allowed on it.

4. To Avoid Spread of Disease

In addition to keeping your furniture clean, it is also important to keep cats off of patio furniture in order to avoid the spread of diseases. Cats can carry a variety of illnesses and infections, which can be easily passed on from one cat to another if they are allowed on the same furniture.

By keeping them away from furniture, you’ll be able to keep your home free from their fur and dander. This will help you keep your home clean and tidy.

Keeping Them Away From Furniture

11 Ideas On How to Keep Cats Off of Patio Furniture

1. Do Not Leave Food

Avoid leaving food out on your patio furniture or in the area surrounding it. Cats are naturally attracted to food and may use your furniture as a place to eat if there is no other option readily available. Leaving food or water bowls out will attract cats to your patio furniture. Removing these items will reduce the chances of cats coming onto the furniture.

2. Invest in Protective Covers

Purchase protective covers for your patio furniture that cats cannot easily claw through or dig Leave Food or Water on Patio Furniture. This will provide a physical barrier between your furniture and the cats.

3. Utilize Deterrents

Try using deterrents such as citrus-scented sprays, cayenne pepper or coffee grounds scattered around the patio furniture to keep cats away. Cats are very sensitive to smell and may be repelled by these scents. Re-apply deterrents when necessary.

Try Using Deterrents Such as Citrus-scented Sprays

4. Employ the SssCat Motion-Activated Deterrent

The SssCat motion-activated deterrent is a great way to keep cats away from your patio furniture. It detects movement in the area and emits an unpleasant sound that will startle cats and encourage them to move away.

5. Put Double-Sided Tape on the Furniture

Cats hate walking on double-sided tape, so place a few strips of it across your patio furniture to discourage them from coming onto the furniture. Be sure to check the tape often and replace it when necessary.

6. Introduce a Water Sprayer

Attach a motion-activated water sprayer to the area around your patio furniture to startle cats away when they come close. Refill the container regularly and adjust the sensitivity of the device to ensure it works properly.

7. Keep the Area Clean

Keep the area around your patio furniture free of garbage and clutter. Cats may use debris as a place to hide or nest, so remove these items to make the area less desirable.

8. Build a Fence Around the Furniture

Construct a fence around your patio furniture that cats cannot jump over or dig under. This will provide an effective barrier between your furniture and cats.

Construct a Fence Around Your Patio Furniture

9. Place Objects on the Furniture

Place objects such as heavy books or stones on your patio furniture that cats can’t move. This will make it difficult for them to access the furniture and may deter them from attempting it. This will help you keep cats off of your patio furniture.

10. Utilize Cat Deterrent Mats

Cat deterrent mats are designed to help you keep cats off of your patio furniture. These mats have a texture that cats don’t like, and they will not want to stay on the furniture if it is covered with these mats.

11. Talk to Your Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors and let them know that you do not want their cats coming onto your patio furniture. Ask them to keep an eye out for any stray cats in the area and remind them of the importance of keeping their pets off of other people’s property.

By following these tips, you can help keep cats off of your patio furniture and enjoy it for yourself. These simple steps will ensure that your furniture is safe from feline intruders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Can I Take to Keep My Cat Away From Patio Furniture?

There are several pet-proofing measures you can take to keep cats away from patio furniture. Try covering your outdoor furniture with blankets or throws and placing the double-sided tape on the surface of the furniture, as cats don’t like sticky surfaces. You can also create a bubble wrap or aluminum foil barrier around the patio furniture to deter cats.

Try Covering Your Outdoor Furniture

Additionally, you can use motion-activated water sprinklers that will spray your pet when they come too close to the furniture. Lastly, try spraying citrus-scented cleaning products on the furniture; as cats don’t like citruses, it may keep them away.

What Are Some Other Tips to Keep Cats Away from Patio Furniture?

You can also try placing a motion-activated air horn near the furniture to startle your pet when they come too close. Additionally, you can use cat-repellent sprays or granules around the perimeter of your patio area.

If nothing else works, you may want to invest in a pet-friendly outdoor enclosure or fence. Lastly, make sure that your cat has plenty of toys and comfortable places indoors and outdoors so that they don’t feel the need to use your patio furniture as a play area.

What Should I Do If My Cat Still Gets on the Patio Furniture?

If nothing else works, you may have to use timeouts and positive reinforcement. Place your cat in a timeout for jumping on the furniture and reward them for staying away from it. Repeat this every time they get on the patio furniture and eventually, your pet will learn that it’s not allowed.

Ensure that your cat has plenty of other activities like scratching posts, toys, and places to sleep. This should help reduce the urge for them to jump on furniture. Additionally, talk to your veterinarian about possible calming supplements that may help keep your pet relaxed and prevent them from jumping on patio furniture.

Can I Use a Spray Bottle to Keep Cats Off of the Patio Furniture?

Yes, you can use a spray bottle filled with water to scare them away. However, it’s important to note that this method should only be used as a last resort, as it can cause cats stress and anxiety.

Additionally, try using citronella sprays or other scents that cats don’t like as a way to deter them. If you find that your cat is not bothered by the spray bottle, consider investing in motion-activated water sprinklers or pet-proofing methods such as double-sided tape and aluminum foil barriers.

Can I Give My Cat an Outdoor Play Area to Keep Them Away from Patio Furniture?

Yes, creating a designated play area for your cat can help keep them away from patio furniture. Provide ample opportunity for exercise with scratching posts, toys, and places to sleep outdoors. Make sure that the play area is secure and safe so that your pet won’t wander off or get injured. Additionally, make sure that the play area is well-equipped with a litter box and food so that your cat doesn’t feel the need to go searching for it. With this in place, you can keep your pet away from the patio furniture while they are outside.

Can I Use Loud Noises or Ultrasonic Sounds to Keep Cats Away from Patio Furniture?

Yes, you can use loud noises and ultrasonic sounds as a last resort if other methods have failed. You can purchase motion-activated air horns that will startle your pet when they come too close to the furniture.

Additionally, there are special ultrasonic sound machines available that will emit noise when activated by motion. However, these methods should only be used as a last resort and may cause anxiety in your pet.

Use Loud Noises and Ultrasonic Sounds

Should I Cover My Patio Furniture to Keep Cats Off?

Covering your patio furniture is not a good idea as cats may still be able to jump on it and get stuck in the cover. Additionally, this method may make your patio area look unappealing. Try using other methods such as motion-activated water sprinklers, citronella sprays, and pet-proofing methods to keep your cat away from the furniture.


Keeping cats off patio furniture doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the proper tools and techniques, you can identify and implement creative solutions that are sure to keep your outdoor furnishings in great shape.

By using taste deterrents, playing with alternative confinement methods, deploying distraction tactics, and considering furniture modifications, you can keep your cat away from patio furniture without resorting to drastic measures. 

Now you know how to keep cats off of patio furniture! Additionally, it is important to remember that understanding the underlying behavior of cats is essential in determining helpful solutions—while they are often independent animals, cats still need love and stimulation just like any other pet.

Ultimately, with patience and dedication to cat-proofing the space, you can maintain a beautiful outdoor lounge area and ensure the safety of your feline friends.

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