How to Build a Loft Bed With Desk

Are you looking for a way to add space and style to your bedroom? A loft bed with a desk is the perfect solution! Not only does it provide additional storage, but it also creates an inviting atmosphere. Plus, why not save some valuable floor space in the process?

How to Build a Loft Bed With Desk

Whether you’re a beginner or a DIY pro, this tutorial will show you how to build a loft bed with desk in just a few easy steps.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through all the steps of building your own customized loft bed with a desk – from gathering supplies to adding finishing touches. Whether you’re new to woodworking or have more advanced skills, this guide will set you on your path toward creating a dreamy bedroom oasis. So let’s get started!

What Will You Need?

Before you get started on your loft bed, here are the supplies that you will need:

  • Plywood boards for the desk and bed frame
  • 2×4 lumber for construction of the bed frame
  • Screws and nails
  • Saw (circular saw, jigsaw, miter saw)
  • Drill with bits

Once you have all the materials, you’ll be ready to begin building your loft bed with a desk.

10 Easy Steps on How to Build a Loft Bed With Desk

Step 1: Cut Your Plywood Boards

This first step is all about measuring and cutting your plywood boards to size. Start by measuring the dimensions of your mattress and marking out the plywood accordingly. Then, use a saw to cut along your marked lines.

Use a Saw to Cut Along Marked Lines

Step 2: Construct Your Frame

Now, it’s time to start constructing your frame. Cut the 2×4 lumber into two long planks and two shorter planks. Then assemble them using screws and nails to form a rectangular shape that will be used as the base for your bed frame.

Step 3: Add Your Plywood

Once your frame is constructed, it’s time to start adding the plywood boards. Start by attaching the end pieces of plywood first and then use nails or screws to attach the rest of the planks. Additionally, make sure that there is a gap between each piece so that your mattress can fit into it.

Step 4: Secure Your Bed Frame

Once you’ve finished attaching the plywood, it’s time to secure the frame. Start by drilling holes and inserting screws at each bed frame corner. This will help ensure the bed frame is strong and secure.

Step 5: Build Your Desk

Now it’s time to build your desk. Start by cutting two the same-sized plywood boards for the top of the desk and two narrower boards for the sides. Then, use screws to attach them together in a rectangular shape.

Step 6: Attach Your Desk

Next, you need to attach your desk to the bed frame. Position the desk at a comfortable height on the side of your preferred bed frame. Drill holes through the sides of the desk and into the bed frame, and secure the desk with screws. Ensure the desk is level and sturdy before proceeding to the next step.

Step 7: Add Supports to Your Desk

Add 2×4 lumber pieces as supports beneath the desk to increase its stability. Cut the lumber to the appropriate length, align them vertically underneath the desk, and attach them to the bed frame and the underside of the desk with screws.

These supports will keep the desk in place and help it bear weight. Ensure the supports are sturdy and secure before moving on to the next step.

Step 8: Add Ladder to Your Loft Bed

To access your loft bed, you’ll need a ladder. Start by cutting two 2×4 lumber pieces of the same length, which will serve as the sides of your ladder. Then, cut several shorter pieces that will act as the rungs.

Attach these rungs to the sides at equal intervals using screws. Ensure each rung is secured tightly. Once your ladder is assembled, attach it to your loft bed at a comfortable angle. Use strong screws to secure it into place.

Step 9: Sand and Paint Your Loft Bed

Now that the construction is complete, it’s time to give your loft bed a smooth finish. Start by sanding down all the surfaces of the bed and desk, focusing on any rough edges or splinters.

Sanding Down All the Surfaces of Bed

Once everything is smooth, apply a coat of primer to prepare the wood for painting. After the primer has dried, paint your loft bed and desk in your chosen color. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving to the final step.

Step 10: Add Your Mattress and Accessories

Finally, slide the mattress into the loft bed, ensuring it fits snugly in the frame. Now, you can add some personal touches. Decorate your desk with your favorite stationery, add a comfy chair, and perhaps some fairy lights or photos pinned up around the bed for a cozy feel. Enjoy your new, space-saving loft bed with a desk!

By following these few simple steps, you can easily build your loft bed with a desk. With a bit of creativity and the right materials, you can create a beautiful bedroom setup that is both functional and stylish.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose strong and durable wood, such as pine or oak, to construct your bed frame. This will ensure that your loft bed is long-lasting and sturdy.
  2. Invest in quality screws and nails. Good quality fasteners will guarantee a secure build that won’t disappear over time.
  3. If you’re uncertain about the measurements, lay out all your materials and measure them twice before cutting.
  4. To make your loft bed look even more stylish, consider adding decorative moldings or trims around the edges of the frame.
  5. Make sure you assemble the bed near its final location so you don’t have to move it around too much. However, if you need to move it, remove the frame and reassemble it in its new location.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create an attractive and comfortable space to relax in.

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to materials. Investing in good quality lumber and fasteners will pay off in the long run.
  2. Avoid over-tightening screws and nails, as this can cause damage to the wood or splintering. Use a torque wrench or screwdriver to ensure that each fastener is secure without causing damage.
  3. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from splinters or debris while cutting the wood.
  4. Avoid using nails that are too long, as this can cause damage to the wood or make it difficult to secure the pieces together. Additionally, don’t use screws that are too short, which may compromise the frame’s strength.
  5. Don’t forget to measure twice and cut once! Make sure you have an accurate measurement of all your materials before cutting them. This will help prevent any last-minute surprises when assembling your bed frame.
Avoid Over Tightening Screws and Nails

By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be able to ensure that your loft bed with desk project comes out looking great and is secure and safe.

How Safe Are Loft Beds?

When constructed correctly and used with care, Loft beds can be quite safe. They are often designed with safety in mind, featuring safety rails along the sides of the bed to prevent sleepers from falling out. However, the safety of your loft bed largely depends on the quality of the construction.

Using sturdy, high-quality materials and ensuring each component is correctly assembled and secured can dramatically increase the safety of the bed. Regularly checking the stability of the bed and the condition of its components can also help maintain its safety over time.

Nevertheless, parents and caregivers should remember that loft beds are not recommended for children under six due to the risk of falls. Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s weight restrictions for the loft bed and ladder, and avoid rough play or jumping on the bed to ensure its longevity and safety.

Is a Loft Bed Good for Adults?

Yes, loft beds can be a great option for adults. Loft beds are a space-saving solution that allows you to make the most of your bedroom and create extra room for storage or leisure activities. A loft bed can provide comfort, style, and practicality with the right materials and design.

Loft Beds is Great Option for Adults

Plus, there’s no need to sacrifice your comfort – you can add luxury mattresses, pillows, and throws to create a cozy sleeping space. Loft beds are not just for kids anymore – they’re also an ideal option for adults!

To ensure that your loft bed meets your needs, choosing the right size and design is important.

If you plan on having many guests over, consider a larger bed that can accommodate more people. Additionally, think about the look and style of your loft bed – there are many materials and designs to choose from that will create a unique bedroom setup. With a bit of creativity, you can transform your room with an adult-sized loft bed!


How to build a loft bed with desk is an excellent way to maximize floor space and add visual interest to your home. It also allows you to customize the design in numerous ways, making your creation unique!

Since the loft bed may require more woodworking knowledge and tools than other DIY tasks, it is beneficial to call on a professional or consult one of the many available plans online. With some patience and creativity, you can turn your ideas for this project into reality.

Take the time to invest in the best materials and tools, and you’ll be sure to get a high-quality loft bed with a desk that not only looks great but will last you for years. The possibilities are endless – so get planning and get building!

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