How to Decorate Office Shelves

Having an organized, aesthetically pleasing office can make your workdays more enjoyable, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by decorating your office shelves.

How to Decorate Office Shelves

From displaying mementos from special trips and life milestones to elevating everyday objects, there are many different approaches you could take when it comes to styling the shelves in your home office.

In this blog post we’ll explore the basics of how to decorate office shelves, as well as provide tips on which types of items serve best for sprucing up a workspace; plus much more! Get ready to learn all about how to most effectively adorn those empty office shelves with style.

Materials You Will Need to Gather

Before you start decorating your office shelves, there are a few materials that you should gather. You’ll want to make sure that the surfaces being decorated are clean and dust-free so it is recommended to grab some cleaning supplies such as an all-purpose cleaner or furniture polish. Additionally, it’s important to have items such as scissors, tape, and craft supplies like construction paper or markers on hand.

13 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Decorate Office Shelves

Step 1: Evaluate Your Shelves

Take a look at the shelves you plan on decorating and decide what type of items will best fit in the space. Measure the length and width of the shelves and make note of any special features or limitations.

You Plan on Decorating

If you have shelves that are deep, think about how to make the most of this vertical space. This will help you decide how to best use the space for both decoration and storage.

Step 2: Choose Your Theme

Once you’ve evaluated your shelves, it is time to choose a theme or style for the decor. Think about what type of look or feeling you want to create in the space and then use that as a guide when picking out items.

But feel free to go outside of the box and create a unique space, as long as it works with your overall vision. If you need a little inspiration, look at pictures of home offices and take note of the features that catch your eye.

Step 3: Decide on Colors & Textures

After deciding on a theme, decide on colors and textures to use throughout your office shelf decorations. Make sure to pick items that match each other in terms of color and texture so that everything looks cohesive.

That said, don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors and textures as long you stay within the same overall theme. It’s always nice to have a pop of color in the room, so if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it!

Step 4: Get Creative with Storage Solutions

The organization is key when it comes to having an organized workspace. Look for creative storage solutions such as baskets, crates, trays, and more which can help keep your shelves neatly organized while still being aesthetically pleasing.

That way, you can have all of your essentials close at hand while still keeping everything looking neat and stylish.

Step 5: Add Interesting Accessories

Think about adding fun accessories to the shelves such as picture frames, plants, and sculptures for a unique touch. You can also use these items to highlight important paperwork or awards you have achieved.

Such as Picture Frames

How you decide to display them is up to your personal preference; just make sure the items still follow the overall theme of the space.

Step 6: Utilize Wall Art & Wallpaper

Hang up artwork or wallpapers behind your office shelves to give them more depth and texture. This is a great way to create an interesting focal point in the room while at the same time brightening up the space with color.

That way, you can have a little bit of personality in your workspace. If you need inspiration, look up wallpapers or art pieces that are related to your theme.

Step 7: Place Books & Magazines Strategically

Books and magazines are great when it comes to decorating office shelves because they can add height and texture. Place them in the back of shelves to create a stacked effect, or place them in the front for easier accessibility. That way, you can have easy access to all of your favorite reading material while still having a decorated shelf.

Step 8: Make Use Of Your Space

If you have tall shelves with plenty of height, consider using it to your advantage. Hang baskets from the top of the shelf and use them as extra storage space for items that you don’t want visible on the shelf itself.

If you don’t want to hang baskets, try placing tall plants or sculptures on the top shelf for a more creative look. That way, you can make use of all the space in your office and keep it looking neat and tidy.

Step 9: Create A Gallery Wall

Make use of empty wall space by creating a gallery wall behind your office shelves. This is an easy way to fill up empty wall space while also adding character to your workspace.

Add frames with meaningful photographs or artwork pieces that inspire you when working. This is a great way to add personality to your office and make it more inviting.

Step 10: Add Shelving Units

If you have the space, consider adding shelving units to your office. These are great for organizing items while still providing plenty of storage space. Plus, they look great too!

This is especially helpful if you have items that don’t fit on shelves or need to be better organized. That way, you can keep everything neat and tidy while still having a stylish workspace.

Step 11: Incorporate Lighting

Lighting can do wonders when it comes to making a room feel cozy and inviting. Consider adding some task lighting or sconces beside your shelves for an added level of style and ambiance.

Adding Some Task Lighting

But don’t forget about the practical uses of lighting; it can be a great tool for illuminating important paperwork or awards that you want to display.

Step 12: Decorate With Plants

Adding plants to your office shelves is a great way to brighten up the room and bring natural elements into the workspace.

Choose small succulents or air-purifying plants such as ferns or spider plants which are easy to maintain. But if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of faux plants available for an easy and low-maintenance alternative.

Step 13: Personalize Your Space

The last step is to personalize and make your office shelves truly yours. Add pictures of friends and family, favorite quotes, or any other small touches that make the space feel like home.

This is a great way to show off your personality while creating a workspace you enjoy spending time in! If you need more inspiration, try looking up creative office shelf ideas online.

By following these steps on how to decorate office shelves, you can easily create the perfect setup for decorating office shelves that reflect your style and taste. With some thought and planning, it can be an enjoyable process that will leave you with an organized, aesthetically pleasing workspace that you can be proud of! So what are you waiting for? Start decorating today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Best Items to Use When Decorating Office Shelves? 

A: The best items to use when decorating office shelves are baskets, plants, lighting fixtures, artwork, photographs, and other items that reflect your style and personality. You could also use books for height or storage, sculptures, and other decorative items.

Q: How Can I Make Use of All the Space in My Office? 

A: If you have tall shelves with plenty of height, consider using it to your advantage. Hang baskets from the top of the shelf and use them as extra storage space for items that you don’t want visible on the shelf itself. Or, use the top of the shelf to place plants or sculptures for a more creative look.

Q: What Are Some Creative Office Shelf Ideas?

Adding Books That Are Both Useful

A: If you’re looking for some inspiration, consider adding frames with meaningful photographs or artwork pieces, incorporate lighting fixtures for an added level of style and ambiance, or decorate with plants for a more natural touch. Adding books that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing can also be an excellent way to make your office space more inviting.

Q: How Can I Make My Office Space Feel More Invited? 

A: One great way to make your office space more inviting is to add lighting fixtures such as sconces or task lighting. This will create a cozy atmosphere and brighten up the room. You can also personalize the space by adding pictures of friends and family, favorite quotes, or any other small touches that make the space feel like home.


Thanks for reading this article on how to decorate office shelves. Decorating the working environment has come a long way in the last few decades. You now have the power to make your office look with stylish shelves that fit your personality and style.

Whether this means adding shelving over your desk, having decorative boxes on windowsills, or hanging pictures that make you feel calm, these shelves are sure to help you boost productivity. 

With more people opting to do their jobs from home, it’s important to create an atmosphere that is both cozy and professional. The best way to start decorating office shelves is by formulating a design plan and picking out some key pieces of furniture first and then styling them according to your personal preferences.

Don’t forget to accessorize – throw in some art pieces or candles for extra pizzazz! With a little creativity, you can turn those stark office shelves into something truly special.

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