How to Install Laundry Room Cabinets

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of replacing your old, worn-out laundry room cabinets with new ones? Don’t worry—installing new cabinets doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you want to upgrade your entire laundry room or just need some extra storage space, installing cabinets can make any size space look bigger and more efficient.

How to Install Laundry Room Cabinets

In this blog post, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to install laundry room cabinets! From choosing the right style and materials for your needs to putting it all together step-by-step—we have all the information you need. So let’s get started – time to start sprucing up that fading Laundry Room today!

Tools and Materials You Will Need to Install Laundry Room Cabinets

Before you start the installation process, ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  1. Drill and drill bits
  2. Cabinet screws
  3. Level
  4. Tape measure
  5. Wall anchors (if needed)
  6. Hammer
  7. Utility knife
  8. Jigsaw (if needed)
  9. Sandpaper
  10. Safety glasses
  11. Painter’s tape or masking tape
  12. Silicone sealant (if needed)

Step by Step Guidelines on How to Install Laundry Room Cabinets

Step 1: Measure and Mark the Wall for Laundry Room Cabinets:

Before you begin, measure the width and height of your laundry room walls. Make sure to mark where the cabinets will be installed. You may want to use painter’s or masking tape to make it easier to visualize how the cabinets will look in the space. Use a level to ensure the marks are even and aligned.

Step 2: Drill Holes for Cabinet Mounts:

Once you’ve marked the wall, drill holes into the designated spots using a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than your cabinet screws. Make sure to measure twice before drilling! Ensure the holes are level and match the cabinet mount locations. Carefully hammer the wall anchors into each hole to provide extra support.

Step 3: Install Wall Anchors (If Necessary):

Depending on your wall type, you may need to use wall anchors to secure the cabinets in place. If that’s the case, make sure to install them before moving on to Step 4. Wall anchors come in different sizes, so make sure to pick the right one for your needs. The best wall anchors are those made from metal or plastic. So it’s recommended to use metal or plastic anchors to ensure the cabinets are secure.

Use Metal or Plastic Anchors

Step 4: Attach the Cabinet Mounts to the Wall:

Position your cabinet mounts onto the wall and use your drill bits to secure them with screws. Make sure they are properly aligned and level before you tighten them down. While attaching the cabinet mounts to the wall, don’t forget to wear safety glasses in case of flying debris, and you should also be sure to use a utility knife for any cutting tasks.

Step 5: Place the Cabinets on the Mounts and Secure Them:

Once you’ve attached the cabinet mounts, it’s time to place your cabinets onto them. Carefully slide each one into place and use screws to secure them firmly. Make sure they are level and aligned. If they are not aligned correctly, you may need to use a jigsaw to make adjustments.

Step 6: Trim Any Excess Material (If Necessary):

If there is any excess material, use a jigsaw to trim it down. Sand the edges with sandpaper for a smooth finish. Don’t forget to wear your safety glasses! While trimming, make sure you also use a utility knife to cut away any excess material.

Using a Jigsaw or Circular Saw

Step 7: Seal Any Gaps Between the Cabinets and Walls (If Necessary):

To ensure your cabinets are secure, use a silicone sealant to fill any gaps between the cabinets and the wall. This will help keep out moisture and dust while protecting your laundry room from dirt buildup. Allow the sealant to dry completely before using your new cabinets!

Congratulations! You now have a fully functioning laundry room with brand-new cabinets. Now you can enjoy all the extra storage space and style of your newly installed cabinets.

Important Tips and Tricks to Install Laundry Room Cabinet

  1. To begin the installation process, you will need to measure the space in your laundry room in that you want to install your cabinets and make sure that they will fit.
  2. Make sure to use a level and bubble gauge when measuring to make your measurements precise and accurate.
  3. Once you have your measurements, mark the spots on the wall where you will be placing your cabinets.
  4. Next, attach the mounting brackets to the wall in the marked locations using appropriate screws and anchors.
  5. Then, carefully line up and place each cabinet onto its respective bracket, ensuring it is secure and won’t move around.
  6. When all the cabinets are in place, you can use screws and fasteners to attach them together and ensure they stay connected.
  7. Finally, you can add any additional hardware, such as handles or knobs, you desire to complete the look and feel of your cabinets.
Using a Level

Following these tips and tricks will ensure that your laundry room cabinets are installed correctly and securely, providing you with long-term use. Additionally, if you find the installation process too difficult or complex, it is always a good idea to call in a professional for assistance. Good luck!

Things You Need to Consider While Installing Laundry Room Cabinets:

1. Measure the Space:

Before purchasing a cabinet, measuring the space where you want to install it is important. Doing this will ensure that the cabinet fits and looks good in your laundry room. Make sure also to take measurements of doorways, hallways, and other areas through which you’ll need to pass the cabinet while moving it into the laundry room.

2. Choose a Style:

Laundry room cabinets come in various styles, materials, and sizes, so you’ll need to choose one that best suits your needs and preferences. Think about the size of your laundry room, what type of storage options you want (shelves, drawers, etc.), and the overall look you want to achieve.

3. Prepare the Surface:

When installing laundry room cabinets, it’s important to ensure that the surface on which they’re installed is level, clean, and free of debris or dust. Before starting the installation, you can use a leveler to check for unevenness in your walls.

4. Gather Tools:

Have all of your tools and supplies within reach before you begin the installation process. This will save you time and give you more control over installing the cabinets. You’ll need common hand tools, such as a drill, screwdriver, hammer, leveler, etc., to complete the job.

5. Install the Cabinets:

Follow the instructions that come with your cabinets to install them properly. If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult a professional to avoid any potential mistakes. Installing laundry room cabinets can be quite a task, but with some patience and caution, you can get it done in no time.

6. Add Finishing Touches:

Once the cabinet is installed, you can add finishing touches such as handles, knobs, or any other decorative item to make it look even more attractive. You can also think of ways to store items neatly and organize your laundry room. With some thought and planning, you’ll be able to make the most of your laundry room cabinet.

Now you know how to install laundry room cabinets, so go ahead and get started! You’ll be glad you did when you can enjoy a neat, organized, and stylish laundry room. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Cabinets Are Best for Laundry Rooms? 

It depends on your individual needs and preferences. Look for cabinets that are moisture-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Additionally, opt for cabinets with adjustable shelves so you can fit items of different sizes inside them.

How do I Measure My Laundry Room Cabinets?

It’s important to measure the space you are working with accurately. Measure the width and height of the walls as well as any obstacles like doors or windows that could interfere with installation. Also, take into account any additional storage needs. Once you have all your measurements, pick cabinets that will fit properly.

Are There Special Considerations When Installing Laundry Room Cabinets?

Yes, you should pay attention to the type of wall your laundry room is made of, as this will influence what type of cabinet installation you use. Also, make sure to check for any plumbing lines located behind the walls. Lastly, look for pre-drilled holes in the cabinets to make installation easier.

Type of Cabinet Installation


With this guide, you now have the knowledge about how to install laundry room cabinets with ease. Now you can tackle basic installation tasks yourself and become a handyman in no time. Installation projects can be a great way to bond with family members and teach children some basic skills in self-sufficiency. Remember to plan carefully, measure accurately, and ensure all the necessary tools are available before starting.

Installing cabinets properly helps ensure long-term satisfaction and guarantees an improved look for your laundry room. Working hard on little projects like this is a rewarding experience that can help restore confidence in yourself or any aspiring handyman out there. Don’t forget to have fun while doing it!

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