How to Balance a Bedroom With Only One Nightstand

Adding an extra piece of furniture to a bedroom can often be the difference between it looking empty and cluttered. Having only one nightstand can make decorating a bedroom easier. Still, you can use some simple strategies to create balance in your space without investing in additional pieces of furniture.

How to Balance a Bedroom With Only One Nightstand

Using one nightstand to balance a bedroom can add tranquility and coziness. Rather than having two pieces of furniture on either side of the bed, balancing it with just one nightstand creates an ambiance of peaceful equilibrium in your space. In this blog post, You will learn how to balance a bedroom with only one nightstand.

Step by Step Processes for How to Balance a Bedroom With Only One Nightstand

Step 1: Inspect the Room

Begin by assessing the layout of the room and its furnishings. Take into account ceiling height, wall color, flooring type, and other objects that are present in the space. This will give you an idea of which pieces to prioritize when decorating with one nightstand.

Step 2: Measure for Scale

Using a measuring tape, measure the size of the room and the size of any existing furniture pieces. This will help you determine the ideal size for your one nightstand that won’t overwhelm the space. If floor space is limited, opt for a floating shelf or wall-mounted nightstand instead of bulky furniture. These options also keep the focus on the bed and other bedroom furnishings.

Step 3: Choose a Style

Now that you’ve considered the size of your room and any existing furniture pieces, it’s time to start considering style. Do you prefer rustic or modern? Sleek and minimal or ornate and traditional? If your bedroom is already furnished with a single nightstand, you’ll want to choose a style that complements the other pieces.

Step 4: Balance with Mirrors

If your bedroom has one nightstand on one side, adding a mirror on the opposite wall can help balance the space and create a more anchored feel. Mirrors also have the added benefit of reflecting light, making a room appear larger.

Adding a Mirror on the Opposite Wall

Step 5: Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork strategically throughout the bedroom is also a great way to balance the space. Choose pieces that tie into your overall design aesthetic, and consider grouping smaller pieces for a bigger impact.

Books, plants, vases, and other decorative objects can be used to break up the monotony of a single nightstand. Place these accessories on shelves, side tables, or dressers to create visual interest throughout the bedroom.

Step 6: Incorporate Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are an easy way to add balance and texture to a bedroom with only one nightstand. While overhead fixtures are great for general lighting, wall sconces or table lamps can help create small pockets of light throughout the space.

If you can, rearrange furniture pieces to create more balance within the room. Try grouping the bed and nightstand to give them a more cohesive look, or move the nightstand to an opposing wall for visual contrast.

Step 7: Add Window Treatments

Window treatments can help complete the look of your bedroom while also helping to frame out any existing features, such as the single nightstand. For a more polished and sophisticated look, consider layering curtains with shades or blinds.

Balancing a bedroom with only one nightstand doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right combination of furniture, accessories, and window treatments, you can easily create an inviting space that is both visually appealing and functional.

Tips for How to Balance a Bedroom With Only One Nightstand

  1. Make sure to anchor the nightstand to wall studs or the floor using screws and furniture straps for added security.
  2. Ensure your bed is properly secured and stable so that it won’t be pulled off balance by a strong wind or movement of the nightstand.
  3. Be aware of your nightstand’s weight limit to ensure it won’t tip over.
  4. Ensure that any items on the nightstand are not too heavy or bulky and don’t protrude from the edges.
  5. Place heavier items at the bottom of the nightstand and lighter ones on top to create a balanced weight distribution.
  6. Never push or pull on the nightstand when attempting to move it or adjust its position. 
Using Screws and Furniture Straps

To further enhance the balance of a room with only one nightstand, try adding accent pieces in coordinating colors and styles around it. This will draw attention away from the piece and create an aesthetically pleasing look. A floor lamp on one side of the bed and a table lamp on the other can even out the energy in the room.

What is the Best Way to Decorate Your Bedroom With Only a Single Nightstand?

If you’re looking for ways to create a balanced and stylish bedroom, several options are available, even with only one nightstand. Here are some tips to help you achieve the look and feel you desire.

  • Make Sure You Have Other Storage Solutions: Even if you only have one nightstand in your bedroom, make sure you have other storage solutions like dressers, side tables, and benches. Having multiple options can help keep your bedroom feeling balanced and organized.
  • Add a Mirror: Mirrors can make any space feel larger. Place one next to your nightstand for an instant dose of depth and the illusion of more space.
  • Keep Accents Cohesive: While your nightstand should make a statement, having too many accents can be overwhelming. Ensure each item in the room ties in together and complements one another.
  • Incorporate Wall Art: If you have enough wall space, hang something interesting, like framed artwork or photographs, to add depth and texture to your bedroom.
  • Use Light to Your Advantage: If you have access to natural light, use it to your advantage. Positioning your nightstand before the window will help capitalize on the light and keep your bedroom looking bright and airy.
  • Include Plants or Flowers: Adding some greenery is a great way to bring life into a room and make any bedroom feel inviting and peaceful.
  • Embrace Wallpaper: Feel free to add wallpaper or decals behind your nightstand. This can instantly create a focal point and add a sophisticated touch to your space.
  • Stay Organized: Ensuring everything has its place, and your nightstand is clutter-free will help you achieve an overall balance and order.
Adding Some Greenery is a Great Way

Whether you have a small bedroom or simply one nightstand, creating a beautiful and balanced space with these helpful tips is possible. You can easily transform your room into the perfect oasis with a few strategic pieces.

Is There a Way to Draw the Attention Away From the Single Nightstand in Your Bedroom?

Yes – there are a few easy ways to help ensure that your bedroom’s single nightstand looks reasonable. First, you can try decorating the nightstand with an interesting piece of art or a décor item that stands out and draws attention away from the one-night stand.

You can also use color to create balance in your bedroom. For example, you can choose a nightstand in a completely different color from the rest of your furniture to create contrast and draw attention away from the single nightstand.

Another way to draw attention away from just one nightstand is by adding wall art behind it or on either side. This will make your room look more spacious and help balance the single nightstand. Finally, you can add additional pieces of furniture at different heights to create visual balance and draw attention away from just one nightstand. Try adding a side table or ottoman, for example.

What Décor Items Should You Avoid When Styling a Bedroom With Only One Nightstand?

When styling a bedroom with only one nightstand, it’s important to consider which décor items to avoid. You want to ensure the space is balanced, uncluttered, cozy, and inviting. Heavy furniture or bulky items can make a room look cluttered and overwhelmed.

Additionally, too many small furnishings can create an uncoordinated visual effect. To help you create a balanced bedroom with only one nightstand, here are some décor items to avoid:

  • Large Armoires or Dressers: These pieces of furniture may need to be bigger and overpowering for smaller bedrooms, making the space look cluttered. The same is true for extra-large beds and headboards. Instead, opt for smaller, less bulky pieces.
  • Extra-large Lamps or Artworks: Adding too many lamps or statement artworks can make the room cramped and crowded. Opt for smaller lamps that provide adequate light without taking up too much space if needed.
  • Too Many Accessories and Pillows: A bedroom is a personal retreat, so it should be kept relatively clear of clutter. Too many pillows and trinkets can make the bedroom look messy and overwhelming. Instead, focus on a few meaningful décor items that enhance the room’s overall aesthetic.
Too Many Pillows Can Bedroom Look Messy

Considering these tips, you should be able to create a balanced bedroom with only one nightstand! With careful consideration of your furniture pieces and accessories, you can create a relaxing getaway in your own home.


In conclusion, a bedroom can be beautifully balanced using only one nightstand. Finding furniture and decor that reflects your style while creating a visually appealing space is possible. Whether you opt for additional storage or simply choose items that reflect the room’s theme, it’s important to remember that less is often more. 

With some creative planning, arranging items with aesthetic appeal can create a harmonious look. Your bedroom reflects your personality, so it reflects you and your style. Reading this post has helped you learn how to balance a bedroom with only one nightstand. Make sure the safety precautions are carried out in the order listed.

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