How to Hang Honeycomb Shelves

As you can see, organizing wire pantry shelves is a simple task if you follow the right steps. While it may be an overwhelming task at first, it’s helpful to start small and be patient as you work through different organizational methods. It’s just like with anything else – take your time, make sure everything has its place, and enjoy the outcome.

How to Hang Honeycomb Shelves

Plus, you’ll reap the benefits when it’s time to find that box of crackers or canned peaches! Having an organized pantry will make managing the contents much easier, from mealtimes to grocery trips. So go ahead and upgrade your pantry today: following these steps on how to hang honeycomb shelves will quickly have your shelves looking better than ever.

What Are Honeycomb Shelves?

Honeycomb shelves are a type of shelving made from wire grids that look like a honeycomb. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours, making them an excellent choice for any pantry.

Honeycomb shelves are often adjustable, which is great for maximizing space and fitting larger items such as cereal boxes or canisters. And since they come in many colours, you can choose one to match the colour scheme of your pantry.

Necessary Supplies

Before you start hanging your honeycomb shelves, gather the necessary supplies. These include:

  • Drill and Drill Bit 

First, you will need a drill and the right size drill bit. Depending on the type of wall you have, this could be either masonry (brick or concrete) or wood. Make sure you have the right drill bit size to easily make holes in your wall without damaging it.

  • Masonry or Wood Anchors

Masonry anchors are needed for brick or concrete walls. For wooden walls, use wood screws and wall plugs.

  • Level

Using a level will help you make sure your shelves are hung straight and evenly spaced.

  • Measuring Tape

You will need a measuring tape to measure the length of each shelf as well as the distance between each shelf.

  • Honeycomb Shelves 

Choose the right size and shape of honeycomb shelves for your pantry.

10 Simple Steps on How to Hang Honeycomb Shelves

Step 1: Measure the Area

Measure the Available Wall Space

Measure the available wall space and decide how many shelves you want to hang. If you’re installing multiple shelves, be sure to leave enough space for each shelf. But don’t worry if you have an odd-shaped wall – these shelves come in many different sizes and shapes, so you can make them fit virtually any space.

Step 2: Find the Studs

Once you know how many shelves you want to hang, it’s time to find the studs for your wall. A stud finder is a great tool for this job – all you have to do is turn it on, hold it against the wall and wait for it to beep when it detects a stud.

Mark the location of each stud with a pencil so that you can easily locate them when hanging the shelves.

Step 3: Mark the Placement

Now that you know where the studs are located, mark where you want each shelf to go using a level and a pencil. This will help ensure that your shelves hang perfectly straight on the wall and don’t cause any problems later on. It’s also a good idea to measure the distance between each shelf, as this will help you hang them evenly.

Step 4: Install the Anchors

Once you have all of your supplies ready, use your drill to install the appropriate anchors into each marked area. Make sure that they are securely in place before moving on to the next step.

But the anchors into the wall will help keep your shelves in place and prevent them from shifting. It’s also a good idea to check your anchors after hanging the shelves to make sure they are all secure.

Step 5: Hang the Shelves

Now it’s time to hang your shelves! Start with one shelf at a time, using the holes in the back to line up with the anchors you just installed. When all of your shelves are hung, make sure they are level and even by using a leveler if needed.

To Hang Your Shelves

But, if everything looks good, you’re ready to move on! That’s it – your honeycomb shelves are officially hung! It’s a great way to save space and add some eye-catching style to your pantry.

Step 6: Secure the Shelves

Once your shelves are in position, you can secure them to the wall with screws. Screw each shelf into place and make sure they are firmly tightened. If you’re using masonry anchors, make sure the anchors are secured and can’t be moved or shaken.

This will help ensure your shelves don’t move or shift when you put items on them. So make sure they’re securely in place!

Step 7: Add Decorative Touches

If you want, you can add some decorative touches such as knobs or hooks for hanging utensils or potted plants. This will help give your pantry a more personalized touch.

But if you prefer a more minimalist look, that’s totally fine too! That’s the great thing about honeycomb shelves – they are incredibly versatile and you can customize them however you like.

Step 8: Fill Your Shelves

Now that your shelves are hung, it’s time to fill them! Organize all of your items so they’re easy to access and look neat when people come to visit. Buying a few baskets or bins can help you keep the items on your shelves organized and looking neat. It’s also a good idea to label each shelf so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Once your shelves are hung and filled, it’s time to admire your work. Enjoy the extra storage space in your pantry and make sure you thank yourself for all of the hard work you put into hanging those honeycomb shelves! Remember, it’s the little details that make your home feel special.

So be proud of yourself for taking the time to hang those shelves and giving your pantry a much-needed makeover.

Step 10: Clean Up

Finally, clean up any mess that you made while hanging your shelves. Make sure all tools and supplies are put away before you finish. It’s also a good idea to check the shelves one last time to make sure they are securely in place and won’t move or shift when items are placed on them.

If everything looks good, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done! You just hung honeycomb shelves like a pro. Congratulations!

Match the Colour Scheme

Hanging honeycomb shelves is a great way to add extra storage and organization to any pantry or kitchen area. Follow these simple steps on how to hang honeycomb shelves to hang yours with ease! With a little bit of effort, you can have beautiful and functional shelves that perfectly match the colour scheme of your home. Good luck!

Benefits of Hanging Honeycomb Shelves

  • Easily store items and keep them organized
  • Save space in your pantry or kitchen
  • Add style and modern touch to any room
  • Easy to hang and customize with decorative touches
  • Durable and can hold heavy items without shifting or moving
  • Versatile and can be hung in a variety of locations.
  • Perfect for elevating small items and displaying collections. 
  • An affordable option for creating extra storage in any home.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Quickly add more storage to any room without needing to remodel.
  • Help make your pantry or kitchen look less cluttered and more organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Weight Can Honeycomb Shelves Hold? 

A: Honeycomb shelves are quite strong and can usually hold up to 10-15 pounds of weight per shelf, depending on the size and material.

Q: Where Can I Buy Honeycomb Shelves? 

A: Honeycomb shelves can be found at most home decor stores, furniture stores, and online retailers.

Q: How Do I Hang Honeycomb Shelves? 

A: To hang honeycomb shelves, you’ll need to use anchors or masonry screws. Make sure to measure and mark the wall where you want the shelves to go before drilling. Once the holes are drilled, use the screws or anchors to attach the shelves to the wall.

Q: What is the Best Way to Store Items on Honeycomb Shelves? 

Best to Use Baskets

A: To store items on honeycomb shelves, it’s best to use baskets or bins. This will help keep the items organized and neat while also making it easier to find what you need. Labeling the shelves can also help keep things organized and easy to access.


To sum up, on how to hang honeycomb shelves, honeycomb shelves can be a great addition to any space! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as installing something beautifully designed with your own two hands. 

No matter your skill level, with the right tools and steps in mind you can hang honeycomb shelves with ease.

With a little bit of patience, you’ll soon have a stunning display that makes your home feel cozy and inviting. As you design and hang these unique pieces, let yourself discover the true beauty of this trend – which is really nothing like decorating with ordinary shelves!

And remember: no matter what style of honeycomb shelf you choose or how you choose to hang them in your home, all that matters is that they fit your needs and reflect who you are. So let go of any preconceived notions about how to decorate and be proud of the finished work – after all, it’s truly one of a kind!

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