How to Decorate a Glass Table Top

Are you looking for a unique and inspiring way to spruce up your home? Decorating with glass table tops can bring an enchanting atmosphere of sophistication, elegance, and beauty. Whether it’s as the centerpiece in a living room or at the end of a hallway, adding a glass table top is sure to create an exciting atmosphere.

How to Decorate a Glass Table Top

Not only will decorating with glass increase the beauty of any space but doing so also provides numerous opportunities to showcase displays that strike awe within those who enter its domain. Read this article on how to decorate a glass table top for tips and tricks about how to add character by effectively designing around your new glass table top!

11 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Decorate a Glass Table Top

Step 1: Choose the Style

Table tops can be found in a variety of shapes and materials, including round and rectangular glass table tops. Consider the overall look you’d like to create and pick the shape of your glass table top based on that. If you’re looking for a soft, romantic vibe, opt for a round shape. If you’d prefer a modern and sophisticated feel, pick a rectangular table top.

Step 2: Select the Size 

Your glass table top’s size will be determined by its location in the room. If the table is going to be the focal point of a living room, then pick a larger size. Measure out the available space so you’ll know what size to look for when shopping around for glass table tops. If the table is going to be a part of a smaller area like an entryway, opt for a more modest size. You should also consider the size of the furniture it will be placed on.

Step 3: Choose an Edge Design

The edges of your glass table top can either be flat or beveled (also called “flamed”). A flat edge gives your table a contemporary style while a beveled one offers more texture and depth. If you’re unsure which type of edge to pick, consider the style of furniture and room it will be placed in. However, bear in mind that some edges may not be available in certain sizes and shapes. It’s best to check with your retailer before making a decision.

Step 4: Add Color

Adding vibrant color to a clear glass table can bring an extra element of personality into the room. You can use colored markers on the underside of your glass tabletop to add some visual impact to your design. If you’d like something more permanent, you can purchase a paint specifically made for glass surfaces and apply it to the underside of your tabletop.

This is a great way to add a touch of your favorite hue or pattern to the room.

Purchase a Paint

Step 5: Select a Base Design

You have the option of either purchasing a table with its base already included, or you can choose one separately. The type of base you select will depend on your style preference and the overall look you’d like to achieve.

A contemporary glass top would pair well with an industrial metal frame, for instance, while a traditional top could be complemented by a wooden base. If you’d like something more unique, consider picking a base with an interesting design.

Step 6: Add Décor Items

When it comes to decorating around your glass table top, choose items that won’t clash with each other in color or style. If opting for more than one décor piece, consider selecting different heights and shapes to create visual interest. But be mindful of the space you have when making your selection. You should also choose décor items that will bring out the beauty of your glass top without making it too busy.

Step 7: Place a Table Runner

Table runners are an excellent way to add color and texture to your tabletop. Choose one that goes with the overall design of the room, or use a patterned fabric for added visual impact. This will help to tie the look of your table together and bring out its best features. If you’re using a round table top, make sure that the runner is large enough to reach all of the edges.

Step 8: Use Coasters

This is an important step in protecting your glass table top from scratches and stains. Choose coasters that match the colors and textures you’ve selected for décor items around the table. After all, coasters can become part of the overall look. Place one coaster under each item like a vase or candle holder so it won’t directly touch the tabletop.

Step 9: Add Beautiful Lighting 

Good lighting can bring out the best features of any tabletop surface – even glass! Consider using a lampshade or strips of LED light to illuminate areas around your glass table top. You could also hang pendant lights from the ceiling to create an interesting visual effect. This will help to enhance the beauty of your table and bring a touch of elegance to the room.

Using a Lampshade or Strips of Led Light

Step 10: Include Plant Life

Adding plants (real or artificial) can foster a positive and uplifting atmosphere in any room featuring glass table tops. Placing small succulents, for example, can bring some much-needed greenery into the space without overwhelming it.

But if you’re going for something more show-stopping, consider putting a hanging plant such as a fern near the top. Whatever type of plant life you choose, make sure it complements the other elements you’ve included in the room.

Step 11: Showcase With Tabletop Displays

You don’t have to limit yourself to plants when it comes to tabletop displays – you can also arrange art pieces, figurines, books, candles, trinkets or anything else that speaks to your personal style! Be creative with how you showcase these items and use them as a way to bring your own personality into the room. Always be mindful of how the items look together and strive for a display that won’t overwhelm the tabletop.

These are some simple yet timeless guidelines on how to decorate a glass table top. With a little effort, you can make your tabletop look beautiful and inviting! Happy decorating!

How Much Could It Cost?

Depending on the size and design of your glass table top, it could cost anywhere from $50-$200 per foot. Remember to factor in the cost of an as well if you plan on one separately. Additionally, accessories décor items should be into account when setting your budget for this project. But with a little effort, you can create a stylish and beautiful table that will last for years to come.

Overall, decorating glass table tops is an affordable and easy way to add personality to any room. With the right creativity and design elements, it’s possible to make your table look absolutely stunning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Kind of Shape Should I Get for My Glass Table Top?

A: It depends on what type of look you’re going for. If you’d like a classic style, opt for a round or oval shape. If you’d prefer a modern and sophisticated feel, then a rectangle or square would work best.

Q: Is Glass Easier to Clean Than Other Tabletop Materials?

A: Yes! Glass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain – all you need is some soap and water. It also won’t be damaged by heat or moisture like other materials, so it’s perfect for a busy home.

Glass is Incredibly Easy to Clean

Q: What’s the Best Way to Make Sure My Glass Table Top Stays in Good Condition?

A: The best way to keep your glass table top looking great is to use coasters and placemats when serving food or drinks so that it doesn’t get scratched or stained. You should also dust it regularly to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime and never use harsh cleaners on it.

Q: Should I Use Heavy Decor for My Glass Table Top?

A: It’s best to keep the décor light and airy when decorating a glass table top – too much weight can cause the glass to crack or chip. Stick with light objects when possible, and avoid putting anything too heavy on top of the table.

Decorating a Glass Table Top


Thanks for reading this article on how to decorate a glass table top. Decorating a glass table top is a unique art form and should not be taken lightly. When done right, it can really bring a special touch to the room it’s in. With a little determination, understanding of the materials, and creativity you can make your glass tabletop look stylish and modern while still being functional!

If you’re stuck at any point along the way, don’t be afraid to ask for help or search for other ideas online. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your design style and decorating needs. With these tips in mind, we hope you take up this task with confidence as we wish everyone luck in their hunt on how to decorate their glass table top impeccably!

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