How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet

It is important to keep cats out of bassinets for many reasons. First and foremost, cats can carry diseases that harm infants and young babies. If a cat gets into the bassinet, it could bring germs or parasites, making your baby vulnerable to infection.

How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet

One of the main advantages of knowing how to keep cats out of bassinets is that it helps protect your baby from potential hazards. Cats can bring fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can harm a baby’s health.

They can also carry bacteria and viruses, which may be passed on to your child if they come into contact with them. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to keep cat out of bassinet.

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet

Step 1: Inspect the Bassinet

Inspect the bassinet for holes, gaps, or crevices your cat may use to get inside. Ensure all these points are sealed off so your feline cannot gain access—place deterrents around the bassinet area, such as foil, citrus-scented sprays, or motion-activated sounds.

Step 2: Keep the Bassinet Off the Floor

Ensure your bassinet is off the ground and out of reach for your cat. If your cat can’t reach it, then they won’t be able to get into it. Place a cover over the bassinet, like a mesh bed or blanket. This will discourage your cat from attempting to get inside.

Step 3: Block Access

Place an object or barrier before the bassinet that your cat can’t jump over or climb around. This will keep them away from the bassinet and make it difficult for them to access it.

Inspect the Bassinet for Holes

Step 4: Keep the Litter Box Away

Keep the litter box away from the bassinet so your cat won’t be tempted to use it as a sleeping spot. Place alternative sleeping spots for your cat around the house, such as their bed or a comfortable blanket. This will encourage them to sleep in other areas rather than the bassinet.

Step 5: Play Time

Spend more time playing with your cat and giving them attention, as this can keep them away from places they shouldn’t be. Provide rewards or treats when your cat follows your instructions. This will encourage them to avoid the bassinet and other off-limits areas.

Step 6: Be Patient

Don’t be discouraged if your cat continues to attempt to access the bassinet. Learning new behaviors takes time, so be patient and keep trying until you find what works best for your needs.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to keep your cat out of the bassinet. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your little one is kept safe and sound in their bed. Remember to be patient while teaching your cat new behaviors, and reward them when they follow instructions.

Tips for How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet

  1. Keep the bassinet covered when not in use and out of reach from your cat. It is best to store it in an area your cat cannot access, such as a closet.
  2. When using a blanket or cover over the bassinet, cats may be tempted to jump in if they can see the baby inside.
  3. Place a scratching post near the bassinet so that your cat has a place to scratch instead of hopping into the bassinet.
  4. Use strong double-sided tape on the edges of the bassinet to deter your cat from jumping in or sitting near it.
  5. Discourage your cat from jumping in by spraying it with water or using an air can.
  6. If your cat tends to hop in the bassinet, of bedrooms and other areas, you may be using the bassinet.
  7. Ensure all windows are securely closed to prevent your cat from jumping into the bassinet from outside.

Following these simple tips, you can ensure your cat stays out of the bassinet and away from the baby. With proper precautions, you can rest assured knowing that your baby is safe and sound.

Is There an Easy Way to Keep Cats Out of Bassinets? 

Keeping cats out of bassinets can be challenging, but some simple solutions may help. The first step is to determine why your cat is attracted to the bassinet in the first place. Is it because of an intriguing smell or the warmth of the bedding? Knowing why they are drawn to it can help you devise ways to deter them.

One of the simplest ways to keep cats out of bassinets is to ensure the area is not inviting or comfortable for them. Place furniture, such as a bed or couch, next to the bassinet so your cat can sleep comfortably elsewhere.

Also, sprinkle baking soda around the perimeter of the bassinet. Cats don’t like the smell of baking soda, and it may deter them from entering.

Keep the Litter Box Away

Are There Any Other Methods That Can Help Me Keep Your Cat Out of the Bassinet? 

Absolutely. Many cat owners have succeeded with various strategies to keep their cats out of the bassinet. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you:

  • Use Scent Deterrents: Cats don’t like certain smells, so using scented oils or sprays near your bassinet can deter them from entering the area.
  • Create a Barrier: If your cat is an expert climber, consider using something that will block their access to the bassinet, such as a mesh fence or even a large piece of furniture around it.
  • Offer Alternative Sleeping Spots: If your cat has another spot they prefer to sleep in, work on making it more enticing with cat beds, toys, and scratching posts.
  • Move the bassinet: Moving it to a new location may be enough to keep your curious feline away from it if all else fails.

Using one or several of these methods, you should be able to successfully keep your cat away from the bassinet and ensure your baby sleeps soundly.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Keeping Cats Out of Bassinets? 

The short answer is yes – risks are associated with keeping cats out of bassinets. While keeping your furry friend away from the crib may be tempting, there are a few important things to consider.

First and foremost, cats can carry parasites that can cause health problems in babies and toddlers. Even if the cat appears healthy, fleas and other parasites can be passed along unknowingly.

In addition, cats may use the bassinet as a litter box if they don’t have access to their bathroom area.

In addition, cats can scratch or even chew on the bedding in the bassinet. This could cause cuts or other injuries to your baby. Even if you are diligent about keeping the bassinet clean, there is still a risk that this could happen.

Finally, cats can be unpredictable and may decide to jump into the bassinet at any time for various reasons. This could make your baby startled or even injure if the cat awkwardly lands on them.

Be Patient While Teaching Your Cat New Behaviors

How Can You Prevent Your Cat From Getting Into the Bassinet in the Future? 

If your bassinet has been used as a cat playground for some time, prevention is key to stopping further damage. Here are a few tips on how to keep your cat out of the bassinet:

  • Close the door or gate leading to the room where the bassinet is located. Use a baby gate that works like an indoor fence.
  • Place double-sided tape or other sticky substances around the bassinet, as cats will be deterred by its texture and stickiness.
  • Put a motion-activated light near the bassinet so that it will startle them away when your cat gets near it.
  • Move any items your cat likes to play with away from the bassinet. Cats are attracted to toys, so keep any of their favorite items far away from the bassinet.
  • Place a few safe deterrents near the bassinet, such as an empty can or bottle filled with coins that make a noise when shaken or a foil-wrapped object that makes a loud noise when touched.
  • Spray citrus-based products around the bassinet as cats are repelled by its scent. You can also use a spray bottle filled with water to startle them away or clap your hands if they approach.

By implementing these strategies, you can keep your cat out of the bassinet and help protect it from further damage. Be sure to keep the area around the bassinet clean and tidy, as cats are attracted to clutter and mess.

Use Baby Gates to Keep Cats Out


In conclusion, keeping your cat out of the bassinet can be challenging. However, by taking the necessary steps of providing them with their own space to scratch and play, blocking off access areas, using deterrents like repellents or scat mats, and training them to stay away from the bassinet, you can easily establish boundaries and keep your cat out of the bassinet.

Additionally, by providing your cat with plenty of fun activities and engaging toys, you can help keep them from becoming bored and wanting to explore the bassinet in the first place. With a little patience and dedication, you should have no problem keeping your cat out of the bassinet so that it remains safe for your baby.

This article has been beneficial for learning how to keep cat out of bassinet. Make Sure the preventive measures are followed chronologically. 

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