How to Decorate a Cubicle for Christmas

The holiday season brings a unique warmth and festivity that many wish to extend into every area of their lives, including the workplace. For those spending their days in the confines of a cubicle, the challenge becomes how to infuse their limited space with the spirit of the season.

How to Decorate a Cubicle for Christmas

The quest on how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas becomes not only an exercise in creativity but also a practical consideration of space and environment.

With cubicles often offering little room for grand displays, the importance of imaginative and space-efficient decorations cannot be overstated. This guide aims to inspire you with innovative ideas to transform your workplace into a personal winter wonderland, ensuring that the cheerful essence of the holidays permeates your cubicle without overwhelming your work area or clashing with office policies. It’s about making the most of what you have and bringing holiday cheer into the office in the most delightful ways.

Planning Your Cubicle Christmas Display

A.  Considering Office Policies and Guidelines

Before you start untangling strands of fairy lights or hanging tinsel, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with your office’s holiday decoration policies. Many workplaces have guidelines regarding the use of lights to avoid fire hazards and specific regulations about displays that could potentially block walkways or encroach on colleagues’ spaces.

Use of Lights

Adherence to any size restrictions is also significant, ensuring that your festive spirit doesn’t inadvertently disrupt the office’s functional flow. Taking these precautions not only ensures your safety but also respects the comfort and productivity of your coworkers.

B.  Choosing a Theme and Color Scheme

Selecting a theme or color scheme is your first step towards creating a harmonious and visually compelling Christmas display in your cubicle. Whether you lean towards a traditional Christmas palette of red and green, envision a serene winter wonderland adorned with whites and silvers, or prefer a chic minimalist style with metallic accents, your chosen theme will guide all your decoration decisions.

A well-thought-out theme not only makes shopping for decorations easier but also sets the stage for a festive, cohesive look that can stand out in the office landscape.

C.  Inventorying Existing Supplies

Before you rush out to purchase new holiday decorations, take a moment to inventory any festive items you already own. Perhaps there’s a strand of lights tucked away in a drawer or a collection of holiday cards waiting to be displayed. By assessing what you already have, you might find that you can repurpose existing items, saving both money and resources.

This step also allows for a more sustainable approach to decorating, as it encourages the reuse of materials and reduces waste. Plus, mixing cherished decorations with a few new finds can create a rich, personalized display that’s uniquely yours.

How to Decorate a Cubicle for Christmas: Decorating Your Walls and Surfaces

A.  Festive Wall Hangings and Banners

Elevate the holiday atmosphere in your cubicle by adorning the walls with festive wall hangings, banners, or posters that encapsulate the spirit of Christmas. Opt for lightweight decorations that promise easy installment and removal without leaving marks or damage, using removable hooks or double-sided tape.

Using Removable Hooks

Whether it’s a sparkling “Merry Christmas” banner, a whimsical snowflake tapestry, or a cheerful holiday-themed poster, these decorations can transform your cubicle walls into a canvas of holiday cheer, echoing the festive mood throughout the workspace.

B.  Creative Calendar Makeover

Don’t overlook your desk calendar when decorating; it offers a daily touchpoint that can be transformed into a festive display. Consider adorning each square with mini ornaments, colorful holiday stickers, or even writing personalized holiday messages for each day leading up to Christmas or the New Year.

This simple yet creative makeover not only personalizes your workspace but also serves as a charming countdown, infusing a daily dose of holiday spirit as you tick off the days.

C.  Winter Wonderland on Your Whiteboard

Your cubicle whiteboard offers a unique opportunity to sketch out a winter wonderland. You can create an evolving festive mural with dry-erase markers, from intricately drawn snowflakes and snowmen to vibrant Christmas trees.

Incorporate festive messages or count down the days to holiday celebrations, inviting interaction and spreading cheer among your colleagues. This temporary art can be a fun, collaborative way to engage with the season and can easily be changed or updated to reflect various holiday themes throughout the season.

D.  Decorative Accents for Shelves and Surfaces

Personalize your workspace by adding small, festive accents to shelves, desktops, or the tops of filing cabinets. Consider miniature Christmas trees, which not only add a quintessential holiday touch but also come in varieties that can fit the most constrained spaces.

Consider Miniature Christmas Trees

Small figurines, such as Santa Claus or snowmen, can spark joy with their charming presence, while battery-operated holiday candles can add a warm, inviting glow without the fire hazard. These small touches are key to creating a comprehensive festive environment, making your cubicle a beacon of holiday spirit.

Festive Lighting for a Warm Glow

A. String Lights and Fairy Lights

String lights and fairy lights are quintessential for creating a cozy and festive ambiance in your cubicle. When selecting these luminous decorations, opting for battery-operated varieties or those with short cords is advisable, allowing you to plug them into your computer or a nearby outlet.

This flexibility ensures you can illuminate your workspace without trailing wires causing safety hazards or clashing with office decoration policies. The gentle glow of fairy lights strung across your cubicle can transform your space into a snug, inviting haven of warmth and holiday cheer.

B. Decorative Lamps and Lanterns

In addition to string lights, incorporating small decorative lamps or lanterns can elevate your cubicle’s festive flair. Choose designs with holiday themes—such as snowflakes, stars, or even cute renditions of Santa or reindeer—to sprinkle a touch of whimsy and Christmas spirit throughout your workspace.

Choose Designs With Holiday Themes

These lamps should be compact enough to fit comfortably on your desk or a shelf, casting a warm, ambient glow that’s both visually pleasing and conducive to your work environment. The right lamp can serve as a charming focal point, drawing eyes and spreading joy to everyone who passes by.

C. Stringing Lights Creatively

Getting creative with how you string lights in your cubicle can lead to delightful decorative effects. Consider varying your approach by draping lights along the edges of your desk or shelves, creating an illuminated outline of festive shapes on the wall, or even fashioning a miniature light curtain behind your computer monitor, space permitting.

These innovative displays of light not only enhance your cubicle’s visual appeal but also inject fun and personality into your workspace. With a bit of imagination, you can turn your cubicle into a dazzling embodiment of the holiday spirit.

Spreading Holiday Cheer on Your Desk

A. Festive Desk Organizer and Supplies

Adding a festive touch to your desk organizer and supplies is an effortless way to make your workspace merry and bright. Consider switching your regular pen holder for one in vibrant red and green, or opt for a stapler set designed to resemble a reindeer.

A pencil cup adorned with ribbons or miniature Christmas ornaments can transform an ordinary item into a joyful highlight of your cubicle. Options like these not only serve their functional purpose but also infuse your daily work routine with a dash of holiday spirit.

B. Christmas Cheer on Your Keyboard and Mouse

Enhancing your keyboard and mouse with festive elements can bring a subtle yet personal touch to your workspace. Using keyboard covers with Christmas designs, such as snowflakes or Santa hats, can instantly uplift your mood.

Additionally, decorating your mouse with holiday-themed stickers or a light touch of glitter adds a playful charm to your desk setup. These simple modifications not only decorate your space but also serve as gentle reminders of the season’s joy as you work through your tasks.

C. Festive Placemats and Coasters

Incorporating festive placemats and coasters on your desk is a delightful way to add a touch of Christmas charm to your daily work environment. Selecting colorful placemats adorned with holiday patterns or creating your own from construction paper or felt can protect your desk while also serving as a vibrant base for your keyboard, mouse, and other desk accessories. Coasters in festive shapes or designs ensure that even your coffee breaks are infused with holiday cheer. This combination not only personalizes your workspace but also makes it a more enjoyable place to spend your hours working.

D. Holiday Treats and Edible Centerpieces

Consider brightening your desk and sharing the holiday spirit with colleagues through the inclusion of small bowls filled with holiday candies or festive cookies. Before doing so, ensure you’re in alignment with office policies regarding food sharing. For a creative twist, craft an edible centerpiece using candy canes, marshmallows, and pretzels arranged in imaginative, festive shapes.

These edible decorations can serve as a delightful focal point on your desk, inviting conversation and offering a sweet treat to both you and your colleagues, fostering a sense of community and seasonal joy within the office.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas, from adding festive lighting to small holiday accents and edible decorations. By incorporating these tips into your workspace, you can create a cozy and cheerful environment that reflects the holiday spirit. Remember to be mindful of office policies and considerate of your colleagues’ preferences as you spread warmth and joy through your cubicle decorations.

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Cards and Photos

A. Displaying Holiday Cards

In the spirit of the season, adorning your cubicle with holiday cards received from friends and family is a heartwarming way to bring the essence of the holidays to your workspace. A simple, creative solution involves using a festive string stretched across a section of your cubicle wall, with small clothespins to clip and display each card.

Using a Festive String Stretched Across a Section

Alternatively, a decorative card holder placed on your desk can showcase these tokens of affection and well wishes. This personal touch not only decorates your space but also serves as a daily reminder of love and friendship during the holiday season.

B. Creating a Holiday Photo Display

Creating a holiday-themed photo display can add a personal and cheerful touch to your cubicle. You can transform your workspace into a personalized gallery of joy by selecting your favorite holiday memories or enchanting winter scenes and presenting them in small picture frames. Another creative approach involves stringing a metallic wire or a festive ribbon across your cubicle, from which you can dangle photos using miniature clothespins.

For those who prefer a more collective display, arranging these photographs into a collage on a bulletin board can also capture the essence of the season in a visually striking manner.

C. Festive Holiday Greetings for Colleagues

Spreading holiday cheer among colleagues fosters a warm and inclusive office environment. One heartfelt way to share the festive spirit is by crafting personalized holiday cards or messages for each team member. Penning down small greetings or well wishes on festive cards and delicately placing them on desks or in mailboxes can make a significant impact.

This gesture not only personalizes the holiday experience but also strengthens connections between coworkers. It’s a simple yet profoundly meaningful way to convey appreciation and holiday sentiments, creating a stronger sense of community within the workplace.

Keeping it Practical and Space-Saving

A. Multifunctional Decorations

Selecting multifunctional decorations can play a crucial role in maintaining a clutter-free and festive cubicle. These items not only imbue your space with the spirit of the season but also serve a practical utility.

Consider adopting a decorative mug festooned with holiday motifs, which can double as a novel pen holder or a seasonal container that can neatly store your office supplies. Alternatively, a diminutive Christmas tree equipped with hooks offers a charming way to organize your keys or hang reminder notes, efficiently combining decoration with function.

B. Folding Decorations and Pop-Up Displays

Foldable decorations and pop-up displays offer an innovative solution to infuse your workspace with holiday cheer without compromising on space. Opting for collapsible Christmas trees or pop-up paper snowflakes can instantly create a festive ambiance while occupying minimal desks or cubicle real estate.

Foldable Decorations and Pop-up Displays

Small, foldable festive figurines provide a touch of joy and are easily tucked away into a drawer after the holiday season, ensuring your workspace remains uncluttered. These temporary decorations are perfect for those seeking to celebrate the season’s spirit without a long-term commitment to space.

C. DIY Decorations with Recycled Materials

Crafting DIY decorations from recycled materials is not only a creative and personalized way to decorate your cubicle, but it’s also an eco-friendly initiative.

Making Paper Snowflakes

Engage your creativity by making paper snowflakes from used paper, repurposing empty jars by painting them with holiday colors and adding a sprinkle of glitter, or constructing miniature Christmas trees from recycled cardboard cones. These projects not only minimize waste but also allow for a customizable decoration experience, offering a special touch to your workspace while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability during the holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Use Real Candles or String Lights in My Cubicle Decorations?

A: For safety reasons, avoiding open flames or traditional string lights requiring an electrical outlet is advisable. Instead, consider battery-operated LED candles and lights that offer the same festive glow without the fire hazard.

Q: Are There Any Restrictions on The Size of Holiday Decorations?

A: While it can vary from one workplace to another, it’s generally best to choose decorations that don’t obstruct walkways or sight lines or interfere with work activities. Compact and space-saving options are recommended.

Q: How Can I Ensure My Holiday Decorations Don’t Offend Anyone?

A: Opt for inclusive, non-denominational decorations that celebrate the season’s spirit rather than specific religious themes. When in doubt, consult with your HR department or consider more generic winter-themed decorations.

Q: Is There a Policy on Noise-Producing Decorations, Such as Those that Play Music?

A: In most office environments, it’s courteous to avoid loud or continuous noise-producing decorations to prevent distraction. If you’d like to include music in your holiday ambiance, headphones are a respectful alternative.

Q: How Long Should Holiday Decorations Stay Up In the Office?

A: A good guideline is to put up decorations shortly after Thanksgiving and take them down by the first workday after New Year’s Day. However, be sure to check with your office policies for any specific guidelines.

Q: Can We Organize a Cubicle Decorating Contest in The Office?

A: Organizing a decorating contest can be a great way to foster team spirit and creativity. Ensure you have approval from management and that the contest guidelines encourage inclusivity and respect for the workspace.


Decorating your cubicle for Christmas is a delightful way to bring festive cheer to your workspace. It is essential to start with careful planning and select a harmonious theme, as it sets the tone for a cohesive and inviting holiday display. Incorporating decorations across various surfaces, from your desk to the cubicle walls, and adding a touch of festive lighting can transform your workspace into a seasonal haven.

However, it’s crucial to remember the significance of adhering to office policies and respecting space limitations to ensure your holiday decor does not overwhelm your work area. Small, thoughtful touches like personalized cards, space-saving foldable decorations, and creative DIY projects using recycled materials can significantly enhance the holiday atmosphere without cluttering your workspace.

Remember that simplicity often reigns supreme for those wondering how to decorate a cubicle for Christmas in a way that’s both festive and functional. Utilizing multifunctional decorations and opting for a minimalist approach can help maintain productivity while still indulging in the holiday spirit.

For additional inspiration, DIY Christmas decoration ideas, and practical tips on creating a festive yet efficient workspace, numerous online resources, crafting blogs, and social media platforms offer a treasure trove of creativity.

By combining these resources with your unique flair and consideration for your office environment, your cubicle can become a source of holiday joy and inspiration for everyone in the office.

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