How to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet

Are you looking for a creative way to make use of the extra space in your kitchen? Building a refrigerator cabinet is an innovative solution that can add not only add storage but also style and sophistication to any home.

Whether it’s used as a place to keep beverages cool or simply to display decorative items, this type of custom cabinetry will help liven up any kitchen.

How to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to build a refrigerator cabinet. We’ll provide tips on measurements, materials selection, assembly techniques, and more – everything you need to know in order to create the perfect unique design tailored specifically for your special needs! So let’s get started!

Building a refrigerator cabinet is a surprisingly achievable project that can transform the design of any room. Not only will it make all of your dishes, groceries, and snacks more organized and accessible, but it also looks amazing.

Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about how to build your own custom refrigeration cabinet quickly and easily. So get ready – once we’re finished with this tutorial, you’ll have an attractive kitchen setup without spending too much time or money on renovations!

Benefits of a Refrigerator Cabinet

1. Space-saving 

Storage Space in Your Kitchen

A refrigerator cabinet allows you to maximize storage space in your kitchen without taking up much room. It also provides a way to keep the refrigerator away from other appliances and gives it a dedicated spot in the kitchen.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Refrigerator cabinets come in various styles and colors that can be matched with any kitchen decor. Having a refrigerator cabinet can give your kitchen a polished and sophisticated look while also keeping everything organized and easy to access.

3. Easy Access

Having a refrigerator cabinet gives you easy access to all of your groceries, condiments, and other items without having to bend over or reach awkwardly into the refrigerator itself. This makes it much easier to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

4. Flexibility

Refrigerator cabinets come in various sizes and configurations, so you can choose one that best suits your particular needs. There are even models with adjustable shelving, allowing you to customize the interior of your refrigerator cabinet to better accommodate larger items or different types of food.

5. Durability

Features Such as Cooling Systems

Refrigerator cabinets are typically made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear over time, making them a great long-term investment for your kitchen. Additionally, many models come with built-in features such as cooling systems and filters to keep the temperature inside the cabinet at a consistent level.

How to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Supplies

You will need a circular saw, drill, screws, nails, wood glue, lumber, cabinet hardware (hinges and handles), and melamine-coated particle board or plywood. Also, make sure you have a level and measuring tape.

Step 2: Measure the Refrigerator and Create a Plan

Next, measure the size of your refrigerator and use this as the basis for your plan. Consider how much depth you want between the cabinet wall and refrigerator, such as how easy it will be to open doors or drawers. Decide on a rough sketch of what type of cabinet design you’d like, with measurements.

Step 3: Cut the Cabinet Pieces

Using the Circular Saw

Using the circular saw, cut the boards according to your plan. Make sure you measure twice and cut once! You may want to take additional measurements as you progress in order to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Assemble the Cabinet Frame

Once all pieces are cut, begin assembling the frame of your cabinet by connecting boards together with wood glue and nails or screws. Make sure you use a level to ensure the frame is even.

Step 5: Attach Cabinet Hardware

Attach your cabinet hardware, such as hinges and handles, to the cabinet doors. Make sure they are securely attached. You have to be extra careful if your cabinet is made from particle board, as these materials are less sturdy.

Step 6: Install the Cabinet to the Wall

Using a drill, install the cabinet to the wall using screws and make sure it is level. You may need a second person to help you here. Once installed properly, fill in any gaps or holes with wood putty and paint or varnish your cabinet.

And there you have it! You have successfully built a refrigerator cabinet in 6 easy steps. Enjoy your new addition to the kitchen!

Some Extra Tips for Building a Refrigerator Cabinet

1. Do Not Forget to Measure the Space

Before you start building a refrigerator cabinet, make sure that you measure the space to determine how big and deep the cabinet should be. It will also help you decide where to place the cabinet in your kitchen.

2. Choose the Right Materials

Choose durable materials such as plywood and particleboard for building a refrigerator cabinet that can hold up against temperature fluctuations, humidity, and wear and tear. Plywood should be of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or marine wood so that it is moisture resistant.

3. Leave Room for Air to Circulate

Make sure that there is enough space between the refrigerator and the cabinet as well as between the refrigerator and any adjacent walls so that air can circulate freely and keep your food fresh.

4. Install Hinges Correctly

Hinges are essential components of a refrigerator cabinet and must be installed correctly to ensure that the cabinet door opens and closes properly. Use quality hinges and make sure to securely fasten them into place.

5. Make Sure the Cabinet is Level

It is important to make sure that the refrigerator cabinet is level in order for it to function correctly. Use a carpenter’s level or use a tape measure to check the levelness of your cabinet before you start using it.

Use a Tape Measure

With a little practice and patience, building a refrigerator cabinet can be an easy task.

Following these simple tips will help you build a sturdy and durable cabinet that can last for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Building a Refrigerator Cabinet?

It is important to take the necessary precautions when building a refrigerator cabinet. Be sure to select materials that are suitable for contact with food and beverages, as well as being sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a refrigerator. 

Additionally, make sure that any electrical components (such as outlets) used in the cabinet are properly wired and grounded. Ensure that you also have enough space for air to circulate around the refrigerator and that any developing condensation is able to be drained away safely.

Lastly, make sure that the cabinet can open wide enough to allow easy access to all parts of the refrigerator.

What Materials Are Suitable for Building a Refrigerator Cabinet?

When building a refrigerator cabinet, it is important to select materials that are suitable for contact with food and beverages. Plywood, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are all good options due to their sturdiness and durability.

Be sure to seal the edges of these materials in order to prevent any liquids from seeping into the cabinet and causing damage. Additionally, you can use hardwoods such as maple or oak for added durability and aesthetics.

What Tools Will I Need to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet?

You will need basic carpentry tools when building a refrigerator cabinet. These include a tape measure, saws (circular saw, hand saw, miter saw), drills, hammers and nails, screwdrivers, sandpaper, router, clamps, and a level. 

If you are using hardwoods for your cabinet frame and door frames, you may also need a joiner or planer to ensure that the pieces fit together properly. Additionally, if you plan on painting or staining the cabinet, you will need a brush or roller.

What Are Some Tips for Building a Refrigerator Cabinet?

When building a refrigerator cabinet, it is important to take precise measurements and make sure everything is level and square. Be sure to use sturdy materials such as plywood, particleboard, MDF, or hardwood for the frame and doors.

Use a Silicone Sealant to Seal

Additionally, make sure that all components are properly wired and grounded if using any electrical outlets. Lastly, use a silicone sealant to seal the edges of the cabinet in order to prevent liquids from seeping into it and causing damage.

How Much Time Will it Take to Build a Refrigerator Cabinet?

The amount of time it takes to build a refrigerator cabinet depends on the size and complexity of the cabinet. For a basic cabinet, it could take up to four hours or more with some additional preparation time.

However, if you are using hardwoods or adding intricate designs or features such as shelving, the time may increase to six or more hours. Additionally, if you are painting or staining the cabinet, it will require additional time for drying.

Where Can I Get Plans or Instructions for Building a Refrigerator Cabinet?

You can find plans and instructions for building a refrigerator cabinet online at sites such as DIY Network and HGTV. Additionally, there are many books available at your local library or home improvement store that provide detailed instructions for building cabinets. 

Finally, some manufacturers may also have instructions on their websites for building specific models of refrigerator cabinets. Also, be sure to check local building codes before starting any project.

With the right materials, tools, and instructions, you can successfully build a refrigerator cabinet. Be sure to take the necessary precautions when it comes to wiring, sealing edges, and other materials that come in contact with food or liquids.


Now that you have built your own refrigerator cabinet, you can finally enjoy all the convenience and organization it provides! Store food, drinks, and snacks—whatever you need right at your fingertips. With this customizable storage system, your kitchen will look more organized and stylish than ever before.

Not to mention that having a refrigerator cabinet is great if you want to save space while still having a ton of extra storage potential.

Now that you know how to build a refrigerator cabinet, get creative and start constructing yours today! With some tools, woodworking skills, and patience, you’ll be able to create something stunning that’ll last for years to come. Good luck!

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