How to Hang a Shelf on Tile Without Drilling

Are you looking for a clever way to hang a shelf without damaging your tile walls? Have you been left feeling frustrated after attempts at drilling and not finding the right tools or knowing how to implement it successfully? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you! We’ll be covering step-by-step instructions on how to hang shelves safely on tile walls without any damage or need for drilling.

How to Hang a Shelf on Tile Without Drilling

You can use these techniques to give your space an added flair of style by using colored tape and paper clips, which can easily customize each shelf’s look.

With a few materials from your local hardware store, you can transform any tiled wall into an attractive shelf space without any damage. So read on to find out more about how to hang a shelf on tile without drilling with minimal effort.

What Will You Need?

You will need some supplies to hang a shelf on a tile without drilling. This list of materials should help get you started:

  1. Heavy duty double sided tape
  2. Picture hanging strips or command strips
  3. Paper clips

Once you have gathered the materials, you are all set to begin.

10 Easy Steps on How to Hang a Shelf on Tile Without Drilling

Step 1: Measure the Length and Width

Start by measuring the length and width of your shelf. You’ll need to know this information when you choose the type of mounting materials for your shelves. Otherwise, you might end up with either too large or small materials.

Step 2: Cut a Piece

Cut a piece of heavy-duty double-sided tape slightly larger than the size of your shelf. Use this piece to attach the shelf to the wall without drilling any holes. Make sure that all edges have firmly adhered to the wall and that no air bubbles remain in between. For extra security, you can use picture hanging strips or command strips as an additional layer of support underneath the double sided tape.

Use Picture Hanging Strips

Step 3: Add Paper Clips

For added stability, you can use paper clips to secure the shelf to the wall. Make sure that all ends of the paper clip are properly inserted into the double sided tape and wall for a snug fit. If necessary, you can adjust the position of the paper clips for a more secure fit.

Step 4: Hang Your Shelf

Once all steps are completed, your shelf is now ready to hang! Simply place it onto the double sided tape and press firmly until it has completely adhered. You’re done!

Step 5: Try Out Different Styles

For a custom look, you can use different colors of tape, such as red, green, or blue, to give your shelf an extra pop of color. Or, if you’d like a more minimalist aesthetic, try using clear packing tape for a sleek finish. You can also use paper clips in different colors and sizes to mix up the look of your shelf.

Use Different Colors of Tape

Step 6: Add Accessories

You can customize the look of each shelf with accessories such as decorative hooks, baskets, and planters. Hang items like plants and sculptures to add texture and life to any room in your home. Additionally, you can use hanging wire or wall-mounted hooks for added storage and display options.

Step 7: Check Stability

Once finished, make sure that the shelf is stable by gently pressing it. You’re all set if it feels secure and level with no signs of rocking or tipping! Don’t forget to give it a final check every once in a while to ensure the shelf is firmly attached.

Step 8: Cleanup

Once everything is in place and looks great, clean up any excess adhesive or tape residue from your walls for a few minutes. This will help keep your tile walls looking neat and tidy. As an added precaution, be sure to use a soft cloth dampened with warm water and gentle soap.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Space

Enjoy the transformation of your space with a brand new shelf without drilling! You can now proudly display items without worrying about damaging your walls. Remember that you can also hang multiple shelves on one wall to create a unique look.

Step 10: Maintenance and Upkeep

Lastly, don’t forget to check your shelf from time to time for signs of wear and tear. If the tape starts to lose, simply reapply a fresh layer and ensure it has firmly adhered. This will help keep your shelf secure for years to come! Moreover, you can use heavy duty hooks to provide extra support for heavier items.

Use Heavy Duty Hooks to Provide Extra Support

By following these easy steps, you can turn any tiled wall into a beautiful shelf space with minimal effort and no need for drilling. This efficient method will reduce your time and hassle while giving your home a sophisticated look.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Consider Using Adhesive Strips. Adhesive strips can be found at most hardware stores and are a great way to hang shelves on tiles without drilling. Simply peel the backing off of the strip and stick it onto your desired spot on the shelf.
  2. Use Removable Double Sided Mounting Tape. This is an easy and budget-friendly option that does not require any drilling into the tile surface. Simply apply two pieces of tape on each corner of your shelf, one facing outward towards the wall and one facing inward towards the shelf itself.
  3. LOok Into Suction Cups as an Option. Suction cups have a strong grip that can be used to hang lightweight shelves on tiles without drilling. Simply adhere the suction cups to each corner of the shelf and press them onto the tile surface for a secure hold.
  4. Consider Using Anchor Screws. Anchor screws are a great alternative for heavier shelves that can’t be hung with adhesive strips or double sided mounting tape. Place an anchor screw into a drilled hole in the wall and then attach your shelf to it, making sure to use appropriate wall anchors that match the size of your screws.
  5. Utilize Specialized Hooks Designed Specifically for Hanging Shelves on Tile Walls. These hooks have a strong grip that is designed to securely hang shelves on tile walls without drilling any holes into them.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to hang shelves on your tile walls without having to drill any holes. Whether you choose adhesive strips, double sided mounting tape, suction cups, anchor screws, or specialized hooks, you’ll have a secure and aesthetically pleasing shelf attached to your wall in no time!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Avoid using nails or screws. Nails and screws can damage the tile surface, leaving unsightly marks that are difficult to remove.
  2. Don’t use glue to attach shelves on tiles. Glue can be difficult to remove and may ruin the tile surface if it is not properly removed.
  3. Avoid hanging anything too heavy on your tiles, as this could result in cracking or breaking of the tile surface over time.
  4. Don’t forget to measure your shelf before you begin so that you know exactly how much space you’re working with when selecting mounting materials and methods for it.
  5. Never hang shelves without first testing out the adhesive strip or double sided mounting tape to make sure that it’s secure before relying on it to keep your shelf in place.
Avoid Using Nails or Screws

Following these tips and tricks will ensure that you can hang shelves on your tile walls without damaging them or risking any accidents.

Can You Hang Shelves on a Tiled Wall?

Absolutely! With the right materials and techniques, you can easily hang shelves on a tiled wall without drilling any holes. Using adhesive strips, double sided mounting tape, suction cups, anchor screws, or specialized hooks, you’ll be able to securely attach your shelf to the wall with no damage done to the tile surface. Just remember to follow all of the tips mentioned above for the best results!

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to hang shelves on tiles without any worry of damage or accidents. Have fun decorating, and get creative with your shelves!


Hanging a shelf on a tile without drilling may seem daunting, but with a bit of creative problem solving, you can make it happen. As shown, many no-drill options are available for a secure attachment process, and the resulting look can be quite fashion-forward and aesthetically pleasing. If you follow these steps and pay careful attention to detail, you will have successfully turned your shelving ideas into reality–without making costly repairs.

With that in mind, why not get started today? Let yourself explore the options to discover what works best for your specific needs and potential creations. You never know where the journey might take you!

Hopefully, the article on how to hang a shelf on tile without drilling has given you the confidence and knowledge you need to get started. Good luck! Happy Shelving!

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