How to Decorate a King Bed

If you’re in the market for a new bed, then it’s time to consider going king-size. Not only is a king bed one of the most comfortable options available, but its size allows you to create an awe-inspiring bedroom design using chic decor elements. From cozy area rugs and inviting accent chairs to glamorous lighting fixtures and stylish wall art, there’s so much that can be done with a large space like this one!

How to Decorate a King Bed

In this post, we’ll discuss how to decorate a king bed to make it not just a focal point, but the centerpiece of your bedroom. After reading through our tips, you’ll have all the information necessary to decorate a king bed that exudes luxury and sophistication. So get ready for some serious interior design inspiration!

9 Best Ways on How to Decorate a King Bed

1. Start with the Bedding:

The most crucial part of decorating a king bed is the bedding. After all, this is where you spend most of your time sleeping and relaxing, so choose wisely! Consider using high-quality fabrics like silk or Egyptian cotton for a luxurious feel.

To add personality to your bedding, experiment with patterns and colors that complement the overall theme of your bedroom décor. And for an extra touch of elegance, add some decorative pillows and throws that match your bedding set.

2. Add a Headboard:

A king bed without a headboard is like a cake without frosting – it just isn’t complete! A headboard adds dimension and visual interest to your bed, making it stand out in the room. You can choose from various options like a tufted headboard, upholstered headboard, or a wooden headboard depending on your personal style and bedroom theme.

3. Layer with Pillows:

Pillows are an essential part of any bed decoration. They not only add comfort but also provide an opportunity to play around with different textures and patterns. If you want to keep it simple, opt for two or three large pillows and add a pop of color with smaller throw pillows. You can also try mixing different sizes and patterns for a more eclectic look.

Pillows Are an Essential Part

4. Use an Area Rug:

Placing an area rug under your king bed adds warmth and coziness to space while also tying together the overall bedroom décor. The size of the rug should be large enough to extend beyond the bed frame, but be careful not to choose a rug that’s too small as it may make your room feel cramped.

5. Incorporate Accent Chairs:

Adding accent chairs next to your king bed not only creates a cozy reading nook but also balances out the overall look of the bedroom. You can choose a matching pair or mix and match different styles for a more eclectic feel. Remember to keep the scale in mind when selecting chairs that fit your king bed and room size.

6. Illuminate with Lighting:

The right lighting can take your bedroom décor game to a whole new level, so don’t overlook this aspect! Consider installing a chandelier or pendant light above your king bed for an elegant touch. You can also use table lamps or wall sconces on either side of the bed for a more functional and stylish touch.

7. Dress up with Drapery:

Adding drapery to your king bed is an excellent way to add drama and sophistication to space. Choose rich fabrics like velvet or silk for a luxurious feel, and make sure that the length of the drapery complements the height of your ceiling. You can also use sheer curtains for a more romantic and dreamy look.

8. Accessorize with Art:

Wall art is an excellent way to personalize your bedroom décor and add a touch of character to space. Choose pieces that complement your bedding and overall theme, whether it’s abstract paintings or framed photographs. You can also consider creating a gallery wall above your king bed for a more dramatic effect.

Wall Art is an Excellent Way

9. Don’t Forget the Nightstands:

Last but not least, don’t forget to decorate your nightstands! These functional pieces of furniture can also add style and personality to your bedroom décor. Keep it simple with a lamp, some books, and a decorative object or two, or go all out with a statement piece like a vase or sculpture. If you have space, consider using a larger nightstand as an alternative to a dresser for extra storage.

So there you have it – nine best ways how to decorate a king bed that will transform your bedroom into a luxurious and inviting sanctuary. Remember to experiment with different elements and styles until you find the perfect balance and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! With the right combination of bedding, furniture, and accessories, your king bed will become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate a King Bed

  1. Use a variety of textures. To add depth and interest to your king bed, mix and match different textures. For example, you can use a fluffy faux fur throw blanket on top of a smooth velvet comforter or layer a chunky knit accent pillow on top of silky sheets. This will create a visually appealing and cozy look.
  2. Play with colors. While sticking to a color palette is important, don’t be afraid to incorporate pops of color in your king-bed decor. You can do this through accent pillows, throws, or even artwork above the bed. Just make sure the colors you choose complement each other and don’t clash.
  3. Add some greenery. Plants not only bring life to a room, but they also have a calming effect. Consider adding a potted plant or some fresh flowers on your nightstand or dresser next to the bed. This will add a touch of nature and freshness to your king bed decor.
  4. Mix and match patterns. If you want to add some visual interest, mix and match patterns in your king bed decor. You can do this by using different patterned throw pillows or a printed duvet cover paired with solid-colored sheets. Just make sure to stick to the same color palette and vary the scale of patterns for a cohesive look.
  5. Use unique headboard options. Instead of a traditional upholstered headboard, consider using alternative options such as a wooden plank headboard, a vintage door, or even a large piece of artwork. This will add a unique and personalized touch to your king bed.
  6. Incorporate personal touches. Your king bed should reflect your personality and style, so don’t be afraid to incorporate personal touches such as family photos, meaningful art pieces, or sentimental items on your nightstand. This will make your king bed feel more like your own personal sanctuary.
  7. Don’t forget about lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating ambiance and setting the mood in a bedroom. Consider adding different sources of light such as bedside lamps, string lights, or even a statement chandelier above the bed. This will add warmth and coziness to your king-bed decor.
  8. Opt for quality bedding. Investing in high-quality bedding not only looks better, but it also feels better. Opt for soft and breathable materials such as cotton or linen to create a comfortable and luxurious feel on your king bed.
Consider Adding a Potted Plant

Following these tips and tricks will help you create a beautiful and inviting king bed that is not only functional but also reflects your personal style. Remember to have fun and experiment with different elements until you find the perfect balance for your space. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Incorporate Pillows Into My King-bed Decor?

Pillows are a great way to add texture and visual interest to your king bed. Depending on the size of your bed, you can mix and match different sizes and shapes of pillows for a layered look.

You can also play with different patterns, colors, and textures to create a cohesive yet eye-catching display. You can place pillows in front of your headboard, prop them against the back of your bed, or even add a few on top of your comforter for added depth.

How Do I Choose the Right Bedding for My King Bed?

When it comes to bedding for a king bed, it’s important to consider both style and functionality. First, think about the overall look and feel you want for your bed. Do you prefer a crisp, minimalistic aesthetic or are you drawn to bold patterns and colors?

Once you have a vision in mind, consider the practicality of different bedding materials. For example, if you live in a colder climate, investing in a cozy flannel or fleece comforter may be the best choice.

Can I Use a King Comforter on a Queen Bed?

Technically, you can use a king comforter on a queen bed. However, it may not look as visually appealing since the proportions will be off. A queen mattress measures at 60 inches wide by 80 inches long while a king comforter is typically around 104 inches wide by 100 inches long.

Use a King Comforter on a Queen Bed

This means the comforter will hang over the sides of the bed, making it look oversized and potentially messy. If you prefer a more tailored and polished look for your bedding, it’s best to stick with a queen-sized comforter.


With the above outlined you can easily understand how to decorate a king bed. It’s all about finding a balance between style and functionality while incorporating your personal taste.

Whether you opt for a minimalist or bold look, don’t be afraid to play with different textures, colors, and patterns to create a unique and inviting space. And remember, pillows are your best friend when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your king-bed decor. Happy decorating!

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