How to Decorate an Entryway Table for Christmas

It’s that special time of year when Christmas is in the air and decorations are popping up all around. But adding a festive touch to your entryway table can prove more tricky than you might think, requiring an eye for balance and flair for creativity.

How to Decorate an Entryway Table for Christmas

Don’t worry—we have just the tips to help make your entranceway look merry and bright this holiday season! Read on to learn how to decorate an entryway table for Christmas with style, incorporating traditional elements into unique designs that will brighten any room with seasonal cheer.

What Are the Best Christmas Decorations for Entryway?

When decorating your entryway table for Christmas, there are a few key items that should be included to truly create a holiday atmosphere. Wreaths and garlands are always popular choices to add a festive flair to your home. Place them around the table or on the walls above it for an instant Christmas touch. Ornaments can also be used in creative ways.

Hang up strings of them from the ceiling, or let them hang from the sides of the table for a fun look. Candles, either real or fake, are also great additions as they will instantly bring warmth and ambiance into any room.

Finally, don’t forget about small decorations such as bows, poinsettias, snowflakes – anything you like! These small touches can bring a lot of holiday cheer to an otherwise bland space. Incorporate these decorations with some Christmas lights, and you’ll be sure to have a merry entryway.

When it comes to the color scheme for your entryway table, bright greens, reds, and whites are the traditional choices – but feel free to add some other colors to give it a more modern look. Choose one main color and then use complementary shades for contrast.

If you are looking for an extra special touch, add gold or silver sparkles to your décor, as they will truly make the table shine!

Finally, when decorating your entryway table, always remember to keep it simple. Too many decorations can take away from the overall effect of the space. Stick to a few simple pieces but incorporate them in creative ways.

Your Entryway Table

Like hanging strings of ornaments around the edges or even just placing one festive wreath on top of the table – so that your entryway will be perfectly decorated for the Christmas season, by paying attention to details such as these, you’ll be sure to have a beautiful entryway that will welcome everyone who visits your home.

10 Methods How to Decorate an Entryway Table for Christmas

1.  Use a Festive Tablecloth.

One of the easiest ways to decorate an entryway table for Christmas is to simply use a festive tablecloth. There are many different holiday-themed tablecloths available for purchase, or you could even make your own.

A Christmas-themed tablecloth will instantly make your entryway table look more festive and inviting. If you’d like to add more of a personal touch, you could even use fabric with a family-specific holiday pattern.

2.  Add Some Greenery.

Another easy way to decorate an entryway table for Christmas is to add some greenery. You could use a real evergreen wreath or garland, or you could use fake greenery. Either way, adding some greenery to your entryway table will definitely help to get you into the Christmas spirit.

You could also add some fresh pine branches with a few ornaments or even something like an artificial poinsettia plant. Anything green will do the trick!

3.  Use Holiday-Themed Dishware.

If you want to really get into the Christmas spirit, then you should consider using holiday-themed dishware on your entryway table. This could include plates, cups, or even just a holiday-themed placemat or runner. Using dishware with Christmas designs will definitely help to make your entryway table look more festive.

Using Holiday Themed Dishware

Additionally, you can use it to display your favorite Christmas ornaments and decorations. If you have enough space, consider using the dishware to serve Christmas cookies or other treats to your guests. It’s a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit!

4.  Place a Candle on the Table.

Placing a candle on the entryway table is a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. If you want to really get into the Christmas spirit, then you should consider using a scented candle with a holiday fragrance, such as peppermint or cinnamon. Alternatively, you can use a battery-operated candle for a more subtle effect.

Be sure to place the candle on top of a heat-resistant coaster or plate to avoid the risk of any damage to the table. However, if you have small children or animals in the house, then you may want to avoid candles altogether for safety reasons.

5.  Hang Some Stockings from the Table.

Hanging some stockings from the entryway table is another great way to get into the Christmas spirit. You could hang stockings that match your holiday decor, or you could simply hang plain red and green stockings.

Either way, hanging stockings from your entryway table will definitely help to spread some holiday cheer. You can also hang wreaths or garlands around the table to give it a more festive look. If you have small children, you could even hang their stockings from the table as well, so they can get into the holiday spirit.

6.  Place a Bowl of Fruit on the Table.

Fruit is often associated with Christmas time, so placing a bowl of fruit on your entryway table is a great way to decorate for the holidays. You could use traditional Christmas fruits like apples and oranges, or you could get creative and use whatever fruit is in season.

Either way, a bowl of fruit on your entryway table will definitely add some holiday flair to your home decor. Although fresh fruit will look best, you could also opt for artificial fruit or even vegetables if you want to get really creative! Just make sure that whatever type of fruit you choose, complements the other decorations on your table.

7.  Put up a Holiday-Themed Sign or Banner.

If you really want to go all out with your Christmas decorations, then you should consider putting up a holiday-themed sign or banner on your entryway table. There are many different types of signs and banners available for purchase, or you could even make your own if you’re feeling crafty.

Use Banner on Your Entryway Table

Either way, adding a sign or banner will definitely help to make your entryway table look more festive and inviting. It’s important to make sure you don’t go overboard with the size of your sign or banner, especially if your entryway table is small. A sign or banner that is too big may end up looking slightly overwhelming and can interfere with the overall aesthetic of your decor.

8.  Use Holiday-Themed Figurines or Decorations.

You can also decorate your entryway table with holiday-themed figurines or decorations. This could include Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, or even just a festive candle holder. Using these types of small figures and decorations will definitely help to bring some Christmas cheer to your entryway table.

Remember to pick out decorations that match the overall color scheme and theme of your entryway table. This will help create a cohesive look that is sure to impress your guests. With a few simple additions, you can easily transform your entryway table into a wonderful Christmas display!

9.  Hang Lights around the Edges of the Table.

Hanging lights around the edges of your entryway table is another great way to get into the Christmas spirit. You could use traditional string lights, or you could use battery-powered LED fairy lights for a more modern look.

Either way, hanging lights around your entryway table will definitely add some holiday cheer to your home decor. If you plan to use lights with an electrical cord, make sure to take extra care that the cord is not accessible or a tripping hazard.

Hanging Lights Around Your Entryway Table

10.  Add Some Accessories.

Finally, you can add some smaller accessories to your entryway table in order to finish off the look. This could include bells, bows, ornaments, fake snow, pine cones, and other small items that will help to bring a festive feel to your decorations.

Accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to give your entryway table that extra bit of Christmas spirit! You can mix and match the accessories or stick with a single color scheme for a more unified look. Whatever you choose, your entryway table will be the perfect place for Santa to leave his presents!


Decorating an entryway table for Christmas can be a fun and creative way to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Don’t forget about accessorizing to make your decorations come alive — metallic stars and holiday wreaths add a glittering touch while potted poinsettias and floral arrangements bring a bit of nature indoors.

With some creativity and a bit of prep work, it’s easy to transform the entryway into a unique and festive holiday display. Ready to give it a try? Now that you know how to decorate an entryway table for Christmas, why not get started today!

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