How to Decorate a Bridal Shower Chair

Organizing a bridal shower is an exciting task that requires lots of planning and attention to detail. One important detail often overlooked is decorating the bride-to-be’s chair. From simple ideas like adding balloons or flowers to more daring decorations, there are plenty of ways you can make the bride feel extra special on her big day!

How to Decorate a Bridal Shower Chair

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through all the creative tips and tricks for making the bride-to-be’s chair look amazing at her bridal shower. Read on to learn how to decorate a bridal shower chair like a pro!

7 Best Ways on How to Decorate a Bridal Shower Chair

1. Add a Ribbon Sash:

One of the easiest ways to decorate a bridal shower chair is by adding a ribbon sash. This can be done with any type of ribbon or fabric in the bride’s favorite colors. Tie the sash around the back and sides of the chair for an instant boost of elegance. Adding ribbon to the chair also provides a great photo opportunity for the bride and her bridal party.

2. Hang Balloons:

Hanging balloons from the back of a bridal shower chair is an easy way to spruce up its look. You can select colors that match the wedding theme, or choose bright and bold colors for a fun atmosphere. For an even more whimsical look, tie streamers to the balloons before hanging them. This is a great way to add an extra bit of cheer to the bridal shower.

3. Put on Floral Decor:

Using floral decor is another great way to give the bride-to-be’s chair an elegant touch. You can attach bouquets or garlands made from silk flowers, real flowers, or even paper flowers. Not only will this bring the beauty of nature into the room, but it will also provide a stunning background for photos with the bride.

Using Floral Decor

4. Place Cushions:

Placing cushions on the bridal shower chair can add a homey touch that’s cozy and inviting. Choose colors and designs that match the wedding theme, or go for something more whimsical and unique. You can even get creative and make your own personalized cushions with the bride’s initials and/or wedding date stitched on them.

5. Drape a Blanket:

Draping a blanket over the bridal shower chair is a great way to add warmth and texture. Choose a blanket in the bride’s favorite colors or pattern, and drape it over the back of the chair and down the sides for a cozy look. This is an especially nice touch if you’re hosting an outdoor bridal shower.

6. Add Signs:

Adding signs to the chair is a fun way to show off the bride’s personality and style. You can create custom signs with her name, wedding date, or funny phrases related to the bridal shower theme. You can also buy decorative signs that feature messages like “Bride-to-Be” or “Love is in the Air.”

7. Tie a Bow:

Tying a bow onto the back of the bridal shower chair is an easy way to add style and glamour. Choose a ribbon or fabric that complements the wedding theme, or opt for something more unique like burlap, tulle, or velvet. You can tie the bow around the back of the chair or leave it hanging down for a more dramatic look.

Decorating the bride-to-be’s chair at her bridal shower is a fun and creative task that adds an extra special touch to the event. From adding ribbons and balloons to creating personalized signs, there are plenty of ways to make the bride feel extra special and create a memorable atmosphere. We hope these tips help you decorate a bridal shower chair with confidence!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Decorate a Bridal Shower Chair

  1. Get creative with your materials! Incorporate items like ribbons, bows, tulle, lace, streamers, and fabric flowers to add a unique touch to your decorations.
  2. Add a personalized touch to the chair by including the bride’s name or initials on it. You can use adhesive vinyl decals or stencils to create a beautiful design.
  3. If you’re using fabric, consider having the chair slip covered in order to hide any marks or blemishes on it. This will give the final look a more polished and professional feel.
  4. To make your decorations really stand out, use multiple colors and textures for each element. You can mix and match different fabrics, ribbons, and other materials to create a beautiful combination.
  5. Add small details like confetti or sparkles for a fun touch. These will add extra color and texture to the chair’s decorations without overwhelming them.
  6. If you’re having difficulty deciding on a color scheme, try looking for inspiration from the bride’s wedding colors. This will help to ensure that your decorations coordinate with the rest of her special day.
  7. If you’re feeling really creative, consider making a theme around the bride and groom. You can use fabrics and decorations that represent their hobbies or interests, or even create mini scenes with small figurines or fabric animals to depict their love story.
  8. Don’t forget to add a few finishing touches! Add a little ribbon, lace, or beads around the edges of the chair for an eye-catching look. And don’t forget to tie some balloons or streamers to the back of the chair for extra effect.
Add a Little Ribbon

By taking the time to make your decorations special, you can ensure that the bridal shower chair is an eye-catching piece of décor that will really stand out! With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and memorable decoration for the bride-to-be. Good luck!

Things You Should Consider to Decorate a Bridal Shower Chair

1. Choose a Chair:

Selecting the right chair for the bride-to-be is essential to achieving your desired look and feel. Look for a chair that complements the overall theme of the shower, as well as one that fits in with the décor of the room or outdoor space. Make sure it’s comfortable enough for the bride-to-be to sit in and enjoy her special day.

2. Select a Color Scheme:

The color scheme you choose will set the tone for your decorations. Consider what colors would complement the theme of the shower, such as pastels or bright hues. The bride’s favorite colors are also great to incorporate. You can tie the colors together using ribbons, fabric, or streamers.

3. Add Some Bling:

Dress up the chair with some sparkle and shine! Glittery fabrics, rhinestones, and pearls are great for adding a touch of glamour to the bride-to-be’s throne. You can also use floral accents or other embellishments to make the chair look unique and luxurious.

Dress Up the Chair With Some Sparkle

4. Hang Some Decorations:

Decorative items like balloons, banners, hanging garlands, and photo frames are great for bringing life to the bridal shower chair. These decorations come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the ones that best suit your theme and color scheme.

5. Consider the Location:

The location of the bridal shower chair is also worth considering. If it’s in a busy area, you may want to opt for simple decorations that won’t get in the way. However, if it’s in an outdoor space or somewhere more private, you can go all out with elaborate decorations.

By taking the time to consider these points, you can create a beautiful and memorable decoration for the bride-to-be’s special day. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to design a bridal shower chair that will make the bride feel extra special!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Are Best for Decorating a Bridal Shower Chair?

There are many options available to you when it comes to decorating a bridal shower chair, but most people opt for fabric or paper decorations. Fabric can be used to drape the entire chair or add bows and ribbons to give it a festive look. Paper decorations are also great for a bridal shower chair, and you can use cutouts, streamers, or other decorative items to create your look.

How Do You Attach Decorations to the Chair?

Depending on what kind of decorations you’re using, there are different ways to attach them to the chair. For fabric decorations, the easiest way to attach them is with safety pins. Paper decorations can be secured using double-sided tape or glue dots.

Can I Add Accessories to the Chair?

Yes! In addition to fabric and paper decorations, you can also use accessories like tassels, pom-poms, confetti, or silk flowers to dress up the chair. You can attach them using the same methods as fabric and paper decorations, or use hot glue for a more secure attachment.

Are There Any Other Decorating Tips?

Yes! Don’t forget that you can always add additional decorations around the chair to complete your look. For example, you can add a chair banner or sign to the back of the chair, or hang a garland around the seat. You can even put small mementos like photos or cards from loved ones on the chair for an extra special touch. Lastly, don’t forget to decorate the area around the chair as well! This will help pull your entire look together.

banner or sign to the back of the chair


Now you know how to decorate a bridal shower chair! With a little bit of creativity and effort, you can make the chair look beautiful and special. You can use ribbons, flowers, streamers, balloons, or other decorations to give the chair an extra touch.

Add a sign or topper that reads “Bride” or “Bride-to-Be” to the top of the back of the chair, and your bridal shower chair will be ready for the big day! Good luck and happy decorating.

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